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Matt H.

AGoond this time 3 years ago is when I developed genital warts. I'm is really thought my life was over!I'm pretty sure I got it from my ex fiance.through a lot of trial and error I have developed my own method to treating my genital warts.

It is extremely important to boost your immune system. This helps fight of the gentle warts naturally. Step two: I also used Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts when they appeared. Its all natural and safe to use in sensitive areas. step 3: it is very important to remember to stay positive when dealing with genital warts.each year about a million people contract genital warts so remember that you are not alone. Good luck everyone.


At first when I typed 'Home Remedies for Genital Warts' , I felt like I was reliving the day that I got diagnosed. I used to feel so ashamed, wonder what I did to contract this awful thing, and cry. But, it happens to more people than you think.. they just hide it well. I have only used the Aldara cream.. which burns and takes awhile to work. I dont have anything to suggest for a home remedy. I just wanted someone who thinks they are alone in this, to know that you are not! It is scary, confusing, and heartbreaking.. but I promise to you, that life will go on. We all battle our own demons, just fight this one like the rest. Its life... dont let this one thing define the rest of yours... God Bless.


I used apple cidar vinegar to treat two genital warts. After about a week it turned black, scabbed up and fell off. Now I have a crater/ant hill looking wound that may or may not be a chemical burn? I actually have two of them on my shaft about the size of bee-bee. They are a little raised and hollowed out in the center. The center Looks like it has a white-ish sticky film on top of what may be a scab? Also, it's surrounded by a light pinkish tone circle that makes up the crater. For about 3 days now I've been bathing two to three times a day and keeping it covered in Neosporin. I put fresh aloe plant on it a couple times too. It's not really getting worse, maybe a little better or at least not as bright? If it is improving though, it's VERY slow! Any ideas would be very much appreciated?


ACV on two different warts & so far… 2 different conclusions?

So I had these two warts for about eight months and Moderately treated the both of them using all of the suggested techniques. I was taking all of the suggested vitamins as well. Recently, I noticed that nothing was really working and since I was taking breaks here and there I decided to get serious.

The both of them were not very noticeable, almost flat and somewhat circular? If it weren't for finding out my wife had an affair with her old high school boyfriend, I probably wouldn't of suspected anything.

Yeah I know… What a wonderful wife right? Dealing with an affair and STDs at the same time are a real great time. Anyhow, another story for another site I guess?

So I started off by using Q-tips and dipping them in ACV and applying them to the war. I had a whole prepping station with various items set up right next to my toilet so I could sit down and spend as long as I wanted.

I would hold each Q-tip on there for about 5 to 10 minutes applying a little pressure. Then I would get another set of Q-tips, dip them in the cap Filled with a ACV, and go about the same routine.

After the first time, (which was about an hour to an hour and a half), they swelled up and turned noticeably white. Afterwords I applied a thin layer on top of the generic brand salicylic acid and went about my business for the day. It hardens up so I guess I thought that might prevent spreading?

When I came home that night I took a bath and removed the salicylic acid letting it soak for a while. Then before I went to bed I applied another coat of the salicylic acid to cover it once again.

I work in an office by myself so each morning when I took a shower, I would remove last night's salicylic acid covering and go to work. There I would start the Q-tip pressured ACV application once again. Throughout about an hour and a half each time, I will usually go through a cap and a half full of a ACV and about 40 Q-tips.

Within three days they had turned black, brown, and even a little yellowish. After about the fourth day I scaled-back on the salicylic acid. Not really because I didn't think it was not working but mostly because it really tears up your skin combined with the ACV and it did scare me a little.

By now I had what looked like two small craters, (anthill or volcano like), with really gross multi-colored scabs buried in the center. Often I would rub ointment around the raised exterior of the wounds because it was red and irritated looking.

I scaled back on the AVC to about 30 minute applications because although it burned like heck, it looked gross and I wasn't sure how much it penatrated the scabs?

I did this routine for about a week and it took longer then most people for the scabs to fall off. They stayed around for about 4-5 days but now they have left completely.

It's about day 9 and I lost both scabs today. Afterwards I decided to do another ACV application or two but one of them scanned up again immediantly after only about 20 minutes? It's got another rough looking black and grey scab.

The other looks quite different! They're both rather deep so I would assume it would have been enough by now but one doesn't have another scab coming back now do I see fresh new skin underneith? It's got a off-white looking film or maybe soft scab covering over the hole?

I have no idea how either of these holes dont eventually scar up but I don't want to stop now and risk going through this all over again. Does anyone have any advice?

If so, please help!

Also, here's a good tool I picked up! You can download a magnify app, ( some better than others so you'll have to choose the best one), and it really helps with your aim and tracking progress!

Anyhow, any advice on the two different looking wounds?


Hi There.

so i wanna share my experience. ill start by saying that i recently found out that i had contracted the GW virus. quite a shock to me as ive had very few sexual partners use contraception and get tested every 6mo. i was in denial the first time i noticed that little bump right in between my vagina n butt i didnt wanna believe it was what i thought so i ignored it n hoped it would go away on its own. it didnt. it got worse. ALOT worse. soon a few weeks or so later i was washing my self in the shower n noticed it had spred. up into my bum area n one or 2 small one hads even started forming inside me!! EEK! at this point i lost it n started freaking out!! i dont have insurance or alot of cash flow plus i really did not wanna do that embarrassing trip to the doctor. i was pretty sure i new what i had so i did alot of research n tried ACV but i burned and was painful so i tried to find some stuff on the internet. NONE OF IT WORKS!!!! i REPEAT NONE OF IT WORKS!!!!!!! DO NOT WAST YOU MONEY BUYING SCAMS ON THE INTERNET!!!!

so i went back to the ACV. and even tho i wont lie it does burn. it WORKS n fairly fast to . after only a weekn a half almost all of mine are gone. besides one bigger one that im sure will fall off soon. what ive been doing, is applying it every other day 3 times a day for 5-10min. because if you put it on raw chapped skin it will hurt alot more, give you skin a little time to heal between applications. ive also heard mixing tea tree oil n vitimine E with it will bost the proccess, i havent gotten around to getting any but im going to .

Good Luck to everyone out there suffering with this. Its not easy thats for sure, but it deffiantly gets alot better with the warts gone. so stick to the ACV n youll have results and dont wast money on any other treatment.


Around this time two years ago is when I first got genital warts. I literally cried in my room for hours. I pretty much thought my life was over. But after talking with a friend he he explained to me that genital warts can be treated.

The most important thing you must do is boost your immune system. Doing this helps your body fight off the genital warts naturally. Step number two: I used Skinhale Wart Remover to remove any visible genital whenever genital warts appeared. It's all natural and works fast so it's safe to use down there for men and women. I also recommend staying positive. Although you have genital warts it doesn't meqn you have to let it take over your life. Stay strong and know that you are not alone.

Tim L.

Its been a little over 3 years since I developed genital warts. At first I thought my life was completely over. I went from having sex everyday to not having sex for iver a year because of embarrasment. But through a little trial and error I developed a few ways to get rid of mt genital warts.

Step one: Boost your immune system to naturally fight of the virus. Step two: I used Skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts fat. Its all natural so its safe to use in sensitive areas. Step three: Remember that each year over a killion people develop genital warts so make sure you stay positive and no that you are not alone.


Hello everybody. I simply bought some Compound W and put it on the warts twice a day after a shower. The tube says to not use it on genital warts for some reason however it cleared mine right up in about a week. I paid $7.00 for it at wal-mart. If you have some irritated skin or broken skin in the area of which you're applying it, it can cause a serious burning sensation and it even burns a little bit even if the area is not irritated. I'm assuming that's why it says not to use it on the genitals however it works like a champ. For me it was well worth the discomfort because of how inexpensive Compound W is and how quickly it worked.


I just want to share with you my experience and want to let you know that ACV really works!!
I have had 3 big cauliflower like GW's right in the base of my penis and after a few days of continously using ACV all the wart became black and slowly fell off!

This is not a JOKE!! you just have to have some patience in treating GW.

The way i treated it is i soak some cotton on ACV and then just squeeze the cotton to remove the excess ACV. Then i put the cottons on the warts and then wrap it with a cloth or a baby wipes. You need to wrap it a little tighter so as to put some pressure to let the ACV soak the warts to absorb it until it reach the root of the wart.Then to keep it intact you just have to put some tape of adhesive. And just leave it for a couple of hours in there. I leave it for 4 hours and after that i remove it.
After a few days of using it it will become more painful but that just means that the ACV is now wokring and slowly killing the root of the warts.

It's been two months now since i last used ACV and i am now warts free. And i see no more signs of GW. Hopefully it will stay that way. :)

Also vitamins and eating fruits and veggies daily will help boost the immune system.

Bob R

I have had genital warts for five years. I thought they would never go away. I used wart remover several time to get rid of the biggest part of the warts. The kept coming back. Now I take a prescription medicine called Acyclovir (400mg) daily one tablet and I have no more symptoms. It keeps them under control and there are no visible signs. The have disapeared completely. You never get rid of the virus so one pill a day does the trick.

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