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GooooooooooooD day,

I'm in a super mood today since i think i found a way to get rid of genital warts WITHIN 2 DAYS! This will burn slightly but works Within 2 days all warts were ggone!
Just follow these easy steps, it worked for me im sure it will work for you as well.
Im a 20 year old male and in a happy relationship, when i saw these strange things on my pride i was shocked, but immediately started treating it when i saw its not getting better but worse, this knocked my self confidence to hell and back and got depressed and all those other things im sure i don't need to tell you how much this sucks, but hopefully i can help change that TODAY, no need to buy expensive stuff and the best off all is im giving you my advice for free cause i don't even wish this upon my worst enemy, LETS START AND CHANGE YOU SEX LIFE FOREVER!!! YAY

You will need:

Duofilm Liquid - Have no idea how much it cost i was lucky enough to find some at my house, this kills warts.
Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV
To be patient for two days at least xD

Day 1:

Apply the Duofilm Liquid to only warts, otherwise you will learn the hard way not to put it on healthy/non effected skin.
Don't cover it up and do your normal stuff you usually do. Apply in the morning and before bed and if you can do so through the day as well.

Day 2:

Do the same as day one but cover it up today every time you apply the Duofilm (Remember to clean properly in a hot shower and was hands every time)

The Duofilm might burn skin and it will burn allot more than usual on day 2 you DON'T have to PANIC. :)

Day 3(D-Day): xD

Take a HOT shower (as hot as you are able to don't burn youself now) Clean the white off, the Dupfilm, but not 100% off the warts. Dry nicely and take the cottonwool and wipe hardish over the warts (scabbing as well if you did scab) and what is that? most/all the warts are wiped off??? WOW!!!

There might be a 'piece' of ward still here or there then just repeat day 2 again.

After you cleaned the area nicely with water and a disinfectant, dry again. take cottonwool and put some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on and put it and clean with that as well, lastly you take a NEW piece of cottonwool put some more ACV on it and place it on area and find a way to keep it there so it doesn't move around, maybe a plaster or something. Do this one more time in the day and before bed.

Day 4:

Get up go shower clean and no more warts!!!!! Yay xD

Just to make sure they don't come back again just every night for a month about put some ACV on and wash in the morning then im sure they will NEVER come back.


I really hope it works and help you people out there i know how much this sucks, but WHEN this works for you you can smile and have confidence again in bed ;)

PLEASE DON'T be scared to ask questions if something is happening that you're not sure that it is suppose to happen. And also i would like it if you guys can give me feedback if its working for you or not.

If id doesn't work then pleas DO let me know so i can try and help you, i am currently doing research on it, and since i don't have it anymore i NEED your help as well.

Enjoy and good luck :)

OH!!! and ofcorse fun afterwards ha-ha!!!


If you have genital warts then you know how shameful it can be when you first find out you have genital warts. The shame and embarrassment I felt was horrible. I confronted my girlfriend at the time when I first saw genital warts on my private area. Her and I were both virgins when we got together and she was the only woman I was ever with, so I knew she was cheating on me. She admitted it. I did the obvious choice and ended it with her.

For over three years I tried every product and remedies to remove my genitals warts with absolutely no success. It affected all of my relationships because I was unable to get intimate with them. After years of failure I finally found a few methods that helped remove my genital warts quickly and painlessly. To start, you have to boot your immune system to help the body fight of the genital warts naturally. Step two, Use Skinhale wart remover to quickly remove your genital warts fast at home. Its all natural and pain free so its safe to use down there. The most important thing you must do is to remain positive. Remember you are not alone. Use these methods and good luck everyone.


i am from srilanka.i had a Genital Warts for 2 months.i have tried most of treatments from this site

-Apple Cider Vinegar,
-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Aldara Cream- never help

for me this two treatment i tried a week allow to reduce the size of warts and when treatment stop comes back.

Finely i found a Sri lankan traditional Cream specially for Skin treatments including for genital Warts.
i have clean the area with Condy's Crystals before apply this cream.i did this continuously 3 nights when i go to bed.after 4th day area became dark and very tiny wart.7th day everything went three months gone there are nothing no marks even,

if any one need this cream i can send it please leave a Comment.this is the beast i found for my warts i like to share this with others.


I had genital warts for almost a year now and figure out how to cure them...But first I am going to tell you what not to do because it can make things worst..DO NOT AND I REPEAT, DO NOT TRY TO FREEZE THEM OFF WITH dr. scholl's freeze away wart remover.That leaves scars and WILL SET YOU BACK YEARS OF CURING WHAT YOU HAVE..I promise you and don't let any doctor perform that method on you.The bottom line is that some girl is going to look at your scars and wonder why your penis is all black and blue..Also don't listen to the other people that try that method and are telling you that it works..They are trying to ruin your life because they made the same mistake...What I have found that works is Apple Cider Vinegar, tea tree oil, and some kind of lotion to heal the skin...You need all three remedies!..The Apple Cider Vinegar works but you have to HAVE PATIENCE!...Plus you have to take breaks because it will make your skin all red and dry...The Apple Vinger Cider will destroy the wart layer by layer and eventually go away..The tea tree oil will shrink the wart to a minimum..The lotion will help heal the skin and shrink the wart to a minimum also...The thing that I figure out is that, the faster the cure, the more likely a scar will appear..And that defeats the whole purpose...So be careful of treating your warts and believe in me as I promise I will not lead you into failure..Good Luck!


Ive tried multiple remedies to try n remove genital warts, acv irritating and burning holes in your skin. Ya eventually itll remove the warts but for the most part weeks later they grow back and u are still left with scars and holes in your skin. Bananna peels, wartscide, tropical oils, tea tree oil jus irratating the skin and the smell cone tbrough your clothes, asprin mix, bleach, alcohol, nothing worked for me. Ive done extensive research for hrs and hrs for a long time and their are a few doctors one near michigan, another facility in pennstate and the doc in australia they have been working on a vaccine that will completely treat and eliminate the virus for good. Dr. Frazer is supposively testing it on.patients now and seeing very promising results. The doctors in the us are still at it. Ive even heard of testing done on animals with the virus and giving them high doses of ahcc mushroom immune vitamins. Over a few months it had killed all the cancer cells from them. Humans havent been tested though so may not work. Ive tried aldara for months and no results but pain. What has worked best for me to permanetly get rid of some and temporary others has been a few products ive found on ebay. The one has podophyllin in it u use it once every 3 or 4 days it irritates the skin and kills some of them for months u may never see them again. Or it may not work so good for u but its cheap called condil but prescription grade out of mexico. And the other i came across you use it 2 times a day for 3 days and it will completely eliminate every wart has worked for me. Its wartec with podophyllotoxin in it also a medical grade treatment from over seas. It doesnt hurt too bad easily applied and everyone will be eliminated. Ive had some reappear so jus treated again. These are only things that worked for me so guess ill continue my ahcc vitamins and this til hopefully these doctors finish these vaccines.


Got genital warts half a year ago, was pretty much in denial for 3 months till it started to hurt(when it got too big) at the perineum area(female). Went to see a doctor and lo and behold - genital warts. He did recommend me to a dermatologist, however it is highly embarrassing and costly.. So I decided to try the home remedies instead.. And really from half the success stories and the other half are stories of horror.. I didn't try apple cider vinegar(ACV) at first.

Bought tea tree oil and tried on my largest wart at the perineum was looking like a skin tag. And even though it got better, wart smaller and all.. But ultimately it did not fully disappear, and the skin around the area were highly irritated.

By this time I have two small bumps appearing above it, and I was not a happy camper by then. I finally relented and bought ACV.

That's when my success story comes in. :)

Took facial cotton, poured ACV in a bowl, and tea tree oil for good measure. Be sure to dilute the ACV, because even the diluted version is pretty potent. I soaked the cotton, pressed it against the wart.. And yes it would be dripping down your legs, I used the kitchen paper towel to soak up the extra and put on panties.

It will be bigger the next day. Trust me I freaked. However it will go away if you continue on the treatment diligently. I do it after my shower and take it out in the morning when I wake up. In 3 days my wart started flaking, turning black and the skin has come off. Rubbed vitamin E cream and alternate aloe Vera gel, do get the purest you can find.

Now I'm dealing with a huge one on top of my clitoris, and it's getting better even though it's just the 2nd day. Do take lots of supplements, drink lots of water, and work out. I'm currently taking vitamin c, multivitamins, olive extract, sometimes cranberries extract or fish body oils.

You can battle this horrible Hpv!


Okay so here's the deal, I'll start with a little bit about what I went through just so everyone can understand they're not alone in this. If you just want to know how I treated the warts scroll down a little bit for short precise instructions. A partner I was with 3 months prior told me he had genital warts...needless to say I got tested at planned parenthood the next day and at that point there were no warts visible. Papsmear must have come up negative for abnormalities because they never called me...basically a waste of 80 dollars because I definitely had genital warts! I shaved a week after my testing and noticed small bumps in two sections around my vagina. Obviously I was worried but I was in denial...thought it was razor burn. My bumps didn't look anything like the Google image pictures, but I've learned now that they all look kind of different. The bumps weren't getting any better so I tried the vinegar test, which also seemed to be a little inconclusive. Some seemed white, but maybe it was too soon for it to come up all the way. Anyway, that was enough for me to become very concerned so I decided to start researching genital warts and remedies. Honestly, this site was the most helpful. Through trial and error...making it a little better to making it a little one point much much worse, I'm actually really clearing up! After one day of doing this treatment I already had warts turning black and healing up. I'm so elated about this that I want to pay it forward and offer some advice. I hope this works for other people, but be mindful that there are many kinds of hpv, many kinds of treatments, and everyone responds to treatments differently.

So now to the important part, here's what you'll need:
-Apple Cider Vinegar, Heinz really is the best
-Gauze, cotton pads, cotton balls, or paper towels...whatever suits your fancy
-Medical tape
-Hydrogen Peroxide
-Tea Tree Oil
-Neosporin or Cortisone Cream (I recommend the cortisone cream)

First things first, make sure your area is clean...the vinegar will work much better on a clean surface.
1. Get the cotton soaked with ACV, but you don't want it dripping so squeeze some out.
2. Put the ACV anywhere there are warts/might be warts...I recommend using a compact mirror so you can really see what's goin on down there.
3. Tape it on
4. You're going to want to make sure you're free for a couple hours because this really works best if you can sit and apply pressure with your hands for at least an hour at a time. I used gloves because another post suggested it...definitely a good idea.
...I'll warn you. This burns like a fucker. Just keep in mind that the first 10 minutes you put it on are the most painful and from then on it starts to just turn into a dull pain. It helps to put on a tv show or movie that you like and take very deep breaths. (That's how I got caught up on Game of Thrones!)
5. Once your 1-2 hours is up, take everything off and examine to make sure you got everything white/grey.
6. Apply hydrogen peroxide to clean it all off.
7. Dab on a bit of Tea Tree Oil, I didn't think it burned too much but some say it does so you may want to mix it with a splash of olive oil.
8. Once it dries up, apply your Neosporin/ Cortisone Cream. This will help heal the warts and reduce any inflammation from the ACV.

If you can handle it, I also did an overnight treatment every other night...basically the same idea but you have to make sure it's really taped on.

Few other tips:
-Work out everyday--running, biking, yoga, whatever...just get your blood pumping!! It'll boost your immune system.
-Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins-- I think I'm at my healthiest right now because of these damn warts. I drank a smoothie with spinach, almond milk, and fruit every morning to pack in a punch of vitamins as soon as I woke addition to a daily multivitamin. I hear Vitamin A is one of the most important to help with cell turnover.
-Take pictures of your progress!--your mind can play tricks on you, it's so easy to see if you're improving when you can compare it to the day before...just make sure you can do it in a discrete manner. I doubt you want your warts on instagram.
-Dear Lordy please do not pick, pop, scratch, shave your warts! I know from experience...they will spread anywhere and everywhere if you mess around with them. When the warts are ready to come off...they will come off on their own!
-Relax!--I know how scary warts are obviously, but they can and will clear up, and aside from being unsightly they're pretty harmless. The happier and more relaxed you are the better your immune system will respond.

I know this is pretty long but I wanted to be as helpful as I can be, good luck everyone!

John R.

I was given the gift that keeps on giving by one of the girls I was dating a few years ago. To say the least that was the worst day of my life! The shame you feel when you first realize you have genital warts is absolutely horrible. I felt so alone because its not something you want to talk about with anyone. I went from dating girls 24/7 to not having sex for an entire year because nobody wants to have sex with someone with gross genital warts on there private parts.

I literally had tried every method possible to remove my genital warts. I even went as far as trying to cut them off with scissors(do not use scissors...ouch!) So after about a year I found some ways to get rid of my genital warts for good! First off you must boost your immune system to help fight off genital warts naturally. Your body is a strong weapon if you provide enough nutrients to boost your immune system. Step number two. I used Skinhale wart remover to quickly remove my visible genital warts whenever they appear. Its safe and made specifically for genital warts treatment.

Be positive about the situation. It sucks having genital warts but If you use the method above then in no time you will be genital wart free. Stay positive.


I have been coming here for a while reading and trying different remedies. I have done the ACV thing and it works but not that great and burns leaving a nasty mark. After doing research I have found that salicylic acid has been used to remove them so I figured I would try it. I bought DR Scholls clear away strips. Let nee tell you these things work. No burn, no marks. Being a bit nervous I put one on for about 2 hours and noticed it got smaller, so I left it in over night and it was just about gone. I could see it but I could not feel it, it was flat... These things are like magic!

Tim A

I contracted genital warts a little over 4 years ago. It has been a very tough road. My girlfriend at the time gave me genital warts. Needless to say I broke up with her after she admitted to cheating. I was back on the market and thought that my warts would go away and I could start dating again. I tried everything possible to get rid of my genital warts. Through a lot of trial and error I found some great methods to remove my genital warts for good.

Step one: You must boost your immune system to help the body fight off the warts. Step two: I used skinhale wart remover to remove any visible genital warts. It's all natural and works fast so it's safe to use down there. Step three: Stay positive and remember that you are not alone. Every year millions of people get genital warts. Stay positive and know that you're not alone. Good luck.

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