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use alcohol based antibacterial hand gel.
Apply and reapply when nearly dry several times so that the area is well soaked.(Lounge around in bed reading or watching tv!)Takes 30 minsish. Now don't forget to apply one time several times a day or they will stop shrinking and grow again. They shrink quite quickly keep going until they are gone. In fact keep going for a while after! If you apply too much the skin dries out so put vaseline on and leave it for 12 hours if it gets too dry. Doesn't hurt unless broken skin. Just be careful where you apply as it does run if you apply too much in one go. Good luck. Good results in a week for me. Good luck


Just for starters I am not affiliated with any company I am just someone sharing something that worked for me. I am a 28/m that had a genital wart single cauliflower at the base of my shaft. It started looking like skin tag but after a month turned into the cauliflower look. I read online and I read it should go down if you get healthy, etc. 3 months after it was exactly the same.

After reading on one of these forums that someone used Wartscide with another wart herbal product and it worked I decided to try it. It took 3 weeks to come and the claims on the website was after 3 days it should fall off. A week went by and nothing looked different was applying 2x a day. Two days after I think it looked thinner but not 100% sure. I kept trying it but no effect. I stopped using it. I went to go try the overnight ACV treatment. I bought a supermarket brand for under $2. Tried for 2 days the tape wouldn't stick and the cotton ball wouldn't stay on. I gave up and after 2 months the wart appeared to be getting bigger. I was embarrassed so figured I retry the ACV for 2 weeks and if it doesn't work I'll get the Dr. Scholls wart freeze off since I read some people had success with it. I got a 3 pack of medical tape to get it ready. I trimmed my pubic area before applying the tape. I started on a monday and tried the ACV for 2 days it would look white in the morning but no difference. I wanted rapid results and contemplated going out the drugstore to get some freeze off. I changed my mind after reading someones plead online against it how it made things worse for them and the only reason other people recommend it so you can feel there despair. So I chose to continue with the ACV. It seemed to get irritated and looked even bigger. By the thursday noticed no difference so I chose to try Wartscide on it before putting the cotton ball soaked ACV on it to see if it makes a difference. I applied many coats of wartscide then I put on the ACV cotton ball and kept it on all night.

Friday morning I checked it and noticed a black spot in the corner of the wart. I remember reading that the black means the skin is dying. So I was excited on Friday and Saturday I continued applying the Wartscide 2x a day and the ACV at bedtime. Sunday morning it was about half black. I noticed the wart looked higher so I put a light on it and was amazed it was the root being pushed up. Sunday night I was lazy to put the ACV on and just applied the Wartscide. Next morning it was just about all black. Kept putting on the Wartscide and by Wednesday when I was applying Wartscide half of the wart just fell off. I kept applying just the wartscide after a shower in the morning and before bed. It looked like a black dead piece of skin. Thursday I seen it start to lift off of my skin I moved it over and it was just a scab. I didn't want to remove it before it was ready to come off. Friday I was undressing and noticed it was gone. No 'holes' like people said and had trouble locating where the wart was originally. When I did find it, it just looked like a regular scab fell off so the skin where the scab (wart) was the color white; nothing out of the oridinary.

I am so happy. So my assumption is since my wart was months old I guess the skin hardened not letting the Wartscide to penetrate. After applying the ACV overnight for a few nights it may have burned the outer layer off or weakened the skin. So once I put the wartscide on it seeped in and did its job.

I say try it if it doesn't work thats just something else to cross off your list. I found out months ago I had my first run with genital warts not sure who spread it to me either since I always wore protection. But I have a means of dealing with it now.


As most of you probably already know. Having Genital Warts is no picnic. I first contracted genital warts a little over a year ago. I went for ma guy who would hook up with girls everyday of the week, to a guy who didn't have sex for over 9 months because I was embarrased. It took me about 9 months to find a genital Warts Treatment that actually worked. This was no easy or fun process, so I would like to save you guys some trouble so you won't have to go through what I went through.

First you must boost your immune system. Why? Because boosting your immune system helps you fight off the genital warts naturally. Your body is your best weapon if you know how to use it. Stap two: I used Skinhale Wart Remover to quickly remove all my visible genital warts fast when they appeared. It's all natural so it's safe to use down there and it's made just for genital warts so it works super fast. Step three: Stay strong and remember that you are not alone. Each year millions of people get genital warts. It doesn't mean that its the end of the world or that your a bad person.

Remember to always practice safe sex and be careful who your partners are. Good luck and remember to stay positive.


Hi first of all I'd like to say apple cider vinegar really works on taking off genital warts! I recently found out that I have genital warts. My husband has had a little (what we thought was a mole) looking thing on his penis sense I've known him. I didn't think anything of him because I didn't know what GW really looked liked plus I thought you would have more then just one. Anywho we have been happily together a little over a year and recently got married. Also I'm 7 1/2 months pregnant. So about a month ago I was shaving down there and felt a weird bump that I know was not there before. I was in denial for a while cuz my husband is the only person I have been with in over a year and if were to get something from him why would it be a whole year later. Anyway I waited and went to my regular scheduled doc app and should her the bump and sure enough its GW. So all along that 'mole' on his penis was definately not a mole it was a wart. I was upset at first but I knew he had gotten it before he met me so I couldn't really be mad. Well now sense I'm pregnant my hormones are all outta wack and crazy and that causes my GW to spead real fast all over and grow and just look nasty! They have gotten to be like clusters and they r uncomfortable to wipe and sit down. Plus I am very self concious now and don't even like for my husband to touch me anywhere in that area. Which he can't stand. So i asked my doctor what I can do and she said nothing because I'm pregnant it can harm the baby so I have to wait till I'm not preg. But I don't want to wait that damn long this shit is gross. I been looking up home remedies that are safe online and found apple cider vinegar remedy. So I thought I'd give it a try so yesterday I went out and bought some heinz apple cider vinegar and cotton balls and went home took a shower to clean myself then I soaked the cotton ball in the acv and put it on my big wart cluster. It burned like a motherfucker but I just took deep breathsand held it on there. I taped some more acv soaked cotton balls on all the spots a have the warts and put my panties on. It burns real bad at first but after a while it doesn't hurt so bad. I sat with it for about 2 hours then took everything off and the warts were all white and hard and looked even more discussting.I took a shower. I put some hydrocrotozone creme on it cuz it was real sore then I went to bed. This morning when I looked at it in the mirror some of them are already gone ! I big cluster is almost flat and some of the little ones around it have totally disappeared ! I am so happy. My vag is real sore and tender today so imma wait till tomorrow to do it again but I am so happy that this shit really works. I'm excited to finally get rid of these warts until I can take actual medicine from the doctor.


Hey guys so i dont know exactly how long i had warts before i noticed them, im assuming it wasnt too long though as i only had one medium sized wart and one extremely small one needless to say i panicked and then researched constantly until i had it confirmed by my GP. I also went to a sexual health clinic just to be sure and it was definatly warts. I should also mention they were around my anus , very close but not inside luckily!!!. Anywhoo i found this website and began the castor oil and bicarbonate of soda treatment, i mixed them together into a thick paste and applied it to the warts and surrounding area with a cotton bud the placed a cotton wool pad with castor oil on it ontop on taped it over on either side the hold it in place. I changed it 3 times a day and then left only oil on a cotton wool pad overnight so i could sleep well. I also took miltivitamins, and individual vitamins to supprt my immune system such as garlic capsules vitamin A, C, D, E and cod liver oil capsules. There was no discomfort until around day 3 and even then it was only a mild chapped sensation, and it was working! The smallest wart had gone and the medium one was shrinking. However i also noticed that a few more had started to emerge and was a little disuaded, i just wanted rid!.

So i decided to try apple cider vinegar on the warts, i was scared at first because iv heard how it burns so bad etc, so instead of soaking a ball of cotton wool and leaving it on i started by soaking a cotton bud in acv and applied it directly to each individual wart and pressed down to allow the vinegar the penetrate the wart. To my surpirse this caused no pain at all and the warts were turning white. I just did this every so often throught the day and left aloe-vera gel on overnight. The following day i decided to be brave and suck it up and soacked the end of the bud in acv and applied left one on each wart then used a cotton wool pad and tape the secure each in place. This did cause Lot more discomfort and stinging but tbh it was bearable. Every 3 days or so my skin would become sore and so i would either just leave on aloe gel or castor oil throught the day to allow some soothing.

After the first week they had gone! Yaaaay! Or not... Now some were appearing in the opening of my vagina. I was absolutely devastated. I hadnt had sex with my parter since finding them so i could attempt to prevent spreading and yet here they were !

I tried the acv again on this area and it burned but not shockingly bad so i left it on and changed 3 times that day each day leaving a cotton wool pad placed over the area while the acv was there. And applied aloe vera gel at night. The following day all warts had turned white which i was pleased with. So positive it was working i applied acv again. OUCH! Jhhheeez it stung so bad i couldnt breathe. Anyway for the next two days i applied aloe vera gel all day after every toilet trip and left a cotton pad there. After the two days there was noticeable difference but they were still there so i decided to use castor oil on a cotton bud and rubbed each wart directly. And then also massaged in the aloe vera using the same technique. This is where im at today and iv done this twice and there nearly gone!!
Just to add the warts on my anus went grey and then had a black dot in the centre which came out onto the cotton wool pads and then they were gone! The ones on my vijajay are greying and shrinking so far so goood!

My parter also checked himself and found the same thing around his anus except there were a few more. He gritted his teeth and did the full cotton wool pad soacked in acv and left secured over the warts for a few hours. When we checked the next day many were gone and any left were white! I couldnt believe how quick it was, he waited two days and then did it again and his are prettymuch clear now!

All i can say is take it at your own pace and make sure u take vitamins and such to boost ur immune system! Remember everyone takes different times to heal but they can be gotten rid of!


Like many on here ACV just irritated my warts and the surrounding skin, leaving craters that eventually healed back into warts.

Fortunately I found a home remedy for cold sores that has also worked beautifully on genital warts.

First, put some ice in a plastic bag and hold against the warts for about twenty min. I know, freezing your crotch isn't fun but the good new is virus's don't like cold either.

Next take a gob of toothpaste, sprinkle a little alum powder (find it in the spice section of supermarket) mix with a Q-tip and plaster on the warts.

After a couple of days of doing this my warts dried into scabs at which point I applied Vitamin E oil to speed the healing.

Hope this works as well for others.


I've had a pretty rough few years when it comes to dealing with Genital Warts. I got my genital warts from a woman I was dating back in 2010. I went from hooking up with girl 5-6 days a week to not having sex in over a year, because I was embarrassed of my genital warts(as anyone would be). During that time I was tried everything possible to treat my genital warts. ACV Does NOT WORK! It smells and can take over a few months to see any effects.

So to make a long story short and help eveyone out. I'm going to share with you a few methods that are sure to remove your Genital Warts safely and fast.

Step One: The first thing one must do when you have genital warts is to accept that you have Genital Warts. Its not the end of the world. It sucks but I promise life is going to throw a lot of other B.S your way. Step two: You must boost your immune system to help fight off the genital warts. Step three: I used Skinhale Wart Remover to rapidly remove any visible genital warts when they appeared. It's all natural and safe to use in private areas. Plus it works fast. Step four: Remain calm and remember you are not alone. Each year over a million people get genital warts. So know that you're not the only one out there.

And don't forget to practice safe sex. Condoms are your friends. Good luck everyone.


I found out a couple of days ago I have GW.

I was gutted. I actually had what looked like a mole right at the top of the shaft of my penis and honestly thought it was a mole. I'm covered in the damned things so I never gave it a second thought.

I started a new relationship the other day and thought as it's summer I'll shave down below. Once again as I was using shaving foam, I really didn't see anything other than the original 'mole' but I noticed it was more fleshy. Again I didn't pay much attention to it as i've got many moles like that so thought I might get the doctor to remove it.

A couple of days later, I was washing and my eyes caught another two bumps, and on closer examination a couple of pin sized bumps.

I quickly Googled it up and I was gutted. Totally and utterly. More so as I'd had sex with a girl I was seeing and it gets worse as after I did see her, I realised I was totally in love with another ex from some time back and planned to break it up with her and get together with this other girl....permanently.

Although it doesn't exactly sound like it, I really don't sleep about and I use protection when I do. I feel as though my life is falling apart and I wonder if this girl who I knows loves me too will stay with me knowing I have this infection in me......

I know exactly where I got this infection from. My last long(ish) term girlfriend between May and September last year had to have given it to me. We had unprotected sex a couple of time but she was on the pill and assured me she was tested. I stupidly believed her.

Worst still, i thought I was totally clean as I got myself tested right after I split up with her and everything came out negative. When I asked my doctor specifically about HPV, she told me there is no HPV test for men.

I've been treating it with ACV so far and they instantly went white. The usual response with warts. The problem is however, the plasters have irritated my skin so I've had to take a break from it all and I've decided to man up and see the doctor this week.

I can't tell you how upset I am and feel very alone with it all right now.


Please read people before you either A. Freak yourself out or B. Embark on a long and useless mission to no avail.

For starters I'll say I'm male (uncircumcised) and have a medium size cluster of warts under my foreskin, on the underside, right by the frenulum (piece of tissue that connects the foreskin to the head). I contracted HPV off a girl in February 2013, however my visible warts only showed up in may 2013. It's now July and after using aldara cream for about six weeks the warts are around 80% gone. (Skip to bottom for quick explanation of aldara treatment)

Let's start with A. You found some bumps downstairs and the first thing you did was jump on to google to do some research, just as I did two months ago. NO. BAD.
Self-diagnosis is the worst way to go, I literally spent four weeks or so spending hours and hours scanning the Internet for success stories, remedies, treatment, blah blah blah. Please take it from me and just go to a doctor. Straight away. Otherwise you'll just scare yourself shitless by seeing and reading about the worst of it.
I went to a sexual health clinic and the lady took one look at em and said 'yep darlin, they're warts alright!'. She then handed me my aldara cream and off I went, simple as that.

Also, side note: please be wary scanning about these sites because there are people who see your embarassment and desire for a quick cure or remedy as dollar signs. Even the posts on here about magic creams and remedies is all BS and someone trying to make a quick buck.

B. This journey to no avail I am talking about is the one where you use a remedy of some sort to burn the warts off, and apparently works within a few days. Ok let's say yes with some luck this does work for you, fine but what's your recurrence rate? The thing about hpv and genital warts is that it's a VIRUS. Just because you get rid of the visible warts once doesn't mean the virus is gone and they won't come back. This is where I recommend aldara. The idea behind it is it boosts your immune system response around the infected area, sends some white blood cells to help out and clears the warts naturally, and possibly even the entire virus. While this may take longer, in the long run you may never see the bastards again.

Let me quickly run you through my experience with aldara. I used the cream four times, and followed the directions down to a T. By the morning of the fourth overnight application I realised maybe I'd been too generous as my whole foreskin had swollen up, the skin was burnt around the area and it was painfull as hell. Over the next week the area healed and, as a bonus, my warts went down about 50%. I waited a few days until it no longer stung and resumed progress, this time using just a cotton tip to apply to the warts. The strange thing about the next few weeks is I really didn't have much progress, they stayed the same, a few more sprouted and it generally was really anticlimactic. Started losing faith in aldara a bit. Eventually I tried spreading over with my finger again, trying to get a similar response as the first two weeks, and bam! Worked a treat. So now I kind of figure that while a wider application may burn a bit more or make the area sore or swollen, it's definitely more effective that way (however I would never re-apply with those sorts of symptoms present). My assumption is is that everyone reacts to this product differently, but it's nice to be able to know you're doing everything you can to help it out.

Final words of advice, see a doctor ASAP, see if you can get your hands on a 5% imiquimoid cream like aldara. Follow the instructions religiously. Use your finger to apply the cream to the warts, then maybe use a wet cloth to wipe the aldara off the bare skin around the area that isn't effected. Stay positive, eat healthy, use a frikkin condom and don't be like the girl who gave it to me with full knowledge she was passing it on. (Bitch! :)


I have had this since I have no idea when. It kept growing, and spreading. I have tried countless of treatments; ACVs, Imiquimod cream, tea tree oil, and I was getting tired of them, since I had to keep making sure I apply them; but it only makes them go away once in a while. Or if you keep using them- with the cash that goes with it. So I stopped. Recently I went back to my hometown, and I brought back a bottle of multivits that I have stopped taking for quite some time. I noticed something though. I took one pill of those mutilvits. AND I SWEAR, the clumped warts that I had all over, were smooth once again in a week. There was maybe 1-2 single warts still, but for the clumped regions of the warts to be gone, I was close to tears. Maybe you guys can try them and see if it works for you. Its the vitamin A,C,E together with the zinc and selenium formula. You can get probably 30 pills for RM30 in a pharmacy. I am not sure how much it costs in other countries. Please, try it. Its not a permanent cure. But, please do try it.

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