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My remedy for treating genital warts is not all home based. I believe you should still see a dermatologist or gyn/urologist to get the correct diagnosis first and get a prescription for Aldera cream. What I also recommend is a regimen of easily bought vitamins and supplements at your local vitamin shop.
Let me start my telling you my story. I am a 40 years old female who was diagnosed with genital warts about 2 months ago. Not sure how I became infected but I had recent breast implants and I believe my immunity became low after the surgery. You can never know how or when you became infected. My bf did not have any symptoms or unusual growths. For all I know he could have given it to me or I could have had it for years and never knew I had HPV. We both realized at that point we both were HPV positive as we don't use condoms. He was and is very supportive so it made my anxiety a bit less of a worry.
I noticed the growths at the early stage. A couple of tiny lesions that my gyn removed at my insistence. She didn't recommend the Aldera cream so I went to my dermatologist for a second opinion, who prescribed the Aldera cream. I started using it right away as instructed. At first it really didn't do much, no redness, nothing. I wasn't quite sure if the cream had any effect on me. I did tons of research online to see how else I can help the 'healing' process. I decided on my regimen based on all the research I did.
Firstly, I don't recommend using apple cider vinegar, it will burn your genital area. I tried it once and it burned like hell and just made things worse as it burns all your genital area exposed to the vinegar. Just don't do it.
Just as I mentioned earlier, get a prescription for Aldera cream. The recommended dose is three times a week applied at bedtime. I didn't have any issues with redness, just some slight itchiness the day after application. I also decided to add a multivitamin, a super B complex, echinachea, bee propolis honey, a probiotic, and wellness formula. I especially recommend the bee propolis and the wellness formula as I believe its done the most for me.
So, almost two months into my regimen the genital warts are going away. It is a slow process but the warts are going away. To be perfectly honest it could be a normal response by my own natural body defense helping to fight the virus. Or it could be all way the supplements I have been taking that has helped to fight this dreaded virus. Either way this is story. It is a slow process so just think positive. You are not the only one suffering. Hope this helps someone.

Sean A

Hello ya'll,

So I freakin cried for hours when I first found out I had genital warts. I hated everything it represented.

I've always been a really good person and have always been extra careful by using protection in that department. So I was astonished when I first saw the signs of Genital Warts. I knew I need treatment fast!!! So I could get back to the rest of my life.

For the first few days I read a lot online and even saw a few doctors on how to treat my warts. There are a billion different ways people recommend but most take 6+ months to start working and smell really bad.

After trying out a few things...nothing worked! I finally told my brother-in-law who is a doctor and he recommended Skinhale Wart Remover to remove my genital warts. It's all natural, pain-free and is made specifically for the treatment of genital warts. In just a few days all of my genital warts were gone. You can by it online or over-the-counter.

Another thing that helped me out through this terrible ordeal was to remain calm and to not let this situation take over your life. Remember, It's not the end of the world.

Hope this helps everyone!! Good luck! And remember to practice safe sex.


I feel obliged to write my “success” story and hopefully do what others here (and other useful places) have done for me… given me a guide towards self-treatment of genital warts.
First, I have been in denial that these couple of bumps were, in fact, genital warts. When they started growing, I could no longer stay in denial.
After reading so many useful successes, I decided to take a multi-pronged approach to the problem.
External treatment included: 1) Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV); 2) Tea Tree Oil; 3) Lavender Oil;4) Lemon Oil; 5) Garlic Oil (crush garlic and place in some olive oil) and for soothing and treatment: 6) Vitamin E Oil and 7) Desitin. (getting some aloe gel as well)
Internal treatment: Vits: A,C,E,D, Multi with plenty of B. And although I am almost completely free of the warts within one week, I will be taking Lysine, Echinacea and Gooldenseal, and possibly Elderberry extract (I have not had access to them as I am living overseas and must travel to get them)
My immune system was definitely low due to stress. So start exercising as well. Anything to reduce stress and help the immune system.
I have used each of the external treatments alone and have also mixed ACV with tea tree and lavender (actually makes it smell rather nice).
Put ACV with the oils added on at night and tape soaked cotton in place. Can also, throughout the day, put the oils on directly alone or in combination.
Periodically, open a vit E capsule and put on affected area for curing and soothing effect. Likewise, desitin ointment has been recommended to cover and sooth.
From big warts to almost nothing in a week with almost no irritation and a tiny burning from the ACV and tea tree but very tolerable.
Drink lots of water too.
I plan to keep the internal treatments up at therapeutic dosages for a few weeks, then taper down the vits.
I am amazed at the results and hope you find this helpful.


I know exactly what it's like when you first find out you contracted genital warts. It's one of the worst possible feelings ever! I remember feeling absolutely disgusted and devastated. I swear i literally thought I would never have sex again.

Dealing with genital warts treatment can be just as scary. There are soooo many treatments out there. For about a year I went on a journey and tried every possible treatment I could find. I was determined to remove these horrible genital warts.

After a year of trial and error I found a few great methods. As most people will tell you, boost your immune system. This helps to fight of the genital warts naturally. Most importantly, use Skinhale Wart Remover. It's all natural and made specifically for the removal of genital warts. Plus it's doctor recommended and pain-free. It literally removed all my genital warts in just 3 days. You should definitely check it out.

I truly believe that is the best and fastest way to remove genital warts.

A lot of people recommend ACV(apple cider vinegar) but DO NOT USE ACV!!! It smells sooo bad and takes over 3 months to see any results. So dont use acv unless you want to walk around smelling vinegar for 3 months...haha.

Good luck everyone and remember to stay strong and positive. You are not alone and be sure to practice safe sex. Good luck!

Happy guy

I came across this site when looking for remedies for genital warts because I believed I had one coming in (I'll get back to that later). I was curious if there were any easy treatments, or any treatments in general or if I was screwed. I was pleasantly surprised.

There are many references to Apple Cider Vinager on here and after seeing how cheap it was I decided to buy it. I wasn't sure I had genital warts but had a good hunch. I read that part of the exam involved covering the wart in a vinegar like substance that would turn it white. So in attempting to treat the wart I noticed my did turn somewhat white so I figured I had it.

My personal treatment involved putting the acv with qtip on the wart and small bandaid and leaving the baindaid on for 8 hrs or so (until I showered again). The smell is noticeable at first but since only a small is used it doesn't linger. At first there was no sting but each day I noticed it more. I also noticed the wart change. At first it was there and I wasn't certain it was a wart. Then it 'grew' a bit from acv and began turning a darker color. Finally it started to scab up and now the scab is starting to rub off. Although I'm still treating (day 4 now) I am very pleased with the results. I also purchased wart stick to use in case but really haven't found a need. I am thankful for everyone's input on here and hope it is completely cleared over next couple days.

As for my diagnoses, I noticed the wart coming in slowly and got depressed. I had a wart like thing around my pubic hair area for a few months and after visiting doctor he said no worries and sure enoughit disappeared. Then this wart came in on my shaft. I dated a girl many years ago who swore I gave her hpv. However there were other possibilities for her and girls I dated since have been tested many times and had nothing. But now I feel bad since there is a good chance it was me but for it to stay dormant for almost a decade is crazy. I don't know where it came from or if it is certainly genital warts but acv is clearing it up.

Micheal A

Hey everyone. I'm here because I know how much it sucks having genital warts. Like many of you...I contracted genital warts from a woman I was dating a few years ago. To say the least that was definitely the worst day of my entire life! The devistating shame you feel when you first realize you have genital warts is absolutely horrible. I really felt soooo alone because its not something you want to talk about with anyone. I went from dating girls 5 days a week to not having sex for an entire year because nobody wants to have sex with someone with gross genital warts on there private parts.

I felt completely hopeless. I had tried pretty much every method possible to remove my genital warts. I even went as far as trying to cut them off with scissors(do not use scissors...ouch!) So after about a year I found some ways to get rid of my genital warts for good! First off you must boost your immune system to help fight off genital warts naturally. Your body is a strong weapon if you provide enough nutrients to boost your immune system. Step number two. I used doctor recommended Skinhale Wart Remover to quickly remove my visible genital warts whenever they appear. Its safe and made specifically for genital warts treatment. In my opinion it is by far the best treatment available.

Its important to remember to be positive about the situation. It sucks having genital warts but If you use the method above then in no time you will be genital wart free. Hope this helps everyone out.



First let me say sorry that all of you suffer with this, I suffer with it too. I have had genital warts for years and have tried just about everything there is to try. Certain things like apple cider vinegar work from time to time, but not always. Forget apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, cryo freezing, laser treatment. This absolutely works!, It's a little painful but not bad at all. I used to get laser treatment and let me say that laser treatment scars!! I decided to try my own type of 'laser' treatment on a smaller scale and it works! My solution? A candle and a paperclip! No joke! I don't visit the doctor anymore, I don't scar, and it kills each wart every single time! Yeah it stings a little but unlike laser treatment which torches a larger area than needed, a heated paperclip can be pressed right onto the wart. Understand, the virus lives UNDER THE SKIN so you need to feel a little bit of that sting! Which means the heat is conducting below the surface of the skin. Just straighten out a paperclip, (I use a larger size paperclip) bend it to whatever angle you need, hold one end, and heat the other end as hot as possible in the flame of a candle, and torch those little things! It honestly works great and I have yet to have one come back. This is all that I do now, and I have been doing it for a long time with amazing success! Im sorry I haven't posted this sooner but I promised myself I would come back and write this. When you torch a wart, it may swell up and turn white, or even black, that is perfectly normal! I promise you it will shrivel up and fall off! Be careful obviously, especially if you are a woman or treating anal warts. I never treated any internal ones, or ones on sensitive tissue, but I did have some travel near my anus, im not gay, it just can happen from time to time. In those cases, I grab a mirror and work in those hard to reach areas. Again, please be careful but it's not hard to do carefully. I sincerely do wish you guys the best. There is no real cure for warts but there is definitely hope!!!! And this treatment is by far the best that I have found, and I don't have to deal with a doctor probing around those areas. Dont lose hope, you CAN manage this!! Quite easily to be honest! And don't beat yourself up too much either. It's a virus and we are the unfortunate ones who contracted it, but there are many of us out there! You are not a lesser person because of this and God loves you just as much today as ever! Smile, be happy, treat yourself, and know that life is VERY VERY GOOD!!!! God bless all of you in your struggles, I wish you all so much the very best!!!!

Paul M.

I was completely shocked when I discovered that I had contracted Genital Warts. I never would have imagined it would happen to me. You hear and read about this happening to other people but it certainly couldn't happen to me! But it did.

For the most part I always practiced safe sex. For a little over a year I tried everything possible to get rid of my horrible genital warts. I spent thousands of dollars on every treatment possible.

Finally after a long search I found a method that actually works. It is doctor recommended Skinhale Wart Remover. It's made specifically for genital warts and is super fast and pain-free. It removed all of my genital warts in only 3 days. Plus it's all natural so it's safe to use down there. It's available online and I think in stores too.

Other then that it's super important to stay strong and not give up. It's not the end of the world. Remember that. I wish you guys all the luck.


Hello all!

Good news! 2 years ago i came to this site looking for a sure removal of my genital warts and found out about apple cider vinegar.
2 years later - still no return of those damned things! I didn't expect it to work permanently, and perhaps it may come back still. But, i'm 2 years clean and so very relieved. Sometimes I forget I even have HPV.
What I did was tear off a little piece of cotton from a cotton ball (the right size to cover only the wart so i don't burn clear skin)and soak it in the acv enough so its not dripping in it. Then used those little tiny circle bandages meant for very small scrapes, and placed it over the cotton which i placed over the wart. I left it on for about 4 hours a day until it cleared up (about 3 - 4 days).
Yes, it stings. If you cant handle the sting, then take it off and leave on for shorter amount of time. It may take longer to heal but it will eventually work. I was on a time crunch and wanted them gone fast.
Seriously, I haven't had a single wart in 2 years. I hope they never return. Good luck.


I had a few little bumps on the shaft of my penis. They had been there for 3 or 4 years. I didn't know what to think of them. They were about 1/4 inch wide and brown colored.
I went to the MD for my annual physical and showed them to the doc. He said they were not genital warts but he froze them off, anyway.
They went away, and then in 3 months they came back. Then I bought the freezing stuff at the grocery store and froze hell out of them. They were gone for 4 months, then came back.
Went back to the doc a year later and he said they were not warts but might be cancer he wasn't sure. Set me up with an appt. with the dermatologist.

I got on this web site and read about apple cider vinegar.
I tried the cotton balls but they didn't want to stay in place. So I cut out a 2 inch by 2 inch piece from a regular terrycloth towel.
I soaked those things for 2 hours a day!
Every fifteen minutes, I wrung out the little piece of towel, and put fresh vinegar on it. These bumps got well soaked.
The next day they had just a faint white haze on them.
I soaked them for 2 hours the next day.
That caused them to turn white, just as I had been reading on this web site.
Third day, soaked them again for 2 hours.
The next day they turned black! Then they scabbed over, then turned into sores which looked nasty! Then scabbed over again and healed up.
Took about 2 weeks.

I am convinced they were warts. Apple cider vinegar is the miracle cure for genital warts. Give the damn things 2 hours a day for 3 days and they will die!
Cancelled the appt. with the dermatologist, there is nothing for the doc to see.

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