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I am so thankful that I ran across this website about 2 weeks ago!! I had never heard about using apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a home remedy for genital warts.

It's obvious that many of the comments posted here are SPAM driven by companies trying to sell various products. Do not let their comments distract or deter you from trying apple cider vinegar.

Although using ACV sounded like a crazy idea, I bought some at my local grocery store for less than $2.00.

As suggested on this website, I applied the ACV daily with cotton balls and tape. After 4 or 5 days, the warts had totally disappeared!!



Hi everybody,
I had a cluster of roughly 25 small but very visible warts on my foreskin. I have improvised on another remedy on this site which might be a concrete solution.
1. I applied a lot of topical anesthetic(the kind used for hemorrhoids) and I covered it with a plaster for 30 minutes which numbed the area properly;
2. I used one of these big paperclips and a candle to burn the warts with the tip of the paperclip. I wiped the residue off the paperclip with a piece of toilet paper after every wart.

I kept the area clean for about 3 days afterwards to prevent infection. I left the burn residue/scabs on my skin until it fell off on its own.

Hopefully this or an improvisation of this will help a lot of you.


As you know, genital warts are a disgusting, invasive, and unsightly virus and pretty much everyone affected by this strain of warts wants nothing more than to quickly and safely eliminate the warts as soon as possible. Most people recommend ACV but with my experience ACV is the worst thing you can use to treat genital warts. It smells and taked aroun 3 months to see results. Thats why i used skinhale to remove my genital warts in just a few days. it works super fast and doesn't hurt. Don't waste precious money and time on ACV. Hope this helps.


A week or so ago I was taking a shower and bathed my lady parts per usual when I discovered a fairly raised up bump. I was diagnosed with genital herpes and the HPV virus after I lost my virginity to a guy that I continued to be intimate with. That was 7 years ago and it was a devastating situation but luckily I've been dorment and haven't had many outbreaks over the years at all. So needless to say when I discovered that wart I got really upset and scared. I found this website and read over people's experiences for hours on how they got rid of theirs. Well I did the Apple Cider Vinegar soaks in a cotton ball I left down there for 3 2 hour interval sessions. The first night before I went to bed I took a look to see if there was progress...what I saw was crazy. Not only had it turned black but the vinegar drew out what looked to be a small cluster of more warts. They were black too. The 2nd day I tried to put a cotton ball soaked in APV back on the area but it burned soo bad I left it alone. Later that night I soaked in a really warm bath that was filled with 2 cups APV, splash of tea tree oil and some Epsom salt for about 15 minutes. The 3-4 days I left it completely alone because I made an appointment with my GYNO and didn't want it to be raw and irritated in case he wanted to get rid of them. To my astonishment I saw him day before yesterday and told him what happened and what I'd done...he then handed me a hand mirror to show me there was nothing there and that I didn't have genital warts! He did a culture scrape of the area that it was in to have it tested but was adimant he saw no sign of warts! He got onto me for treating it myself but otherwise the visit went soo much better than I expected. I do still believe it was genital warts and I will find out what the results of the culture was but let me tell you...everyone posting their positive results of using ACV is telling the truth! So thankful for this website! Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences!


I seen this site for some help glad i did,i tryed to freeze them of with doctorshol and all that,even had them cut off by a doctor only to comeback,and left them alone for about two i gave up,untill i read from this site about apple cider vinager and i used bandaids n tissue paper and a q-tip..had three spots were i need work on so i made a little ball n soaked it in store no frells brand and taped it to the shaft were i had the problem,first day i checked it turned white,then took if off n went back to normal nothing,i waa like this doesnt work,but triex it the next day n found it was working n turning more white n black on the ends,took me three days but now there gone!!!!!! happy i could jump a million feet,spent a dollar fifty for the vinagar wow!!! Really worked i was so depressed now i have hope,n no scaring waiting for the last one which i freezed and came back to hit it with acv ,wish i found the info first would have saved me alota pain,and yes im a real person in philadelphia,not a ad for anything,now just spreading hope for some normal life!!!


I was diagnosed with HPV a few weeks ago. I'm not a huge fan of using a lot of chemicals on my body, so as of last night I started treating myself with a regiment of Apple Cider Vinegar and afterwards cleaning the affected area with Hydrogen Peroxide. I use the ACV once in the morning for 15 minutes and at night for one hour. I use the Hydrogen Peroxide after every regiment of ACV and once during the midday. During the night, I cover the area with a lotion to sooth the skin (using straight ACV WILL cause burning and will dry the skin because it is destroying the layers of skin slowly). My affected area is quite large, but after 24 hours of using it, I can already tell that some of the warts are starting to turn black in the middle, which is a sign of the wart dying. Hopefully they will soon scab and come off completely. I will check back and update you guys on further progress!


Apple cider vinegar is the best. I purchased mine at publix for 99 cents. To reduce the burning and stinging i used vaseline before using the ACV. After one day of sleeping with ACV dabbed in cotton paper, the warts disappeared. I am only writing this to help others with a problem like mine TRUST ME IT WORKS
P.S The brand i used is called White House


I contracted what appeared to be genital warts a couple years ago. The warts started out small and so i ignored them and hoped for their disappearance. A few months back they began to increase in size quickly and so I was faced with either home remedy, or a visit to the doctor. I chose a home remedy option and am very glad. I purchased an over the counter wart freezing kit for about $10. I applied the product to the warts very briefly about once a day. After very few applications the warts diminished and eventually were completely gone. Probably could have received the same result from a doctor but with much more time and money wasted.


I was married for about 3 years with my wife at the time when I found out I had genital warts. At first I thought they were razor bumps but after a couple of weeks there were clusters and warts all over my private areas. I pretty much found out my wife was cheating on me with my best friend. We are no longer married.

So here I was, I left my wife and the only thing the B*TCH left me with was genital warts. I went to the doctor and he gave me some medicine which didn't work. I tried everything! I ended up finding out about a product called Skinhale wart remover. I tried it out for a few days and I shit you not...after using it for only 4 days all of my genital warts were gone! It's all natural and is painless which is great.

I know how hard it is to have genital warts. I thought I would share my knowledge on the subject. Don't give up hope guys. And most importantly remember to always practice safe sex.


I had GW once 2 years ago and I didn't do anything to them, just began living a healthier lifestyle and after 3 months they were gone. I recently got them again, 2 weeks ago actually. I decided to just see if I decreased my stress levels if they would go away...they didn't. 3 days ago I decided to try home remedies before going to the doctor. I was scared to burn my area (entire inner labia covered in tiny cauliflower-like warts) so I made a paste out 5 Vitamin E capusles, 5 crushed aspirin, and a cap full of ACV. I applied the paste and folded a makeup remover cotton pad into my labia and it held it in place. I did this for 2 hours. It didn't burn at all so I figured I'd reapply for another 2 hours. The warts were all white at that point. I became impatient so I soaked cotton pads in straight ACV before bed and fashioned them in place. After 4 hours asleep in bed I woke up with a severe burning pain...turns out some ACV got on my urethra area and burned it too. I applied neosporin to the burned uretha and removed the ACV pads and went back to bed. The next morning the warts were gray and looked pretty dead and gross. I took more round makeup cottons and soaked them in Tea Tree oil...upon application of the TTO I noticed all the warts were falling off onto the pad. I became so excited I started rubbing a little harder and they literally all fell 2 days just using ACV and TTO my warts that I thought would plague me for months were gone. I continued to apply TTO for a few nights after just to ensure the roots were dead too. My urethra is healed up nicely and there is no scarring. this method is wonderful, cheap, private, and fast!! Goodluck ya'll any questions feel free to comment!

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