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So the apple cider vinegar works, everyone. All I did was exactly what everyone on this sit said. I bought some Vaseline, cotton balls, large band aids, apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil. Perfect remedy!

Just first clean your infected area with soap, very well. Then, soak two or three cotton balls in apple cider vinegar and make sure they are applied to the actual warts. In my case, they were on my anal glands so I literally shoved one up there, leaving half of the cotton ball out. Then I slapped a band aid on to hold it in place. It hurts after a couple of hours but leave it in right before you go to bed. About half way through the night, it hurt a lot so I just took everything out and went back to bed. In the morning. I applied the tea tree oil (diluted in water first) in the same fashion and left it in for about two hours. Then, immediately applied more apple cider vinegar and wala! About twenty minutes after that. I simply was able to pull the dead skin off and no more warts! It did hurt, but an overnight fix. So worth it! Apply Vaseline for comfort between applications of the medicine.

Also, I did take about four pills of echinasia and about four garlic supplement pills. I will continue doing so each day to prevent future out breaks.


I used ACV for a wart I had on my lower knee. I used it for about 2-3 weeks and it removed my wart. So when I got genital warts I decided to try it out. First off ACV hurts like hell when you put it on your private parts. But I tried it anyways and it did not work at all. I used it for 4 weeks with no results. So I started to investigate on the best treatments for genital warts. I read a lot about this product called skinhale and decided to try it out. Within five days of using it daily all of my genital warts were gone. Plus its pain-free and doesn't smell like ACV. I think it's worth a try.


Hi all! just started ACV an TTO treatment yesterday, and notice that my black GW are getting white after I applied ACV for about 2h... Since they are black already to start off does that mean that they are on the verge of falling off? because the black ones are about 3mm diameter, and i have other ones that are skin coloured (very small) and those turn white also and almost looks like a zit that you can pop... just trying to understand what it means when they are black ...
Also how long should I expect to be clear of everything if i keep applying 2 x 2h per day ACV with TTO

Thank you all for your help very informative site!


So I've found out I have Anal Warts on October last year. So my first wart got freezed by the doctor and it seemed to work flawlessly, it hurts a little bit but the next day its gone and the skin starts to heal. But they came back and I moved to another city. I think the main reason that they started to appear was that I was having poor eating habits. So this is my scenario right now:

A big one, not inside, but in a very annoying place to put a bandaid or anything to hold ACV.

And this is how I'm attacking since yesterday:
A paper towel during the day to keep the area dry (as well as using the hair dryer after every shower).

A cotton ball with ACV for a few hours at night (if I get to place it perfectly)

Holding Q-tips soaked in ACV for 15-30 minutes, at night and in the morning.

And this last two weeks my eating habits are much more healthy, little to no junk food and sodas, lots of fruits, etc. Im also taking vitamin daily.

My first day experience was that it got bigger and brighter today. But what I noticed is that there are some small dark spots already. So I'll keep with this for a week and see what happens. Is it normal? Am I doing something I shouldnt?

This website is amazing, btw!


I'm currently using garlic, don't know if it will work. I have a question. If the warts are inside a vagina, how can I mke them go away?:(( I'm afraid I have them inside me, but I'm not sure, I mean, how can I know???


Bach flower crab apple, apply to affected area twice a day, allow it to dry completely. Gone in a few days. Friend had GW for seven months, used prescription medicine with negative results.


ACV WORKS! haha sorry.... but it does! oh my god I cant even describe how happy I am! So, here's my story...

im 19 years old and I have hsv-1 on my genitals. my initial outbreak was thanksgiving week (kinda funny to say 'im thankful for herpes' lol) anyways, I went to 2 doctors about it and got my acyclovir and everything has been great. no outbreaks or anything.

A couple weeks ago I had sever bleeding after sex. I was worried it was related to my new virus, so I made an apt and got seen. Everything was fine EXCEPT I was told I had warts... WHAT!?!?

My doc told me how common it was, about the body fighting it, and that they were so small I most likely wouldn't be able to see them but if I wanted to I could feel around for them. So I got home and never felt a thing. So I brush it off.

A couple days ago, I use the bathroom and I feel a tug while I wipe, so I clean up and feel down there and wtf is that?? A wart. I knew if right away. I get in front of a mirror and spread my legs, practically open my vagina up and what do I see but 6 warts around my opening.

At this point, im pissed. I just got diagnosed with herpes, everything was going great, the new year started and my relationship was getting back to normal and then THIS HAPPENS!

So of course I do the normal thing and look online at how to get rid of this and I come across this website talking about apple cider vinegar. $2 at the store. So I say screw it and go buy some.

Now that I look back, I wish I would have done my first treatment as an over night because of the burning and stinging, but oh well. It's too late now. Anyways, I just soaked part of a cotton ball and stuck it there and ta da! Almost all gone!

I did two hour long treatments a day, one in the morning and at night. Yesterday was my 4th but I only did a morning because my boyfriend spent the night. We had sex this morning which was very tender, but wasn't horrible. Once we were done and he left for work, I examined myself and my 2 big ones are gone!

I'm not sure if he rubbed them off or if the ACV got rid of them, but either way, they are gone! (and i didn't bleed from where they were at) I did however notice that i have 2 very tiny ones on the outside now though, so that kinda sucks, but I'm still pumped!

If your new to this like I was, read the stuff from below me. Figure out what you think will work best for you from ACV to TTO or even getting the warts cut out or burned off. We CAN and we WILL get rid of this! I've never been more excited in my life!

My brother got HPV from my mother and he didn't have an outbreak till he was 2 and it ended up being anal warts, so she used the expensive acid treatment, it went away, and he's 22 now with never having another outbreak. Just stay active, pump up that immune system, take some vitamins, and let your body do the rest [with a little bit of help of course ;)]

Love you all, love this site, and so thankful for everyone's optimism and help! THANK YOU!!


Hey everyone. First off, I wanted to thank you all for the valuable information! Because of what I read here I tried ACV and tea tree oil and wanted to share what I learned. I made a few mistakes that I figured you guys could avoid.

People seem to have the fastest results when leaving the AVC on/in over night the first time they use it. Don't do several short sessions. The first time you do it is the least painful so take advantage of that. Wish I had! Put Vaseline on FIRST because the ACV also burns skin around the infected areas and the Vaseline reduces irritation. Come morning the warts should be totally white, grey, or even black. If you wake up in the middle of the night in horrid pain take the ACV off and rinse the area. Put tea tree oil on with a Q-tip and you’ll have instant relief due to the cooling effect.

From this point on, put the tea tree oil on as often as you possibly can. If your skin can tolerate it, you can also do another around of ACV but chances are you won’t be able too. I had too many open wounds from the ACV to put more on. However, you can dab ACV on around the wounds if you are careful. I did this a few times but stuck solely with tea tree oil for about a day and a half after a day of ACV Almost all the skin down there is dead now and starting to clear up wart-free. Something else I did was took a hot bath with 2 cups of ACV and half a bottle of tea tree oil in the water. Do NOT give into temptation to put more ACV in the water.. I ended up dumping 2 quarts in and the half of my body submerged in water got burnt. Ha!

Anyway, both of these home remedies work very well and if you are worried about the warts returning, just wipe some tea tree oil down there once a week or so  I can almost guarantee you’ll never see warts again especially if you maintain your health.

P.S. I took garlic supplements during this regiment. Garlic boosts your immune system. I use it every time I get sick but now I’ll keep it permanently in my diet to prevent further breakouts.


I am a 26 y/o male and struggled with hpv for years. I woupd like to share with everyone what i have learned and i believe it will absolutely help you. First realize that this is an internal virus and even if you find a cream that works on the warts or you freeze them off they can and will return unless you boost your immune system. Since i have switched to a paleo diet full time cutting out breads, grains, and excess sugars the warts have left. There is a great book on amazon called practical paleo that can make the transition easier for people who are confused about paleo. I also found that supplementing certain vitamins like b12, C, folic acid, green tea extract, licorice root and garlic all help as well. Please try this before resorting to medication or scarring up your sensitive areas as for this is a true solution afterall and those options only bandaid the real issue. Hope this helps. Good luck!

k mcfarlane

I am trying the (acv) but it doesn't seems to work at all

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