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Im positive

You own urine.i was diagnosis with genital wart last month. I try apple cider n tea tree oil but did do it consistantly.last night i try to apply my urine urine to genital wart and found it reduce the itching. Try to apply your First pee Every morning for 5 min or longer and wash it.i will do this Every time i pee.i will let you know if it clear all of my gw. Just try it, no thing to lose :)


hello, I've recently made submitted a story and some concerns about acv, today I bought some at the grocery store, dipped it in the acv, put a panty liner on so it doesn't really stink like it cause I find acv smells really bad, lol. but anyways, the GWs are small, flesh colored and have spread a bit but not so much, they are located on my perineum. I put the round makeup thingy, I put it directly on the GWs, it seems to stay without band aids or tape, etc. it irritates a bit already, but I will let you know if I see any change within a couple days :)


Nothing sucks worse than getting genital warts. I got genital warts 2 months ago...i'm not 100% sure where i got it from since I was messing around alot. First thing I did was go to my local planned parenthood and they said that they don't have any tratment and I would have to go to my doctor. But they recommended ACV which is apple cider vinegar and a cream called skinhale for warts. First thing I tried was ACV. For 3 weeks I tried it with no results and it smells just like vinegar. Next thing i tried was skinhale and within only a week all of my genital warts were gone. It works really good and it doesn't hurt like ACV. I'm now free of my genital warts and I recommned that we all practice safe sex and try not to spread this std anymore.


I was maybe 16 when I first found a bump around my vagina, I was scared and went to the doctors for a pap smear. I told him about the bump and he said he couldn't see it and made me point to where it was. (I've never touched them in fear of it spreading) he said that it 'looked' like genital warts, he never gave me anything for it, a few weeks later it was gone. it never came back till a month before I had a turned 20. at first I thought it would go away like it did when I was younger,it's been like 3 months since I had found them again, they were small, I went to the doctors again and told him they had come back, he still couldn't see them but when I took a mirror down there I can see it. when the weeks went by while I waited, one got bigger.. I got tested for blood numerous times and did not have hpv come up. now I have to go for a colposcopy, where they look at the cells because something is wrong. when I was 15 I had a boyfriend for 3 years, so I assumed that I had gotten the warts from him but he said that he didn't have any.. not sure if he was lying but we would have sex (this was before I got checked out) and he said he felt a bump also. he had never gotten them and today he has a son with another girl.. I looked at the pictures and mine do not look like those. I'm ashamed to go to the doctors or my appointment for my colposcopy because it's huge but doesn't bother me at all. what should I do? the sound of acv or whatever seems scary and I don't even know where to buy that. help? suggestions? concerns? anything?


Hi there,

(If you don't want to read the whole story - go to WHAT WORKED)

I got diagnosed with gential warts about 2 days ago. I'm 19 and apparently a lot of people my age get it, they just don't have symptoms. I am lucky that my warts don't appear to be cancerous - so they are basically just ugly and annoying to have.

The doctor put this acid on the warts but told me that the skin might burn off and it could be quite painful. I wanted to find another way to treat the warts that was a bit more natural.

I tried ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)
- I felt as though it was burning the surrounding skin too much and I didn't like it. My warts don't really look like the ones in the pictures - they are flat and white and spread out (not cluster) - so it wasn't worth it burning my whole vag haha


I also recently got diagnosed with the HSV virus and so I've been taking a TON of immune boosters. One thing that I've been taking that I notice a huge difference in my energy, irritability and focus is ZEOLITE (powdered)

I don't know anything about liquid zeolite but I read a study showing it isn't as effective. The explanation was that rock works by being porus (excuse my spelling.) Apparently, the liquid zeolite is so refined that the pores don't really exist. I'm not too sure but a lot of people are saying liquid zeolite is a scam.


So I just took the power and put it on my skin. It felt like the warts were pulsing for awhile after. BUT literally only 8 hours later - the most infected area had NO WARTS. I put so more on last night and it cleared up even more - and again this morning.

Zeolite has been the best thing that has happen to my health. I recommend looking it up. The powdered one!


I read some advice from this website and the apple cider vinegar truly does work. the bumps were only on my butt and the outside of my vagina. They were not inside of it.. I took gauze and soaked it in the vinegar and taped it on the outside of my vagina where the outbreak was and left it there for an hour or night I fell asleep with it on there and it didn't hurt anything. But after the first couple days of doing that I would just rub the vinegar on there with a washcloth and then get dressed and let it sit on there and act as a lotion type deal to go throughout the day. It cleared mostly all the way except I made a MISTAKE OF PICKING it. Do not pick them even though they are pimple like and gross...they will last longer if u pick. Just maintain the apple cider vinegar and you'll be good.


I recently started to feel tiny bumps on lady parts,just on the outside of my vaginal opening. I didn't think anything at first, but when a much bigger lump formed on the inside of my lip I got scared. I looked at it with a mirror and when I saw it gentile wart came to mind. I freaked a bit not knowing how bad they were, but coming to this site was the best thing ever! I didn't have apple cider vinegar so I used normal white vinegar. I soaked a cotton pad and placed it between the lip and clit. does sting, but after a few seconds it went away for me. I keep it there, gently wiping every now and then replying thr vinegar and the sting :P but you won't believe the results. In one night its completely gone...Im not sure if it was cause it was nearly ready to come off, but it was only about a week old. I hope it has the same results for others!


Nothing was helping. I tried ACV, prescription creams, and trips to the Dr. for treating them directly. I had my doctor treat my most stubborn reoccurring wart in-office per usual, and right after I began juicing regularly and taking Emergen-C daily. It's worked to keep my immune system up and the warts away. The Dr. had wanted to plan a surgery to remove the skin in that area and thankfully that doesn't have to happen.


Feeling a little lost. Summer of 2008 I found out I had herpes. I cried myself to sleep and was depressed for months. Six months later I started sprouting what seemed to be genital warts. I was so scarred from my first doctor's visit I never wanted to go back. I tried to use the prescription that my doctors gave me however every time I had to pick up my prescription it was $700 after the second time I picked up my prescription and it did not work I just couldn't afford it. I am so disgusted and heartbroken every time I take the mirror to take a look. As of right now I am trying to use the AVC treatment as well as could Teatree oil. Everything is happening what everybody says were supposed to happen such as my warts turning white however that is all that they do. I can't think of a worse feeling than being disgusted self-conscious embarrassed with your looks down there. when I use the AVC the next morning it's very painful to apply once more, I have been switching from AVC to Teatree oil every day for about a week now but not seeing any difference in size or them turning white. Since I'm being completely honest I have still not come to peace with the fact that I have HPV, sometimes I still cry my self to sleep, just on the fact alone that I could possibly or already have pass it on to my lover. He knows of my status and states that he does not care however it is still heartbreaking to know that I could pass on to him the same pain and guilt that I'm going through. I am seeking desperate help not only for my emotional reasons but also physical.


Ok, I've tried the ACV before, but to no avail. Either the bandaid wouldn't stick while I was sleeping or it would be too large of an area and burn my skin. After doing some research, here's what I've found works best, all for less than 20$ total.

Necessary ingredients:
1. Healing ointment (I use Aquaphor)
2. Vaseline.
3. Bandages
4. A small vial of 50% trichloroacetic acid (from Amazon- 13 bucks with shipping).

First, build a small dam around each wart with vaseline. This will protect the area around the wart from getting burned. Then, take a q-tip and dip it in the acid, then apply 1 light stroke to each wart. Cover with a band-aid. The acid hurts, but I think its on par with the ACV, except the pain goes away in about 10 minutes. If skin gets too burned, apply healing ointment instead of vaseline. Repeat this process every 3 days until the wart(s) are gone (usually only 2-4 applications). Voila! Very simple, VERY EFFECTIVE (much more so than ACV) and almost as cheap. This method is literally the exact same as what a dermatologist would do- except they claim it can only be administered by a professional, but in the words of a dermatologist friend of mine, 'of course they do; how else would you make 500$ in a minute'.

Enjoy being wart free!!! I certainly do.

PS. If you DO burn yourself severely by being too careless, alternate the ointment with something like Mederma to prevent scarring.

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