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I tried apple cider vinegar for a while and it worked, but it burned so bad and the warts still came back. I also tried Wartcide or w/e its called and it did nothing.

I then bought some coconut oil. I would wipe/melt some on my penis and then wrap gauze around my penis. I do this about 3-4 times a day and it keeps the warts away. It can be messy at first and annoying but I have been doing it for almost a year now and it just becomes a part of my life so no biggie. I use the Curad 2 inch rolled gauze from Walmart or Amazon. Refined or unrefined coconut oil is fine. I put some into a really small container to take to work or anywhere else. Be careful it can stain clothes. Use dish soap to clean it out. Also I use Mysore Sandal Soap on my penis every time I shower.


Hey guys one keep your head up everything is beatable! I stopped drinking soda and lots of water and some juices. I also have some warts onmy foot. I took a foot detox bath and it took chunks of the warts out of my foot! Hell yea! And the genital warts shrunk about 2 days after the foot bath and are almost gone! Its been about 2 years and I finally beat the fuckers. Keep heads up its already won

44 man

Well if your reading this then you have my luck. First off relax if you can but I know it is hard. It was a year ago I started reading these postings trying to figure out was going on with me. I did some things wrong and some things right.

First understand some people use the word disease but it is not. It is a skin infection. It is not in your blood. If you have a wart it is growing from the bottom layer of your skin. So you can say the wart has a root and if you don't get the root it will come back. So the goal is to either get the body to fight off the infection or remove the appearance of the wart and get the root.

Most people come in contact with warts but their body naturally fights it off and they don't even know what happen. I got mine when I was going through a very stressful time in my life and my immune system was down. On top of that I was getting shots to suppress my immune system because I have mild hand eczema. So start to take vitamins to bust your immune system. Some people say this is all they needed to fix there problem, but not me. It did help me feel better.

ok the things I tried.

First I tried apple cider vinegar but I did it wrong. I took ACV and a cotton ball and taped to my penis for three days. Did it effect the wart? Yes, but it burn the rest of my skin. Did everything heal? Yes, but the wart was smaller but still there. So I would suggest doing this treatment one or two ways.

1. I would use a liquid wart removal just on the wart for three days. On the third day take a hot shower and forcefully pull the wart off then I would continue on to step 2.

I would try step 2 first to see if it works for you with out step one.

2. I use this recipe I believe I found on this site. I liked it because it controls where the ACV is and I could keep it from burning my normal skin.
'So I went to the grocery store got regular ACV, vitamin E gel tablets, and aspirin. made a paste of 3 crushed aspiring 1 vitamin E gel cap and enough ACV to make it into a nice paste and put it in all affected areas then put a long piece of cotton on it and then sort of tight full underwear to keep everything in place then to sleep, it burns but it calms down after a few minutes.' I liked this because the aspirin numbs the wart and the AVC attacks the wart area and being in a paste form keeps away from my other skin. I would continue this treatment a few days after the wart was not visible. (If you have a problem with tape on your skin, use a condom to keep the cotton ball in place).

Another treatment I tried.
I went to my dermatologist he gave me imiquimod cream (Aldara I think it is also called). This is a treatment cream that is supposed to get your body to fight the infection. A lot of people use this product wrong and I was one of them. So when the doctor said put on the effected area I thought ok my penis. My entire penis. Wrong. If your going to use this just put on the wart. DO NOT PUT IT ON YOUR ENTIRE AREA! It is very strong and some people get side effects because they use to much. Your skin can get burned or you will feel sick with a cold. Remember a little goes a long way. I would poke a small hole in the side of the cream package. Squeeze out a drop and use a use like a toothpick to apply it only to the wart. The cream comes out white but when you put it on your body it gets warm and turns clear. If you put to much on after it gets warm it will spread further than you wanted. My understanding is that this treatment works better for women. The research I did on this product makes it a 50/50 chance of working. I think it depends on which type of wart you have. It did work for me on a couple of my warts and maybe in time more but I got impatient.

So my final treatment was to go to Los Angles and have Dr. Arani with a laser type machine remove my remaining warts. It was a simple procedure but it cost me 5500.00 my first time and I went back three months later because I thought I had another problem area. He thought I looked fine, but I told him lets think of this visit as a check up and I asked him to laser a couple more areas. That cost me 2000.00. So what I think about laser type treatment. It is expensive but after thinking about it you might be able to talk his price down. I don't like it when a doctor puts a needle in my penis to make it numb. (Yes the needle hurts). When my penis was numb I could not feel the laser. The procedure took 30 minutes. The laser procedure gets to the wart roots and burns it away. It has been 8 months now from my first visit. Most of the lasered area you can not tell anything was ever done. The skin looks normal. A couple spots yes you can see a lighter skin area. Over all I am happy. I have not seen a wart since. My research has told me that if you don't see a wart in three months your doing something right. In six months you are probably finished. After nine months to a year it is over. Just try not and get re infected.

I do think other treatments work but this is my story and I promised myself I would share when I got to nine months. I am a couple of weeks before nine months but I feel and look fine. I would recommend taking pictures every two weeks to compare and check your progress. I am sorry this happen to you. I went through my ordeal alone. I hope this helped.


Im going to make this very short but i am VERY Happy...I was diagnosed with HPV Genital warts of October 1st of 2013...I started by using the prescribed cream and nothing happened for four months. I then did the following home remedies: I did the ACV with no results and alot of pain, I tried the tea tree oil along with tag away (same thing different name). I tried the dr.schools wart remover. I tried the liquid sacylic acid. I tried the very expensive zeolite powder. I tried duct tape, aloe vera, and i also began to take vitamin c pills along with green tea pills and garlic oil pics.

All of those remedies failed until two days ago I bought some cranberry juice for my personal enjoyment and within two days of drinking about 3 8oz cups it is CLEAR AND EVIDENT that my GW's are also most Gone. Im not sure if this helped but two days ago i started a diet with nothing but fruit and vegetables but im pretty positive its just the cranberry juice that did the trick. I also drink and smoke so im amazed at these results. PLEASE SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND DRINK SOME CRANBERRY JUICE AND EAT HEALTHIER FOODS.


Reading this site, I see a lot of talk about ACV, looks like a lot of them end up referring to women.

Does this work with guys as well?

Any guys used ACV and have a method? Example once a day for 15 minutes with cotton balls? Q-tips?

Or any guys have any good methods? I've had GWs since August of last year, I have some smaller ones that will go away and come back. But I have one spot that just won't go away. I'm trying to boost my immune system with zinc to help fight it. While also recently starting taking Tagamet on a recommendation from my doctor, to help fight acid which can help fuel the GW's according to my doctor.

Any help would be appreciated.

That guy up north

Acv was like abc's just that easy. I found this site a while back and was sceptical. Despite the stupid spam all over this site I followed what most people said to do with the acv. Used gauze tape and cotton padding to soak the acv up. Had a cluster and a couple one off gw's on my foreskin and shaft. Soaked the cotton in acv, taped it down over them. Did this for 3 hours re dousing with more acv every 30 mins, then let dry for a few hours then applied a double layer of cotton with acv overnight. Next morning all were a greyish white colour. Applied a regular pad with acv again for a couple hours on day two. Again with more acv every 30 mins. Took off the tape and cotton pads. Let dry. And let it go overnight. Now today the gw cluster has turned black almost completely through and has dried up and almost turned to a scab. I expect results will be like others and will fall off on their own. Same with the couple of single gw's. I will comment in a few days to update.

Please note I have had these for a while have seen my dr twice where electrical burning was used to get rid of previous occurrences. They kept coming back. Once I confirm this fully works and I can eliminate any new pop ups I will gladly endorse this method of using acv. For new people that is 'Apple cider vinegar'. And yes it will cause slight stinging. Also when the roots of the gw's start to die they will hurt a bit also because of the nerve endings that are attached. Just deal with it and live through it. It's tolerable. Cheers!


When I noticed I had genital warts I went straight to my doctor. She froze them and prescribed me a cream that I was to apply 3 times a week. I then had to return to my GP once a week to have them frozen again until they vanished which took around 3 weeks. Together with the cost of the 3 doctors appointments and the cream it was around $150, I think the cream was around $70. Don't get me wrong, I was happy to pay whatever I had to in order to get rid of those horrible things! I've just found about 4 more at the base of my penis about 6 months after I had gotten rid of them, so decided I'd buy some 'Wartner' and freeze them myself even though the instructions strictly say not to use it for genital warts. It seems to have gotten rid of a few however I've only just found this site and I'm going to try Apple Cider Vinigar as it seems many people here have been successful with it. This time I've had them for about a week already so I think my warts may be a little more stubborn than most! I will post a comment and let you know how it works for me if anyone is interested.fingers crossed! I will not be using Skinhale as I hate spam!!


I felt really gross with myself when I got genital warts 2 months ago...i'm exactly not 100% sure where i got it from since I was messing around with a lot of girls. First thing I did was go to my local planned parenthood and they said that they don't have any tratment and I would have to go to my doctor. But they recommended ACV which is apple cider vinegar and a cream called skinhale for warts. First thing I tried was ACV. For 3 weeks I tried it with no results and it smells just like vinegar. Next thing i tried was skinhale and within only a week all of my genital warts were gone. It works really good and it doesn't hurt like ACV. I'm now free of my genital warts and I recommned that we all practice safe sex and try not to spread this std anymore.


acv worked magic for me. I must of been cleared weeks ago when I used it, because I only applied it twice, the first time when they turned white, and then a few days later I looked again and I still had a few more so I applied acv again, never really touched it or washed down there like I used to cause touching it made me feel gross, so I would wash the area the GW's were not around. but I felt like I had to look again just to make sure, and they are completely gone, all of them. :)


I haven't seen this suggested yet, but after trying several different methods the most effective one for me was hydrogen peroxide. I just apply it generously with a cotton ball to the affected area morning and night and sit in the nude until it is dry. The bumps are almost entirely gone after a couple weeks.

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