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Do not try Skinhale Wart Remover it is not working and just cheating adds. try apple vinegar only and son't forget to use vitamines


Having genital warts is a really terrible thing but you must remember it's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I say this as someone who suffered from genital warts for years. In the us over 50% of sexually active people will get genital warts/hpv. So don't feel like you're sitting alone.

Treating genital warts is also really difficult to do. It truly was a 3 year trial and error experiment but I finally found the method that works. I tried every method that was available to me. But what did it for me was a cream called Dermazan wart treatment. You basically put this cream on your genital warts twice a day for about 5-7 days and your genital warts get smaller and smaller each day and on the fifth the day your warts are completely gone. You may want to apply it three times a day if you have a large cluster of genital warts.


Having genital warts is just one big pain in the ass. You think it will never happen to you and BAM!!! What sucks even more is figuring out how to get rid of genital warts. It took me a couple of years to get rid of my genital warts.

For the 1st year I did nothing about it. I was ashamed and hope they would go away on there own. As you can probably guess...the warts did not go away that first year. They grew and got even bigger. I went from having 1-3 warts to having clusters all over my private area. So I figured something had to be done. I went to my doctors office and he told me to boost my immune system and take a non prescription cream called Dermazan warts treatment. I put the dermazan cream on my genital area and in just 2 days I could see my warts were diminishing and within 5 days most of my genital warts were gone. By the end of the week all of my genital warts were gone. That method really brought my life back to normal. I continue to take immune boosting vitamins daily to prevent any genital warts from returning. I hope this helps you guys out and save you from the pain. The main thing I recommned is to act now. Don't wait an entire year like I did because those warts won't go away unless you do something about it. Everyday counts.


I have 'cured' my one pesky wart in 4 days. (by the way, this is not an ad for some 'miracle cure'). I needed to find a forum today to share my discovery.
Very proud of myself!

Here's how I did it: I mixed together equal parts cinnamon bark oil, clove bud oil and tea tree oil. I then applied this directly to the wart using a cotton bud (Q-Tip) and covered him up with a tiny band-aid. I did this twice a day- morning and then before bed,and I now have no wart. This actually happened.

WARNING!: This burns like a motherfkkker. Be very careful to not get any of the oil anywhere other than directly on and around the wart. Wash your hands straight after! It will burn for about 2 minutes. And when I say 'burn', I mean that it is so painful I had to sit down and take a couple of deep breaths.

I picked up the wart virus about 10 years ago, and I am sorry to say this but you will never be completely free from the little blighters. They tend to sneak up every few years if you are run down or if you're not looking after yourself properly, however, there are treatments you can get to keep them under wraps. Aldara: tried it, it worked eventually, but was bloody expensive and the research done on this chemical is not very positive.
Freezing: I usually have this done and it is efficient, but if you are having this done every couple of years then the costs do add up, and you can end up with ugly scarring too.

Please let me know if you try my remedy and if it works, I would be interested to find out if it is as successful with other people. x


So i got diagnosed this year with warts and to be honest you reading this aside from my boyfriend and doctor are the first to know. At first like most cases i felt ashamed like what me? warts? nah. But yeah. Then i got to thinking and it's just a growth of cells these just happen to appear on your genitals, and the fact that you can really cope with the virus is a relief. If anything all you should want to do is get healthy from this point on so your immune system can fight off the virus.
I myself have gotten my first outbreak chemically treated with TCA, however it left scarring (i am guilty of picking at it though) so i try to refrain from that. I've been reading all these great things about ACV so i picked some up on my way home to treat a blemish i discovered last night and so far after about 20 minutes of applying with a cotton ball my outbreak has turned white so i know it is working (my other treatment did the same thing and felt the same way, stung really bad at first but something to get used to). I have also started taking a whole-food vitamin three times a day due to the fact i find it hard to squeeze in the right amount of nutrition everyday, which you need to fight off the virus, i will also be looking into vitamin C to help boost my immune system so i can ward off any future warts now. I'm in the process of quitting smoking and hope to accomplish that this month. I will try to come back daily to update my home treatment because i know if you're like me you're curious, a little scared, and want to know what works so i would like to help in anyway possible.


Apple cider vinegar really does work and fast! Thanks to everyone who posted on here, I feel like this saved my life! I'm free to date and be myself again, so exciting. Anyway I had about 10 warts near the base of my shaft and was hopeless. I applied ACV with q-tips for about an hour the first night. The next day they had turned completely white. I then repeated for about 4 more nights but only for 30 mins. In a week or so they had scabbed up and were completely gone! I used aloe Vera during the day to treat my skin, worked better than anything at the drug store. I'm so glad I found this site.


I didn't want to fool around with home remedies so I went to the doctor. She applied TCA which burnt so badly it brought me to tears. I thought I would just be a little uncomfortable for a day or so. But now a week later and I am still in massive amounts of pain. I didn't think it would be like this and she didn't give Mr any pain tips. Any suggestions would help a lot !


I found my first Genital Wart about a year ago and didn't know what to do. I went to the doctor but the imiquimod didn't hardly work at all.
After finding this site I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar .

-fill the cap of the vinegar jar with ACV(dont need much)
-tear off a tiny pice of a cottonball just big enough to cover the wart, and soak it in the ACV.
-place the soaked piece on the wart and cover it with a bandaid. I used the little dot sized ones.
-do this for each wart. Then i used soft medical tape to keep them all in place.
-did this every night, and showered every other day or so to gently remove the blackened 'scabbed' warts.

WHAT I AM WONDERING IS has anyone found a method to keep them off? I have been using my AVC method on all the existing warts and some of the new ones. But it seems like new ones keep sprouting up. Has anyone else experienced this? how long will I have to keep blasting them before they stay gone?
These new ones are not as big or defined, they are more bump like and I feel like I should use a more gentle treatment. Any suggestions?


Ok, I am a female and I was diagnosed with GW after having had them for months (and thinking I was getting strange skin tags) I finally went to the Dr. and she used acid to remove them. Twice. It burned like hell (for like 10 minutes) to have that done. It only really removed the very small ones. The reason I finally went to the doctor was because I was getting bigger ones. It didn't help the big ones. They were still there. And I also had a LOT on the inside. I did something really dumb too. I shaved because I thought they were gone. They weren't and that made the big one spread other big ones. Bad idea. DON'T shave. I am not a fan of hair at all, but now I just shave the outside and trim the inside. So after the acid I tried ACV. I did this for two weeks on the big ones on the outside, I only did this once in the inside (stuffing ACV soaked makeup remover pads inside me burned so bad the next night I couldn't stand it) if you are going to do this on the inside I highly recommend stuffing the crap out of it the first night and leaving it there overnight, as it was close to impossible for me for me to do this the following evening because it burned so bad I thought my head was going to explode and I didn't do it again!!. Overall this did work a bit on the outside...but they were still there. So after reading this site for about 3 days straight I decided to change my plan a little. This is an infection not a disease, I needed to treat it as so! Some of it seems so simple, but I started doing the following:

-drink an insane amount of water
-quit smoking (I guess I needed WARTS to make that happen) finally.
-started drinking at least 3 glasses (per day) of green tea with honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil in it. I have read about the benefits of coconut oil if taken internally each should do the same. It has many health benefits that sound amazing. It gave me an added bonus of a little boost of energy as well. Look it up. Good shit.
-In the morning I chopped up about a tablespoon of garlic, put it in a shot glass and filled the rest of it with this stuff I had in the fridge called Fire Cider (it's ACV with lots of other ingredients that cures hangovers/colds etc). I highly recommend this stuff for lots of reasons. I drank that. Then took a multi-vitamin and 1,000 mg of vitamin C.
-I slathered my vag in Coconut oil. Inside and out. As many times a day as possible. Every time I thought if it I did it. I would say an average of 4 times a day. Coconut is a natural healer, I use it on many things (cuts/scrapes/tattoos) as it has antibacterial and anti microbial properties.
-In the afternoon I did the Fire Cider recipe again and also took vitamin B and Viatamin E.
-in the evening I took a hot shower and washed my vag with this organic lavender soap after I washed with my normal soap. When I get out I laid around and let it dry really well. I took a piece of garlic and strung toothfloss through it and put it inside my vag. Did coconut oil on the outside. Then did the fire cider recipe again, and took 1,000 mg of vitamin C again and also ibuprofen to help with some of the swelling that I was still dealing with from having done the ACV for so long.

This made my warts non-existant in about 5 days. I am about 10 days into this treatment and I have none on the outside. I can't see any at the opening of my vag any longer either. From what I was reading on this site and the way the ACV burned the crap out of me on the inside I needed a milder remedy. This worked for me really well, and a lot quicker than the ACV. Idk, maybe it was the combination of using the ACV and then healing it with all the other stuff. This remedy is something that I am going to continue for the next two years as it takes an average of that long for your body to fight it off and go dormant. It seems a lot of people have issues as soon as they stop doing whatever they were doing. My plan is to continue to do this and take a break every 4 days with the vitamin portion, since I have read this is better for your body. I will give updates over the next two years and let you all know how it goes. I also want to point out that I have this far bought Fire Cider at a farm up the street from my house, but you can google the recipe and make it yourself if you want. Be safe all, the journey will be over soon. Be good to yourselves and always remember it could have been least this is just an infection and it goes away!


Cure penile warts with Dental Floss.
First a review.
Only your immune system can cure you.
If it could not your entire body will be covered in warts.
So why do we gets any warts at all I hear you say.
HPV evades the immune system, see here for details.
google 'HOW HPV evades immune system bio davidson edu'
So the trick is to awaken the immune system to see the warts.
You need to invoke a constant inflammation that overwhelms the HPV
messages of 'nothing to see here'.
For warts that are large enough, tie a loop of dental floss at
the base of the wart just tight enough to cause pain but NOT
so tight to cut off the wart.
After 3 to 4 days the wart will stink as it dies and in a week or
so it will drop off. Do only 1 or 2 warts at a time.
For smaller warts (cannot tie off) use one of the wart freezers.
Again do NOT freeze off the wart entirely. Freeze just enough
to cause inflammation, do morning and night.
If you do it right it will cause an ulcer that lasts for
1 to 2 weeks as the immune system fights the virus, do NOT
freeze the ulcer, the point is you want to awaken the immune system.
After 2 to 3 months you should notice patches of skin being shed
from the glans as your immune system fights off the virus.
Good Luck. It took me 4 months and I am still wart free.

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