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Heads up for this cream Dermazan. Ok, I've been reading reviews on home remedies and how to rid GW. Soo, I found this site and saw that someone recommended Dermazan for GW. I decided to try it. Site said it takes about 2-3 days to ship out. I placed an order on the 20th of May and two weeks later, the status was still on 'Awaiting Fulfillment'. I wrote them asking them to just cancel the order. NO RESPONSE!! Hmm ok, so I had to hunt for a number and the number I found wasn't even an 800 number. It was a 714 area code and a google number on top of that-which no one answered of course. DERMAZAN IS A SCAM!! For all of you that are saying you never received the product, GET YOUR MONEY BACK. By doing so, I had to call my credit card company, tell them it was not a legit site and explained to them what happened. Credit Card company refunded my money back. Don't just shrug your shoulders about it. This is something you paid for. Why let someone scam you when you work hard everyday for your money?? Call your bank/credit card company immediately so you can get a refund. From this point forward, I am doing more research on a site before I ever get scammed again.


Boost your immune system, don't smoke, eat healthy foods, juice, eat raw food, use condoms.


I hope this helps all of you who have been infected with HPV virus strain that causes warts. I broke down into tears after I found a pea sized bump. It seemed inflamed and itchy-like I was internally flaring up. Turns out that is exactly what the virus was doing-causing a wart to form from capillaries networking to the skin caused by HPV. EEW. What did I do? I went to the internet looking for home remedies. Im sure you are doing the same thing, and now you are here reading this stressing out as I did, and trying EVERYTHING!!
In order I will tell you EVERYTHING I tried to get rid of this nasty thing that turned into more nasty things that bled and wept and returned and caused agonizing pain starting from day one.(I am a female btw,and I noticed a lot of people don't specify this when giving out their home remedies.) I think its crazy hard to get rid of them on the vagina as opposed to external hardware.

Ok so first I tried the tea tree oil thing and did it for a week. I smelled like someone who had a flu virus-vicks vapor rub comes to my mind. This burned some days (even with a carrier oil--coconut) and then bled. I stuffed my vagina FULL of cotton balls, and I wore a stayfree 100% cotton pad in brand new underwear (so I wouldnt ruin my panties with virus or tea tree oils.) I threw out all my old undies.
-didnt work
I tried ACV- on a little piece of cottonball on the wart overnight. It didnt burn until I peed. Then the pain was AGONIZING. I then started bleeding so I put more cotton everywhere in my vagina to not spread the virus. Well too bad virus spread and more warts showed up. I think the original one sort of became smaller. I would NEVER suggest this treatment to a woman because of what happened. The only way I would try this again is if the wart itself could be taped with duct tape and it sat on the outside in the pubic hair. Inside the vag-DEFINITELY NOT.
waited for healing from ACV, then tried to attack with Oregano oil I cut with Coconut Oil-HELL NO!!! Burned the shit out of me-more bleeding-agony
I quit smoking all things even if it was a little drag off boyfriends smoke. I started taking Folic Acid, Vitamin C,Echinacea,GSE (grapefruit seed extract)internally for my immune system to kick ass. Drinking green tea-devaf, taking coconut oil internally 3xday (I also tried to apply GSE on the warts-but bleeding and more warts occurred)

I tried taping an aspirin on two of them.Nope.
Frankincense oil-no no nope
Duct tape for 4 days-nope did even make a slight change.
I used Compound W and painted the warts-which did take the itching burning feeling away, but no change.
Warts are still here.
I stopped drinking alcohol completely because I was worried my pee would cause the area to bleed again.
Last ditch effort. I bought Dr.Scholls freeze off even though it warns to not use on genital warts, I thought what the hell? I read that many women have tried DSF or other home freeze kit, and the warts went away.
$18 bucks at walgreens, and I couldnt be HAPPIER!
First I popped 4 advil and took a long hot bath to soak those little suckers, so the top layers of skin were soft when I went to zap them with the freeze. When my fingers pruned I felt like my skin was ready down there too.
I bought a little mirror you can sit on the ground, so you can angle it on the floor to see yourself. I propped up against a wall to sit in a well sunlit area.
I put the first applicator in the can and applied to the first few spots holding up to 40 secs on big ones, and 20-30 secs on smaller ones. This didn't hurt at all. Compared to the ACV it was a breeze. I used all of the applicators, and I got a little crazy and kept freezing every little bump I found. I went to bed 2 hours later with a pad in my undies, and I had major discomfort. Almost like an itchy sunburn. So I grabbed a freezer ice pack wrapped it in a towel and slept with it on top of my undies. Discomfort was gone within minutes and I woke up fine, and felt nothing, not pain, not itching. My kit came with some stuff you paint over the warts after 24 hours, but I didnt use it. Instead I went and bought another kit, and I continued to rezap the same warts again, and then they felt dry and flaky/scabby. I made an appt for planned parenthood to have them looked at and have a treatment done there. So far so good though, I would say of all things I have tried freezing was the least painful and the most effective, as the warts dont bleed. I want to be aggressive and fight these suckers. I sincerely hope that if you are too embarrassed to go to your normal doctor, then please refer to a planned parenthood where they don't discriminate against STD's. The PP nurse practitioner was able to diagnose and offer treatment. Freezing them away she said works best, and is the most effective way to get rid of GW. However you must be aggressive with the treatment, and doing it at home is fine just beware of freezing to close to mucus membranes i.e. anus or vaginal opening. I hope my journey to healing helps you on the way to yours!


Last year my unfaithful girlfriend brought home the gift of genital warts and everything that comes with it. It started out really small and I thought it was razor bumps. And then it got bigger and I thought it was a pimple so I started using acne treatment on my genital warts. A few months went by and my once small bump turned into large clusters that covered my entire private areas. So I went to planned parenthood and took every STD test they had. Nothing is scarier than waiting for your test results. While waiting for my results I came to realize even if it comes out positive for genital warts it's not the end of the world. I was just hoping I didn't have HIV. All my results came out negative but they did tell me I had genital warts. They told me to take a non prescription wart cream called Dermazan and to start eating healthier to naturally fight off the genital warts. Within a week of using the dermazan cream all of my genital warts were gone. Now I just have to continue boosting my immune system so my genital warts don't return. It's been a life changing experience....because I'm a lot more careful who I sleep with. You need to value your body because you don't appreciate it until something like this happens.


Hello there! This is less of a remedy and more of a coping technique for the itch. I'm currently on condylox ($450 no insurance :/) but every now and again they burn and itch like a fuck! So much so it kept me up at night. Tmi but I was masturbating one night and noticed the vibrations from my vibrator helped a bunch.

So much so that I fall asleep with it and turn it off mid sleep. It helps scratch it without actually scratching it. Men you guys could use a massager even. Sometimes if I'm not going anywhere because I'm so uncomfortable I sit on a portable massaging chair. Give it a try guys!

I never thought my sleep would be sacrificed and with school and two jobs I needed a solution quick.

Ps. When ur cleaning them or applying treatments they'll b itchy, but if you hold out and nt scratch it'll go away in 20-30 min. Scratching will make things 10x worse. Trust me. Take deep breaths n jst take tht shit like a boss.


I originally posted this as a comment as I didn't see the submit a remedy link, hence I am reposting.

I had both penile and anal warts, and at first had them burned off by a doctor, but they had returned. I then went on aldera for some months. It slowly got rid of the warts but was becoming very irritating to use with time, and again, they did not permanently go away. I tried a few of the standard home treatments - also with a lot of irritation and no real success. One day I had the idea of googling home remedies for common warts, and found more than one instance of people applying banana peel directly to the wart for up to one hour per day and the warts would completely disappear within 7 to 15 days. I figured it was worth a try and I applied banana peel directly to the warts right after my morning shower daily for 45 minutes to an hour. I began to notice a change to the warts by the next morning, and within 12 days of application all had completely dissapeared and none have come back since! It has now been almost one year. It's best to use yellow bananas on their way to ripening...not green ones. As well, when applying, make sure that the inside of the peel makes contact with the warts. Over and above it's amazing success, the beauty of this treatment is that it is completely natural, only irritates very little if at all, and is cheap as bananas :) Of course I couldn't guarantee the same success, but my research showed that it was 100% successful on common warts. All the best in this to whoever tries it.


So glad to find this site. I want to post that I also got duped by Skinhale. I ordered it online, my credit card was billed but I never received the product and they (is there a they?) never responded to my emails. I've tried tea tree oil suppositories (in health food stores - didn't really do much). I'm now using vinegar/hope to see results soon. I like the posts emphasizing dietary changes - hadn't heard about the coconut oil.


Do not try Skinhale Wart Remover it is not working and just cheating adds. try apple vinegar only and son't forget to use vitamines


Having genital warts is a really terrible thing but you must remember it's NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. I say this as someone who suffered from genital warts for years. In the us over 50% of sexually active people will get genital warts/hpv. So don't feel like you're sitting alone.

Treating genital warts is also really difficult to do. It truly was a 3 year trial and error experiment but I finally found the method that works. I tried every method that was available to me. But what did it for me was a cream called Dermazan wart treatment. You basically put this cream on your genital warts twice a day for about 5-7 days and your genital warts get smaller and smaller each day and on the fifth the day your warts are completely gone. You may want to apply it three times a day if you have a large cluster of genital warts.


Having genital warts is just one big pain in the ass. You think it will never happen to you and BAM!!! What sucks even more is figuring out how to get rid of genital warts. It took me a couple of years to get rid of my genital warts.

For the 1st year I did nothing about it. I was ashamed and hope they would go away on there own. As you can probably guess...the warts did not go away that first year. They grew and got even bigger. I went from having 1-3 warts to having clusters all over my private area. So I figured something had to be done. I went to my doctors office and he told me to boost my immune system and take a non prescription cream called Dermazan warts treatment. I put the dermazan cream on my genital area and in just 2 days I could see my warts were diminishing and within 5 days most of my genital warts were gone. By the end of the week all of my genital warts were gone. That method really brought my life back to normal. I continue to take immune boosting vitamins daily to prevent any genital warts from returning. I hope this helps you guys out and save you from the pain. The main thing I recommned is to act now. Don't wait an entire year like I did because those warts won't go away unless you do something about it. Everyday counts.

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