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Thought I'd toss my story about after ready others and gathering what I should do.

I'm not sure when I got GW- I had a girlfriend for YEARS and now, in hindsight, I should have recognized all the abnormal pap smears she was getting upset with. Years later we had moved on and I started dating again, and after that relationship ending, I was told by my then ex that she had HPV.

So now, years later of probably piss-poor health, it caught up and I have a small cluster underneath my shaft.

I decided to go the apple cider vinegar route. Picked up some Heinz 5% ACV from my local grocery store and applied it on a light stretch of cotton held on with a couple band aids. I did this for a couple hours 2 nights ago, twice, with a could hours between sessions. The second time stung a bit, so I didn't leave it on all night like some people here talk about.

After removing the band aids they were white and swollen. The were relatively flat before, but now I could see the severity of the cluster.

The next morning I put a little tea tree oil on the in the morning, and gave it a rest that night. They definitely didn't look as bad as they did prior, and I could see some dark spots, which as people have described here should be them withering away.

The next day I repeated what I had done before. They flamed up a bit but then when I went for a second round and pulled the band aid, they were flat and dark. I washed them off and tossed on a little more tea tree oil.

So here I am now, present day, and I've given them a couple more hours. It burned a bit but after taking off the band aid again, they looked much closer to scabbing and falling off. I think I'll give it another ago later this afternoon.

I should also mention that during this, I have quit smoking (it's been days and I don't anticipate smoking again [fingers cross]), and I've started taking vitamins in the morning as well. I believe C, B12, Garlic, and a couple others that I can't think of.

I'll respond to my post with updates.


It's the forth time in 8 years that I got the warts. As I'm breastfeeding, I can't use the stuff the doctor would give me so I tried tea tree oil. I put it on 1-2 times a day with a cotton swab but also on the surrounding area, rubbing it on the warts. I also tried to cut out all sugar because I knew I had too much recently. Within a week I had 1 of 4 warts left and 2 weeks later all gone. Before you consider surgery I definitely recommend tea tree oil, cutting out sugar and alcohol, taking a multivitamin and get good sleep! Good luck!


I have had good success using ACV for genital warts. For the smaller ones, the apple cider vinegar alone was enough to kill them (turn white, then black, then flake off). For the larger warts at the base of the penis, the ACV would turn them white, they would become enlarged and itchy but they would usually not die. It wasn't until I saw my dermatologist with the warts in this enflamed state, and had him do my usual hyfrecation treatment, which burns them off using a small electric metal needle. Usually this treatment would get rid of the wart for a few months only to have it come back, but in COMBINATION with the ACV, the treatment worked and I finally have relief.


ACV + Hyfrecation = Success!!

fyi It can be pretty painful if you aren't numbed up first, but it's worth it!! GOOD LUCK!


What Apple Cider Vinegar brand would you guys recommend? To the guys using it. I have a couple of small warts around the head of my penis. Will applying ACV help? Anyone else had successful results with the ACV and that area? Thanks for your replies.


I finally got rid of my last one today. I have used the apple cider vinegar before as well.

But I think the way to beat it is a multi-level attack.

You need to use an acid: applecider vinegar, carmex (has the salicylic acid in it on a low dose), etc. This causes the wart to turn white and become less sensitive and start to dissolve. However, just acid alone just keeps them in check, you'll never get the root.

You need to cause damage. If they are big enough to grab onto, start twisting. Keep twisting multiple days till you finally get a tear. Due to the acid you won't bleed much.

Now its time to dry out the area. Make a sea-salt paste. Get some sea salt and just add enough water to make it a rough 'scrub'. Let it sit for 10 minutes, take a shower and dry off completely.

If no more damage can be done and you can't take any more pain let it rest, and the next day repeat with the acid. You want to do it twice a day at least.

So by causing the physical damage it creates more surface area for the acids to get in and attack the root.I find the salting helps keep the area clean (as its a natural disinfectant) and it really shrinks them.

I've found a gluten-free diet, low sugar/salt diet seems to help. Your natural immune system has to be helping. I don't smoke, drink wine rarely, etc.

You gotta get physical with these things. Even the doctor is going to laser, scrape, freeze, etc. But the key is weakening them with the acid first, and i liked carmex in particular as it had a numbing effect due to the analgesic in it as well so i could cause damage easier without pain or much bleeding.


Ok-- so I have read the testimonials on this site very often, and with skepticism. Finding out I had contracted GW due to a bad situation was and sometimes is still very difficult for me, hearing its commonality never really soothed that nerve. So first off- that's normal! I felt the first thing I should do was to see my doctor to confirm diagnosis, which I did. My doctor prescribed me podofilox, which I used faithfully. It hurt, sure, but for me it was not effective. For a while I got a bit depressed that the prescription that was so expensive wasn't working, so I kinda checked out, even after reading this site. The GW spread and became worse. At this point I was ready to finally try anything, and so I went out and bought ACV (not even the recommended organic- just store off brand) and some cotton balls. I soaked the cotton balls and stuck them in direct contact with the infected areas for about 3ish hours. I couldn't stand much more after that- the burn was intense, uncomfortable, and lasted for about a week after the short application, even though the intensity lessened and was manageable. It took about 1-2 days but I was shocked- although sensitive, my GW were gone and I had healthy skin. It sounds crazy but I felt I should pay it forward and post my results on the site that I read a thousand times before trying it. I will admit that I have had a recurrence, but with another single application I had the same results. Because of the viral nature, I assume I will continue to struggle with outbreaks on and off. Research is split - some argue that your body can naturally fight off the virus for good- others claim there is no 'cure' natural or otherwise. I know this was long, but I recommend to anyone who is miserable and reading to give it a go. God bless.


I'm a 25 year old female who has been suffering from genital warts for over 3 years. Over the years I have tried many things; Apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, crushed vitamin c with baking soda(most painful) turmeric. None of it had permanent results and was extremely painful. Recently for the past two weeks I have been treating the affect areas with OREGANO OIL & COCONUT OIL every other day after a shower, which is a great combo for its ANTI-VIRAL properties, and the warts have disappeared! I also consume OREGANO OIL AND COCONUT OIL internally which isn't very pleasant but it treats HPV from the inside as well. I have combined this regimen with complex B vitamin, high dose of vitamin c and spurlina. I've also been learning how to manage my stress by working out consistently and eating healthier foods cooked at home. Which has improved my weak immune system. You're life isn't ruined because you have HPV. it's just a sign to focus on yourself and your body, so you can heal self and focus on your well being. Hope this helps someone. :)

My 2 Cents


I just wanted to mention that a few years ago I got genital warts on my penis. I looked on the internet and found a remedy online, it was s cream, can't remember the name. The stuff didn't work. Here's what cleared it up for me:

1. Think positive. Tel yourself that this is going to go away and it's going to get cleared up. Eat well, reduce stress any way that you can. Keep calm and mellow. Take lots of vitamins and drink water.

2. I used Apple Cider Vinegar. I also a bag of cotton balls and band aids. Soak the cotton balls in the vinegar and apply it on your warts, using band aids to keep the cotton in place. You might consider tearing the cotton into small pieces but make sure that the cotton completely covers each wart.

3. I did this continuously, day and night while sleeping. Within a couple of weeks the warts had shrunk. Afterwards they just fell off.

I've read about this being successful many times so I tried it and it worked for me. I hope all the the best for you. Take care.


Ok, I am a female and I was diagnosed with GW after having had them for months (and thinking I was getting strange skin tags) I finally went to the Dr. and she used acid to remove them. Twice. It burned like hell (for like 10 minutes) to have that done. It only really removed the very small ones. The reason I finally went to the doctor was because I was getting bigger ones. It didn't help the big ones. They were still there. And I also had a LOT on the inside. I did something really dumb too. I shaved because I thought they were gone. They weren't and that made the big one spread other big ones. Bad idea. DON'T shave. I am not a fan of hair at all, but now I just shave the outside and trim the inside. So after the acid I tried ACV. I did this for two weeks on the big ones on the outside, I only did this once in the inside (stuffing ACV soaked makeup remover pads inside me burned so bad the next night I couldn't stand it) if you are going to do this on the inside I highly recommend stuffing the crap out of it the first night and leaving it there overnight, as it was close to impossible for me for me to do this the following evening because it burned so bad I thought my head was going to explode and I didn't do it again!!. Overall this did work a bit on the outside...but they were still there. So after reading this site for about 3 days straight I decided to change my plan a little. This is an infection not a disease, I needed to treat it as so! Some of it seems so simple, but I started doing the following:

-drink an insane amount of water
-quit smoking (I guess I needed WARTS to make that happen) finally.
-started drinking at least 3 glasses (per day) of green tea with honey and a tablespoon of coconut oil in it. I have read about the benefits of coconut oil if taken internally each should do the same. It has many health benefits that sound amazing. It gave me an added bonus of a little boost of energy as well. Look it up. Good shit.
-In the morning I chopped up about a tablespoon of garlic, put it in a shot glass and filled the rest of it with this stuff I had in the fridge called Fire Cider (it's ACV with lots of other ingredients that cures hangovers/colds etc). I highly recommend this stuff for lots of reasons. I drank that. Then took a multi-vitamin and 1,000 mg of vitamin C.
-I slathered my vag in Coconut oil. Inside and out. As many times a day as possible. Every time I thought if it I did it. I would say an average of 4 times a day. Coconut is a natural healer, I use it on many things (cuts/scrapes/tattoos) as it has antibacterial and anti microbial properties.
-In the afternoon I did the Fire Cider recipe again and also took vitamin B and Viatamin E.
-in the evening I took a hot shower and washed my vag with this organic lavender soap after I washed with my normal soap. When I get out I laid around and let it dry really well. I took a piece of garlic and strung toothfloss through it and put it inside my vag. Did coconut oil on the outside. Then did the fire cider recipe again, and took 1,000 mg of vitamin C again and also ibuprofen to help with some of the swelling that I was still dealing with from having done the ACV for so long.

This made my warts non-existant in about 5 days. I am about 10 days into this treatment and I have none on the outside. I can't see any at the opening of my vag any longer either. From what I was reading on this site and the way the ACV burned the crap out of me on the inside I needed a milder remedy. This worked for me really well, and a lot quicker than the ACV. Idk, maybe it was the combination of using the ACV and then healing it with all the other stuff. This remedy is something that I am going to continue for the next two years as it takes an average of that long for your body to fight it off and go dormant. It seems a lot of people have issues as soon as they stop doing whatever they were doing. My plan is to continue to do this and take a break every 4 days with the vitamin portion, since I have read this is better for your body. I will give updates over the next two years and let you all know how it goes. I also want to point out that I have this far bought Fire Cider at a farm up the street from my house, but you can google the recipe and make it yourself if you want. Be safe all, the journey will be over soon. Be good to yourselves and always remember it could have been least this is just an infection and it goes away!


I came onto this website to find natural home remedies to warts since I found this weird white fleshy raised spot on my labia majora. At first i thought my skin peeled down there but when i looked closer with a mirror it was a cluster like raised area. Cauliflower shaped to be exact. I read about genital warts and how they can appear cauliflower shaped and form into clusters. I couldn't believe this was happening to me but I tried to stay calm. I haven't been sexually active in a while so I guess hpv was dormant until now. Anyway I googled pictures of genital warts and was relieved that mine were nowhere near tjat severe. I dont have insurance so I didn't think about going to the doctor right away. Besides if you look up genital warts there is no cure for them anyway, the doctor will prescribe you something for them to shrink or fall off but the virus will still live in you. Your body has to naturally fight it off. I decided to try the apple cider vinegar method. I only had one cluster. I admit it took a while for me to see that it was actually working. Its been about 2 weeks of me soaking my cluster with apple cider vinegar and it definitely works. My cluster is almost completely gone! Im extremely happy. Make sure you soak your wart with acv using a cotton ball leave it on for full nights. Honestly it didn't even burn that bad but i guess a lot of people are really bad with pain. If you don't see results right away keep going at it, don't give up. Persistence is key. The warts will die with the help of acv's acidity. Make sure to keep the wart area dry as well when you're not using acv on it. Once in a while you can put castor oil on it to speed up healing. You can overcome this! :)

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