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Dr. B

Hello all, for the sake of anonymity, I will go by Dr. B.
I am going to offer you what I have tested to be the most effective treatment for genital warts that I have come across, at a near 40 - 50% success rate; one that I suggest (off the books - unfortunately) for most of my male patients affected.

First and foremost, I have significantly more experience treating genital warts in men than in women, and have suffered outbreaks myself, so, for the sake of what I am going to tell you, I am referring to men alone. I feel that if I were to advise women in this manner, I would be offering ill advice, considering the treatment to follow.

So, you have genital warts, or you fear that you do? I would advise, first, that you confirm this by doing a simple test. Take a cloth, soak it in vinegar (apple cider vinegar), and place it over the wart for about 10 to 15 minutes. The warts, if they are indeed, will rise and turn white, followed by a harder texture than normal. DO NOT scratch at them, and resist the slight burning sensation. This is exactly the type of test your doctor will perform, unless you choose to biopsy the wart, which I strongly discourage. About 80-90% of sexually active men and women have been exposed to genital warts, so do not feel alone, and take a deep breath. Many men and women will fight off the warts, and may potentially eliminate the virus if you are healthy. Smokers beware: you will continue to see outbreaks so long as you continue to smoke, so level the playing cards, and make your decision.

If you indeed believe you have warts, tell your doctor. You do not need to treat them through your doctor, but it is good for them to know, as they will advise you in lifestyle changes that will help you to suppress the virus.

So, let's get to the good stuff. There are five main components to this treatment. Excluding changes in food, you will be set back around 50-100 dollars, and trust me, you will spend much more on mainstream treatments.

1) Make efforts to change your eating habits. Eat three meals a day, and start buying a lot of colorful veggies and fruits. Drink water and nothing else for at least two weeks. Believe me, by day four, you will crave a glass of ice water! Finally, Eliminate as much sugary excess as you can, as this will delay my treatment. You are going to boost your immunity to speed this process up, and you will notice a general increase in your stamina and attention by day four. I encourage you to stick to this plan!

2) Supplements. Our diet lacks a significant portion of necessary nutrition, so here are the supplements I suggest: Amino Acids, Echinacea, Kelp, a general men's health vitamin, vitamin E, and probiotics. Believe me, at the bare minimum, you will notice a change in your health for the better.

3) Apple Cider Vinegar: Now we get to the active treatment of your genital warts. First and foremost, you should begin eating the food mentioned above, while taking supplements about three days before you start the following!

DISCLAIMER: First… no masturbation and no sex… whatsoever... during this process. You may spread the virus during this treatment if you stray from what I am telling you. I have seen it happen, but I have also seen it done successfully. Be patient, and respectfully decline your urges. You’ll get over it, and it will probably be good for you to take a break.

ALSO, if at any point in this treatment you notice severe pain (expect some light burning), or signs of severe burns/reactions, stop immediately, and go to your doctor. Don’t leave yourself scarred, but if you follow my steps, that will not happen.

DAY 1: You will need apple cider vinegar, a pair of tube socks (laugh if you will, but you will thank me later - and yes, it is funny), and a towel you do not intend to use after the treatment.

A) Begin by cutting the tube sock so that the end of the sock is now about the length of your shaft, with an opening, so that you may slide the sock onto your genitals, covering your shaft and testis. Simply pour the apple cider vinegar over the sock (IN MODERATION - SLOWLY), while preferably in a bathtub, until the sock is saturated. Sit on the edge of the bathtub, or counter, and AVOID letting the vinegar drip toward your anus. You may track the warts downward, or burn the lining of your anus. Simply put, squat down, and soak the sock with vinegar. I did this as well, and suggest you do this at night, about an hour or two before you go to bed. You only need to do this once a day. Do whatever you would like in the meantime, but leave the sock on for about 15 - 20 minutes, baring your pain tolerance. Afterward, take the sock off, clean it thoroughly, hang dry it, and allow your skin to dry naturally. Shower in the morning. STAY DRY. Wet skin is a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. This is key to success.

B) You are going to do this once a night, for three days. On the second day, leave the sock on longer. On the third, again, leave the sock on longer than the second day. NEVER sleep with the sock on! Let me repeat that. NEVER leave vinegar pressed to your skin overnight. You will burn… the shit… out of your skin. Excuse me, but I do need to make that clear. Patience is key! Allow the vinegar to work on its own time. Do not try to speed up this process, or you will literally burn your skin off. I have seen severe burns from misusing vinegar. Do what I say, and be patient.

C) Take a break on the fourth day. I mean that. You may think you want to keep going, because you will likely see that all the smaller warts have started turning black (and scarring), but your skin needs to recuperate. Give yourself a break.

D) On the fifth day, resume treatment as I said. You will notice that by this point, much of the existing smaller warts will be very rough and black. DO NOT pick them off. This is absolutely what you want to happen, naturally, of course. Leave the sock on for no longer than an hour. Eventually, these smaller warts will dry out and flake off.

E) Continue treatment until the first week has passed, or until you notice the warts have fallen off. If that is the case, skip down to step 4. Otherwise, on the eighth day, take a break, and then continue to F.

F) Take a break every four days until the larger of your warts have turned black. Do not push yourself though. You may unfortunately have a stubborn wart or two, but guess what, you’ve eliminated many others, and you will have stunted that wart’s growth.

G) Allow yourself about two days before moving onto the final steps.

4) 1% Silver Sulfadiazine Cream (SSD): You have in fact burned your skin. At this point, you will be irritated, red, slightly inflamed, and dry. That’s fine. It’s normal. You are going to treat any of the most substantially burned surfaces with this cream, as it is often used for local, minor burns. Carefully apply the cream with a cue tip, and place a Band-Aid over it, if you can get it to stick. If not, apply this cream as soon as you get home from work, or whenever you have about 4 – 5 hours to let it rest. This is going to aid your skin’s natural healing process, and cut down on any visible scarring.

5) Keep eating healthy! Your body needs to maintain its newfound boost in immunity while you heal, which can take time. Do not have sex until one week after your skin has resumed its normal texture, and all signs of irritation or burns have subsided. Be safe! You don’t want to spread this virus right after treating it. Your skin needs to heal properly. You will hopefully be so excited that this is working that you will be happy to wait.

At this point, you should have noticed a significant change in the appearance of your warts, or the lack thereof. Enjoy this, but be mindful of your surroundings, if you will, and take care of your body. You don’t want to have to do this every two months.

Try to discuss this with any partners you may have. In layman’s terms, it sucks to have to do that, but you know what, they will appreciate it, and you owe it to them if they don’t already know. You will feel better about it afterward. Trust me.

james B

cider vinegar is the best remedy I have come across and I have spent $1000s over the last 5 years with doctors and creams with no joy.
I discovered the apple cider remedy on wiki how. Just follow the instructions and your warts will go in about 4 days if the are on your penis.
I found it harder to remove on my testicles because it is harder to stick the sticky plasters that hold the cotton bud soaked in cider vinegar on.
I wish I had discovered this remedy 5 years ago.
It definitely works.
Most of the sites on the internet are a scam so don't buy anything go to wiki how or earth clinic and follow the instuctions


I was diagnosed with genital warts at 43. I kept feeling a tingling in my genitals that I had never felt before, and one night I took a look in a mirror and saw that my vulva was all white. The procedure my obgyn uses is the same procedure as a cervical biopsy, meaning she uses an electrified wire and cuts it all away. It was painful as hell. Before I went through all of that I read on the internet that you could treat the warts with apple cider vinegar, but there were no actual instructions to be found. When I was diagnosed, I asked my doctor if that would work, and she said maybe but it would have to be very strong apple cider vinegar. I googled it and found that Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar is the strongest you could buy. I had the procedure, and without going in to detail I would advise anyone to avoid it at all costs. It is very painful, and they cut you and sexual relations will hurt you for a very long time afterwards. When my procedure was finished my doctor told me to go to CVS and get advil liquigels, and to take 5 of them immediately. She said you can take up to 8 at a time. About two weeks later the tingling feeling returned, and I went back to the doctor. My warts had returned and were growing faster than the first time. She did not have an appointment available for me to do the procedure again for three weeks. I figured I had nothing to lose. I bought big gauze pads, a big bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, and more Advil. I soaked the gauze pad in vinegar, applied it to the affected area as I was going to bed, and took a bunch of Advil. I did it every night. After a while it burned, and I took more Advil. I kept doing it every night, and about the 10th day it really really burned and sometime during the night I pulled the gauze pad out and threw it across the room. I was so sore I decided to let it heal. About a day or two after that, I took a mirror and a flashlight and I looked. Everything had turned chalky white. I touched it and it all started to fall away like grains of sand. I took a pad and rubbed all the white off until all that was left was pink skin. The itchy tingling feeling stopped. I went back to my doctor to have the procedure. I did not know how to tell her what I did. When she looked, she went and got a light. It was all gone. Afterwards, I told her what I did. She said she had never seen anyone heal themselves like that. She said it was a good thing because there is either the treatment I had or oral medication, and sometimes neither one works.


When I first found out I had genital warts, I broke down in tears. I'm 20 years old - I never thought I'd have to worry about something like this. But, that's life. So anyway, since everyone is sharing their story on here I figured I'd let you guys know how my home and doctor treatment is going so far:

When I first noticed the warts I thought they were bits of tissue stuck on my vagina/anus but they wouldn't come off when I scratched them. After having a panic attack thinking that it was herpes, I went to the doctor and he immediately told me I had GW. He put some acid on them that day and it burned like a mofo for 10-15 minutes.

The next day I noticed the warts were bright white and my skin was peeling off a little bit (it came off easy after I took a hot shower.)
After that the warts returned with a vengeance. They popped up even more around the entrance of my vagina. And I won't lie, it was terrifying and extremely frustrating to me.
Since this was not my first rodeo with warts caused by HPV (I had a plantar's wart on my foot last year) I decided to go with Apple cider vinegar since that had successfully destroyed the wart.

I was only able to use it for a couple days since the pain was so intense, but they seemed to be clearing up pretty well. I just dabbed a cotton ball in the ACV and put it directly on the wart and covered with a bandaid.

Now, I will say this once and I'll say it again: DO NOT HAVE ANY KIND OF SEXUAL CONTACT WHILE YOURE TREATING THESE.
My boyfriend had been out of state for two months when my GW had surfaced, and when he returned home we were so eager to get back into the groove that I let him finger me. (We did NOT have sex since we're not sure if he has HPV or not) This did NOT help my case. Just as the warts disappeared on the outside, they moved inside my vagina.

My doctor tried applying some of the acid to the warts on the inside, but he said since they're hard to reach that it's not guaranteed that they'll all be cleared. I'll be honest, this made me feel like a complete idiot and I made my situation that much worse.
Since this is the first night of me using ACV on the inside of my vagina, I'm not sure how it's going to turn out. I soaked a small piece of cotton in ACV and placed it inside and am probably going to leave it until I can't bare it anymore. If anyone has advice for intervaginal warts, please comment on this post. So far it burns pretty bad.

Also, on a side note: I've started taking vitamin C tablets and a every day vitamin to help boost my immune system. I also received the gardasil shot to help prevent future wart breakouts, per my doctors recommendation.


Ive been battling gw's for yrs. At first just around my anus, and had them laser removed by the doc. A cpl have come back recently and I no longer have insurance. Im sure I cant try the freeze off for those but Ive noticed small flat spots on my lips and labia minora. Not just 1 or 2 but all over and not so much in clusters. There is no way I will be able to spot treat them. Anyone have any ideas how I can treat both my lips and both inside and out of my labia without really messing up (buring) the rest of my skin???


Hello everyone,

Im not going to share my feelings when I found out I had genital warts, cause we all went through that. Even though my doctor told me to relax because its very common, what really helped me was reading the discussions and advice online.
I started boosting my immunity immediately (vitamin C, B, garlic, exercise, green tea) and I purchased tea tree oil to apply externally. My warts are around my vaginal opening so it is more difficult to apply I guess. I used Q-tip to apply tea tree oil three times in the first day. Next day I found this forum and there are lots of people here having faster results with apple cider vinegar so I applied it and even though it had strong burning sensation at the beginning, in 10 minutes it was bearable and I left it there on a make up tampon for 3 hours. I think it got shrunk a little bit but I couldn't apply for the second time as this also had burned my healthy skin around and now I cannot handle the pain.
Now I guess I have to wait until my vagina calms down from the irritation and being swollen, but I want to ask you for advice how to apply the vinegar to warts in vaginal opening to have them all covered and removed as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for your help. I will write updates.


Hi there! I'm here to tell you a short story and then share my remedy. I recently decided to come to grips with the fact that I may have contracted HPV, as it seem to be the only explanation for these growths that decided to pop up on my penis. I first noticed something was wrong when I was shaving. Wherever I nicked myself shaving, instead of just a scab that would form and then heal, a small growth would be left in place of the nick. Because they were so small at the time, I merely picked them off (BAD IDEA!!!). When I picked them off, the spot bleed then heal, and then... a LARGER growth. After about two months of doing this picking and poking the damn things, I had ended up with two large 1/4' growths and about 4 small but noticeable ones.

I decided to go to the doctor at that point, where he immediately diagnosed me with HPV and warts. That pretty much sent a shockwave through me. It wasn't as much of a surprise given that I am active, but it still stung to be told something like that. So, then I asked him about treatment options. He pretty much told me to go to a urologist where they would surgically remove the warts. I don't know about the rest of you, but the idea of someone coming that close to my genitals with sharp equipment scares me more than the warts.

I began doing research on warts and remedies and I came across many articles discussing Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and how they are extremely effective on warts. Ever the skeptic I did some more research and kept hearing positive things. So, after scouring and finding about 10 different articles mentioning the same positive reviews, I said what the heck and decided to give it a try.

I will say this before continuing. This way my own personal experience with this remedy. Everyone has different reactions to different things. You may accept this remedy or try something else. I do recommend it personally. but it is your choice. However, without further rambling, here is my remedy and the steps I took.

The first thing I did was go out to my friendly neighborhood shopping center and purchase the store brand of Apple Cider Vinegar. Being a skeptic still, I bought the standard size bottle and it set me back about $1.60. I then proceeded to my friendly neighborhood pharmacy and bought a jumbo size bag of cotton balls, two packages of 10 3' x 4' bandages and one package of 100 standard size 1' x 3' bandages or the standard one for those average boo-boos. I also purchased a bottle of Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash. It's typically used to treat acne but I have heard the salicyclic acid in it is a good 'slow' treatment for warts. This all set me back about $20.00.

So I go home and take out the vinegar, apply some to a cotton ball and liberally apply the vinegar to my entire groin. The reason I did this is because it was said that the obvious warts and the not so obvious warts would shortly turn white, exposing themselves and their locations. Sure enough, within about 2 minutes of applying the ACV to the area, I noticed the ones I mentioned... and a number of much much smaller ones turning white, and tingling some.

Noticing the warts and their locations is good. The tingling is good. The fact that you can see them gives you the advantage because you can see where to apply the ACV directly and the tingling lets me you that the ACV is actively working.

For the larger obviously warts I took half a cotton ball dampened with ACV and put it smack in the center of a 3' X 4' bandage. I then applied the bandage on 1 of the 2 larger warts. I repeated this process for the other larger wart and the 4 smaller warts. Because the tiny warts were next to the 4 small warts, I positioned the 3rd bandage over the 4 smaller warts and the cluster of tiny ones. I left the bandages on overnight and removed them in the morning when I took a shower. For the shower, I took a washcloth, applied the Body Clear wash and gently scrubbed my groin until I certain it was completely clean. Then I toweled off until I was dry. I then took a cotton ball dampened with ACV and coated my entire genital region with it again. There was the tingle again. I did not wash this off. I allowed the vinegar to stay because I believed that while not directly on the wart, the acidic conditions would prevent the wart from spreading around.

This routine continued for two days straight. Morning shower, body clear, dry off, ACV applied to the entire groin. At night, bandages with an ACV cotton ball to the main areas affected.
By day two, I noticed that the big warts had swollen and were now tender and whitish-gray. The smaller ones were also whitish gray and some had turned black.

Day three got me a bit. I continued the same routine, but about an hour into the night treatment with the bandages I began to feel some considerable pain where I applied the bandages. Finally I couldn’t stand it and took off the bandages. There I had noticed that the larger warts had turned black and the much much smaller ones had begun to fall off. I did also noticed that I “burned” some healthy skin where there were no warts but where the ACV cottonball was pressed on. At that point, I decided to stop the night treatment temporarily in order to allow my skin to heal.

By day four, the larger warts had become noticeably black and now felt hard to the touch. The smaller warts had blackened and completely fallen off and left me with the two large ones as the stubborn ones to leave. I continued the morning regimen of Body Clear during my shower and then an ACV application to the entire area afterwards. For the night treatment, instead of applying the bandages and leaving them one, I simply repeated the morning treatment of ACV to the entire area, then left the cotton ball on the large ones for about 10 minutes. It stung a little, but it was easily tolerable, even for those who might not be used to some pain. After that I removed the cotton and went to sleep.

By day five, the larger warts had fallen off, leaving a much much smaller slightly raised red spot on my skin. It did not feel like an open sore but more like the red spots you get after a mosquito bite. In either event, my large warts were gone and that pretty much left me with nothing left on my skin except for a few red spots.

With all of the warts removed for the most part, I continued the morning regimen of shower and ACV application as well as the evening regimen of ACV application. I am happy to say that I do not have the warts anymore. I am still continuing the morning and night regimens and I think I will continue to do so until I run out of ACV. But so far so good.

A couple of observations and suggestions while using this home remedy:

- I would not recommend shaving down to the skin, as this can potentially cut the warts and allow them to spread. if you recall earlier in my post, this is how I started my dilemma, with me nicking myself while shaving. I do, however, recommend a trim, as too much hair reduces the effectiveness of the ACV treatment, since the hair will get in between the ACV and the wart. If you want to lightly shave, do so while touching the razor to skin as little as possible.

- Do not be afraid of applying ACV to the entire area, even if you don’t see warts in that area. They may be too tiny to see. By applying the ACV to the entire groin area, you are ensuring that you get every single one. I have personally noticed that leaving ACV on all day after wiping it on does not cause any excessive pain or burning. You may get some tingling in the spots where you can see that you have warts, but only in the beginning. Afterwards, you may actually forget about it.

- It may be hard to avoid this in the beginning but DO NOT ITCH, PICK, OR SCRATCH the warts. Rubbing with your hands and not using nails is ok in limited amounts. It’s ok to touch the warts directly to check the tenderness and such. But do not intentionally try to pull off the warts. You will only succeed in causing unnecessary discomfort and possibly bleeding. If the wart bleeds there is a good chance that the wart can grow back bigger or spread to another area. If you accidently make it bleed, let the bleeding stop, then apply ACV directly to the spot of the bleed and the area around it to attempt to stop the virus before it has enough time to spread. You may be able to catch it in time. As you continue the treatment you may find that you will lose the urge to itch the area as the virus is no longer aggravating the area.

I hope that my story gives those affected some hope and encouragement with regards to this condition. I do not fully know if my results were because of the ACV and Body Clear or just a placebo effect while my body rid me of the warts. However, knowing that I had the warts for almost two months and then having the warts gone about a week after using this treatment I am pretty confident that the ACV and Body Clear did SOMETHING rather than NOTHING.
I personally urge you to try this remedy. Other than a few dollars and some time, there doesn’t seem to be any losing situation to this remedy. The worst that could happen is that the pain results in no gain, and the warts do not disappear. But since you already have them, I think it’s worth a shot. Good luck to everyone! I’m back to being happy. Hopefully you can be too.

Wartly Weiner

I'm currently on day 4 with Apple Cider Vinegar and followed everyone's suggestions by dropping the vinegar on the 2 tiny warts, one inside between my leg and the other on the base of my penis.
Day 1 ... After placing Apple Cider Vinegar (ADVICE) directly on the warts I also put some ACV on a cotton ball and covered that with a bandage. 5 hours I removed and washed the areas. The warts had turned white. I re-applied exactly the same and went to sleep.
Day 2 ... Woke removed the bandages only to notice that the warts were now black and the one between my legs fell off after a very gentle cleaning. PROBLEM!!! I noticed that my penis now had several WHITE spots along the shaft. I surmised my problem was more serious than I had thought. So on day 2 I followed the same procedure only this time I soaked gauze in ACV then wrapped my penis with the gauze and kept it on using a condom that I cut the top out of. I kept the ACV on it for 24 hours only changing it 3-4 times a day.
Day 3 ... OMG ... The base of my penis now was black!!! In fact, nearly a quarter of my shaft was now black! I had a cluster of unseen warts! Followed the same steps until bedtime. After cleaning and getting ready for bed my penis and testicles were on fire! Remember, my treatment is 24/7 unlike most. So before bed I substituted a banana peel for the ACV. Wrapped my raw soldier and went to sleep.
Day 4 ... 50% of the newly blackened area is gone but my penis burns even with only warm water. So today I am giving it a rest.


I have had warts very bad all over and in my vagina. I had them so bad that my doctor was going to start chemo therapy treatment as he could only burn so many, and they kept coming back. I played around with different solutions. At times tearing and burning up my skin. The best solution I found was take EQUAL parts of AC vinegar, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, and water (mix them up all together and use a q-tip to apply 2 times daily at least). Apply to both internal and external. This has taken me 5 months, so you must be PATIENT, but nearly all of them have dried up and fallen off. My largest one was a quarter size! I will swear by this remedy. Good Luck! I am just glad I have my vagina back!


I got genital warts after being with a girl for a few years. But I don't blame her as I was clear until I started living a unhealthy lifestyle of smoking every day, and drinking a lot on weekends. I know I have a weak immune system for this lifestyle and it was to blame, and they are getting worse as I continue to keep doing this things.

I used acid on them and all it does is clear them up for a short time and they grow back in the same place, plus the acid also destroys healthy skin around the wart, and it can be very painful I do not advice using salicylic acid on these things as it is not a cure, they always come back and worse after time I think.

I am going to try Apple Cider Vinegar, I believe Braggs is the most popular for this sort of thing, if you can't buy it , you can get it on Amazon I believe.

I have had this problem for years now and they just keep coming back, I do not understand why after so many applications of acid over the years these things will not die.

I have heard far to many people say Apple Cider Vinegar works , so I will try it. My main reason posting this was to warn people against using acid as it is only a temporary fix and if you smoke and drink a lot, it's going to be hard to beat these things. When I was a non smoker I didn't have this problem, and I know for a fact they are getting worse since I started to smoke more and drink more alcohol, which I use because of stress, so it's a vicious cycle that is just making my problems worse.

Good luck to people with this problem, it really affects my mood negatively, and I think lifestyle change is needed to keep these things from coming back or getting worse.

If you can stop smoking and drinking while you fix this problem do so, if you can get more active, do so. I take multi vitamin daily and vitamin c and it's not doing anything, I think because I continue to smoke and drink, thus keeping my immune system weak and unable to clear up these problems.

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