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I'm 18 years old female away for school. And found out I had Genital warts about a month and a half ago. I had only been with one guy before I noticed the cluster of warts. I went to Planned Parenthood to find out forsure . And they did the acid treatment on them. (Which burned like hell.) The doctor told me to come back in 2 weeks when it's fully healed. The treatment was 98$. 2 weeks later the warts progressed and more came.( and I mean MORE.) I was so disgusted. I went for a 2nd treatment and paid another 98$. But only one little part of the mother wart on me fell off. I'm a broke college student who doesn't have The money to keep coming in for treatments and every other week getting treated is taking to longtime these warts. I'm so glad I'm came across this website. And I took everyone's advice on the ACV treatment, but I added my own mix with crushed ASPRIN and a little TEA TREE OIL inside. The first day of the ACV treatment I left it on for 3 hours. WARNING yes it does burn but after 15 minutes of it i got used to it. The next morning I could see the little warts had already turned real black. So The second day I did it for another 3 hours. And Later on that day before I went to bed I did it for a hour and 30 min. Today is my third day , and I woke up this morning and whiped down there and seen a bunch of my warts on the toilet paper. I took a mirror too see my progress down there , and I can already see where the warts are completely gone!! And let me tell you .. I have a bunch of them. And to see this treatment actually working, I'm so thankful. I've also been taking a lot of vitamins and also starting to workout every night again before I started school. I'm quiting drinking alcohol and smoking marryjane. I'm getting my immune system up and healthy again. So I hopefully won't have a outbreaks of warts again for awhile and I can feel comfortable again with my supporting Boyfriend. SO IF YOU WANT THOSE UGLY WARTS GONE.. TRY MY TREATMENT! It worked for me! :)


ACV for genital warts. Ok so I read all these raves and success stories about ACV so I had to try it. I had one wart barely on the inside of my vagina. Most of the post stated that the ACV burned a little but not too bad. Well I'm here to tell you that shit hurts like hell. I soaked a cotton ball and placed it over the wart and left it for a little over an hour. It basically burned everything. It was so uncomfortable I took off work.
I then got a q-tip and put tea tree oil over the affected area and it gave me so much relief.
While I was doing the ACV and tea tree oil mix treatment, I started taking a daily liquid vitamin, airborne twice a day and a probiotic twice a day to super boost my immune system.
Approximately 15 hours after my first treatment the wart was gone! I was shocked and in disbelief, but more importantly extremely happy!!!!
One other small wart did appear after the first one was gone but I'm am continuing alternating the ACV and tea tree oil until that one is gone too!
Everyone going through this should give ACV a shot, it definitely worked for me and I'll continue to use it!


Genial warts can be a devastating blow to your confidence, but believe that ACV method does work. I did that shouldn't be done and eventually stumbled upon this website and within 2 weeks im 90% clear of genital warts.

Okay firstly Im a male, so this is directed at any male who are experiencing the same distraught I went through.

About 6 months ago I notice a small pin sized bump on the base of my penis, and like most idiotic males I decided to pick it off, at first it bleed but it was gone...until three weeks later it reappeared as did two more.So seeing as picking it off went so well this time I removed them with a scalpel, again they bled but reappeared again with more also appearing.
This time I decided to use Duofilm......please never make this mistake,Duofilm is great for warts on hands but not for the genital area, I burnt my entire penis and all surrounding areas, it was painful and lost about a full weeks sleep and the warts didn't dissapear.
After all my efforts I went to the doctor,which he froze them and told me return in 2 weeks for the same treatment.
At the stage I had about 15-20 warts around the base of my penis.Feeling absolutely miserable, I began researching online and found this website.
So here's what I did, for the first night I soaked cotton buds in Acv and taped them to the affected areas, this is arkward to do,I kept them taped for 2 hours the first night and removed the tape and cotton. Believe me when you remove the tape and cotton everything looks worse and stinks, the warts should be white and you will also notice a lot of news one. The nexus morning I'd shower and start apply Acv using Q-tips, I'd do this every 2-3 hours and then at night tape cotton buds soaked in Acv to warts for 15-20mins and then remove.Do this for 2more nights and then take a break for the process for 2 days to leave your skin heal before starting the process again.Eventually the warts will turn black and scab and peel off.TRUST ME they will.

The key things that also works were taking Vitamins to boost immune system,drinking water,sleeping 8 hours and re reading the success stories on this website to get me thinking positively as Gential warts as soul dystroying.
This is a slow process but be patience and it will work. Good luck.

HappyGurl :-)

Hi there, i am a female who got desame warts problem as you do.. I have a tiny little warts on my inside my labia majora and some of it were flat.. Also i got 1 big piece of wart on the upper part of my anus, almost like a piece of corn kernel.. I am like a worrier since i my OB diagnose me with HPV warts last 2012, i got it from my playboy and unfaithful ex Bf... So it means my warts were like 2 years old already.. before i ask my OB if i can burn it, through
cauterization but she told me that i just leave it there for a moments for some warts just disappear on there own and some just stay desame..
After 2 years my warts look different though its not that worst but it makes me feel so uncomfortable at all, my Vagina looks different especially when i try to look at the inside of my labia.. :-( I can see little bumpy warts and it start to spread out..

I tried to seek some home remedies and i found this blog, last week November 1, i went to a grocery store near my house and look for ACV and i found the BRAGG ORGANIC ACV, i tried to grab a cotton balls and place it on the inside of my labia, i can feel the tingling sensation only like a few mins, then later on the burning sensation, Oh my i tried to make the Cotton balls with ACV and tape it as much as i can until i fell asleep but i woke up and go pee and forgot that i have the cotton ball inside my labia, so what i did, i just took it and throw it and go back to sleep.. The next morning i just tried to put in some ACV using the Qtips then during night time again, i do desame thing but the burning sensation is just i can't handle and i almost pass out, so what i did, i just let tits stay for a couple of minutes and take it out again, wheeew! oh my, i thought i did passed out, its so painful.. Now i continnue doing it and its almost a week i see that my warts were turning whitish and some of it turns black, so itchy now, i hope it will peel off soon on my Labia...

What is amazing, after soaking my big warts on top of my anus for almost 1 week, it just peel off last night and its all gone.. Thanks to ACV, hope it will have desame effect on my labia.. :-)


Happy Camper!
So happy I want to share w you guys what worked for me!!
I'm a 21 year old Female, I noticed small bumps around my genitals and experienced bleeding after intercourse so I went to the clinic for a check up. My pap smear came up abnormal with the HPV virus, and I was diagnosed w internal and external gental warts. I didn't bother using the aldera I was prescribed since Itend to opt for the more natural ways of treatments.
External remedy:
I applied a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar and applied them to the warts over night, I burned the S*#T out of my skin that didn't have warts. I still have a cut and its healing but be very careful because the vinegars ssuper acidic and will burn sensitive skin. I tried acv for about 2 weeks, the warts turned white but it seemed like they weren't going away. So I went and got some non coated aspirin.
I got one pill poured acv over it and made it a paste. I applied coconut oil all over my genital area (for soothing) and then applied the paste on to the warts. (Warts only!) To my surprise with in the next day about 3 of them fell off! I didn't apply more to give myself sometime to heal and the next morning a whole cluster of them were gone!! So the aspirin and acv work together and are a very good team to get rid of warts EXTERNALLY. Do not put this treatment inside unless you want to burn yourself.
Internal wart remedy:
Apparently my Dr saw a huge wart inside my cervix which was causing me to bleed each time I had intercourse. She wanted me to come back for a colposcopy and take a biopsy of the wart. Im canceling my appt and will not allow them to carve and take samples of my insides.
Okay so there's this supplement known for its antibiotic power, of course its all natural. The name is turmeric. The more concentrated form is curcumin. I went to whole foods and picked up curcumin supplement capsules. What I did was put some coconut oil in a bowl, broke up a couple of the curcumin capsules and mixed the powder in w the coco oil. I grabbed some aluminum foil and made a mold the shape of a tampon. I made natural suppositories basically... Anyway I put them in the freezer and let them get hard. The first night I put one inside me I could feel the giant wart my Dr talked of. (Insert like a tampon). I did this for 2 weeks even when I was on my monthly cycle. After the first week I could feel the wart getting smaller and smaller. Be sure to wear pads because it will stain your clothes. It is of yellow/orange color. So yeah after 2 weeks my partner and I decided to have intercourse, being as it had been a couple weeks since we could interact this way we did have intrrcouse a couple times that night and it was pretty rough. And No bleeding!! This made us both very happy. For the sake of not spreading these suckers everywhere use condoms! I
Side note:
I am taking garlic and echinaccia supplements along with eating a lot healthier and drinking lots of water! Remember, bacteria feeds off of sugars!! You have to strengthen your immune system for you to rid the HPV virus! Don't believe everything the drs tell you, they told me the warts would never go away on their own and well I'm wart free without any of their help!!


I had about five really big and other smaller ones on my posterior labial commissure and they itched and bothered me a lot when I went to the doctor he put an acid to remove them but it did not really work he recommended cryotherapy but I was too embarrassed to go so I serched on line and found that applying garlic would do te job.
I minced enough garlic to cover every wart making them moist with the garlic juices and put it straight on the warts everyday, I was suppose to leave it for ten minutes everyday but I could not bare the pain I could only hold five minutes Maximum. This burned my skin so I let it heal then I noticed they mimnimized so I waited until my skin was completely healed so I can put it on again this time I put the garlic on with tape to hold the garlic in place and not let my skin breathe I held on the full 15 minutes. This completely tore my skin and burned it to the point of puss coming out I wa disgusted and terrified but a week passed and my skin healed completely i looked and every single wart was gone and my skin was smooth and it's been almost a year wart free I went through a lot of pain but It was really worth it.


In March of this year I found a stalk-like cluster of warts on the inner part of my vagina(the the inside but on the moist part) but I was too embarrassed to go to a doctor so I kind of just dealt with it. About a month had passed and I noticed it had gotten worse so I started to panic.
First I tried ACV which burned like hell and was very uncomfortable but it seemed to keep them under control. Eventually I stopped using ACV because it hurt too bad and was too much of a task to keep up with.
Over the next few months I had developed more warts on every part of my vagina and the outside skin where hair is started to develop large clusters. It was very embarrassing and uncomfortable. At this point it had gotten hard to walk. They were everywhere.
I did a lot of research and had seen that garlic oil pills and eating healthy was the only true way to get rid of them...HERE IS WHAT I DID
1. I took 8 (1500mg) garlic oil pills twice a day
2. I put coconut oil in anything it would taste good in
3. I kept the warts clean and dry
4. I ate anything green; LOTS of broccoli cooked with coconut oil and pink salt, I juiced spinach etc.
NO LIE, after 5-6 months of having a very bad case of GW, they were completely gone in 1.5-2 weeks
The results I was seeing kept me on track with my diet.


Hello everyone,
Thank you all for sharing your stories and remedies, they've really helped but I'm still pretty confused.
I'm 22 y.o and I was first diagnosed with HPV when I was 18 but I've never had a wart outbreak. The reason why the HPV was discovered was just because of a routine checkup at the gyno. However, I've always paid close attention to any abnormalities but it seems as if I dodged a huge bullet by never contracting warts.
I've been in a relationship for 2 years and I didn't tell my boyfriend about the HPV seeing as I had never had an outbreak in the past 5 years. I'm now living overseas as an exchange student and I'm not sexually active seeing as my bf isn't here with me. But a couple of days ago I noticed that a had warts, for no reason at all! I'm so terrified being in a country where I don't know how things work.. I've been trying to use ACV treatments and they hurt like hell! I've noticed the larger clusters getting smaller but I've also noticed that my warts are spreading..

Does anybody have any idea how I could've possibly gotten warts after so many years? I haven't gotten sick, my immune system is fine and I eat tons of garlic and take vitamins. Should I keep applying the ACV despite the spreading?

I was able to contact my doctor back home and he told me that the warts eventually go away. But how long does that on average take?
I've been feeling very alone out here, but this message board definitely has helped me, so thanks again everybody.


It's taken about a month of treatment, but now they're pretty much nonexsistant. I'm female and I first realised I had warts before going to a rainbow gathering, which meant I would be in an unhygienic enviroment for a while. Before leaving, I slept with a teatree soaked tissue in between my lips for a couple of nights. I didn't dilute the teatree at all, so after a couple of nights of this I was too soar to continue. I was at the rainbow for 10 days with no treatment and when I got back to civilisation, I had a look and already they were less than when I'd first noticed them.

I still didn't nothing to treat them for a couple more weeks, other than a little teatree now and again. I'm traveling and teatree is what I have with me, so I would use it when I could, but I also read they would go away on their own, so I wasn't too worried.

When I got to a place I knew I was going to stay at for a while I did some more reasearch on herbal remadies and found one on here using BANANA SKINS.

I tried using apple cider vinegar a few times but it hurt more than it was worth and made them bleed, which made me worry that they might spread.

Every night (other than a few nights when I was bleeding) I have been cutting up bits of banana skin and placing them on my warts. I also stuck some bits inside, just incase I have any in there too. I've also been eating around three cloves of RAW GARLIC a day.

During the day, I've been smoothering my vag in TEATREE diluted in almond oil, about a 4/5 almond to 1/5 teatree.

I also somtimes put a few drops of this mixture onto the banana skin (white side, the side you place on your warts) and wear it during the day, if I'm not moving around much.

This is a much less painfull method, which doesn't take too long really. I'm going to continue this treatment for a week after there's no warts left, just to make sure.

Summery (for all you skim readers)

BANANA SKIN - over the warts every night
4/5 ALMONDS OIL 1/5 TEATREE - during the day treatment

I hope this helps you too :)


So I've read page after page of testimonies and of course I have tried ACV! I like many others denied that i could have it. My ex gf told me about it pretty early on even those hers had cleared up and i decided it was worth the risk. I never fully understood GW's so after shaving my penis and balls a lot i started noticing bumps. She told me hers went away on her own but mine just kept multiplying. The first day the ACV worked great. A large cluster at the base of my penis turned black within a day or two as well as a larger one under my penis. Both of them are gone. After using ACV though I realize i have a bout 50 total!! most pretty small but together they look horrible especially while my skin is irritated!! today is my 4th day using ACV and through all the pain I cant seem to get the smaller ones to really even turn white even after hours of ACV with direct contact. i just met a new woman and this is really scaring me because one i dont want to pass it to her but more importantly i havent really had enough time to get them to go away. of course im ashamed to even tell her. im hoping to put off sex as long as possible and say im looking to strengthen our relationship first before sex, but even if i can make them disapear i owe it to anyone to let them know the risk. my main issue is these smaller ones not seeming to react to the ACV. Anyone have any insight on this? is it possible that ive irritated my healthy skin soo much that my body is more worried about healing the good skin before attacking the warts?

also i have changed my diet the last couple weeks and working out every day. i eat high protein and veggies and have almost cut out sugar besides coffee. i also have been taking a mens multivitamin, vitamin C, Garlic, Echinicea, and omega fish oils. also drinking a lot more water.


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