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Genital warts for females...
Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) organic. It worked in less than 3 days. Totally worth it. I even gave the remedy to someone else suffering from it and it worked for him when he had it on the head of his penis. Please do this to remove. It has not returned for me in the same area or at all THANK GOD!


After many months passing by and living with what I believed to be genital warts I finally began researching a way to try and get rid of them with a home remedy. I knew I could've booked an appointment with my doctor but was honestly embarassed. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that way.
After stumbling upon acv (Apple cider vinegar) I had to give it a try. Especially with all the great results people seemed to be having. I was quite skeptical at first and was praying it would work.

I went out and bought some organic acv from the local grocery store and began applying it to the base of my penis where I had about 2 very noticeable ones about half the size of an eraser on the end of a pencil and about 3 very little ones I could barely notice. I applied the acv with a cotton ball and noticed a very slight tingle. Nothing painful. They began to raise in about 5 minutes and became very pink. Right there from all the reading I had done I knew these were in fact genital warts. I grabbed a cotton ball and soaked it and taped it to the are wrapping it right around my penis with self adhesive bandage(only sticks to the bandage not the skin). Great product! I left it on for about 6 hours during the day and would not re apply at night time. I didn't feel like over doing it right away. Acv can burn your skin very easily. After the first application the warts hadn't changed color yet really. Couple small ones were white but no change really. Next day I did yet same routine and when I took it off that night a couple had turned color. Not black but you could see change. I repeated this process for another 2-3 days and by that time they were all black. I was so excited but I had also burnt my skin. I wasn't too worried about that cause I knew that would heal in time. I gave the acv routine a rest and let the warts that's had turned black have time to dry out and turn into scabs. 2-3 days after discontinuing this routine they did in fact turn into scabs. I was so tempted to pick them off but didn't want them to bleed and have a chance to spread. BE PATIENT. Let them have time to heal and come off almost naturally

This situation is relatively new to me. I just finshed my treatment so I can't confirm the warts won't come back. But I can confirm that acv truly works. The warts are gone and I couldn't be happier!! Give it a try. Nothing else to lose, right?

Good luck everyone. I hope it works for you guys like it has for me . I know what you are all going through. For me these warts were extremely depressing


hi everyone.
ACV is really working. for 2 weeks of effort all the warts has nearly all off. It hurts like hell but definitly worth to try.
but something worse happened.
i found there is in my inner tongue a sore and some on my oral wall. it was so desperating ... does anyone know how can i deal with them..


Has anyone tried taking tagamet for genital warts? After reading all the posts on taking tagamet internally and how warts amazingly disintegrate, I looked online and saw some references to successful use of tagemet for genital warts, just a thought....


I couldn't help but feel for the last girls post.I've been reading to try to help my boyfriend remove warts on his hands and was amazed to find it tagamet works. Also researched on the internet and found that it works for genital warts also. Hopefully it would work for someone if you read the post on warts, tagamet taken internally will make them disintegrate within 2 weeks.


Please go and get medical treatment and advice, i had anal sex with my bf and caught genital warts, i decided to leave them untreated and they have multiplied and grown bigger! I went to the doctors and the nurse could not believe how bad they were she had to get a second opinion! Im so upset and they only option now is surgery and while i'm waiting for a date they have given me Aldara cream to try and get rid of them, i've tried every home remedy possible and nothing works unless you get professional help, ACV IS VERY DANGEROUS it burns the skin away but the warts with thrive on damaged skin and it only removes them temporarily, i'm lucky i can still poop mine are that bad :( they itch, burn and bleed and i have to fold a piece of kitchen paper between my butt cheeks so absorb the moisture, it is a horrible horrible virus and is making my life hell, i feel bad for you all as i know what its like but please see a doctor, i'm scared of the aldara


In the past years on my early 20s i wasn't very safe with my choices and sex partners. and honestly i have no idea who to blame about the virus. But i wasn't sexually active for two years (believe it or not) and recently i met a guy and had sex with him around 5 times maybe (always protected).
Anw long story short i never had an HPV test but i noticed the changes on my vagina until recently. i guess the sex part made it appear faster? (moist area etc) and another think is that i was sick with the flu the past week and i had a major outbreak and freaked me out a lot, but after reading the home remedies i decided to go with the ACV as everyone else. this is the first day and it hurts like a mofo! i also shaved a few days ago and i think that is also a reason that i got more warts in that area.
Hopefully i will have this under control and will also go get another STD test within this week.
I also got probiotics, vitamins and supplements for the immune system, i will try to quit smoking too and live a healthier lifestyle.
Forgot to mention that this month was the worst month for me regarding my lifestyle and life choices. I had the worst eating habits and drunk and smoked a lot.
HPV will never leave my system but i hope that this wont affect my love/sex life.


I'm 18 years old female away for school. And found out I had Genital warts about a month and a half ago. I had only been with one guy before I noticed the cluster of warts. I went to Planned Parenthood to find out forsure . And they did the acid treatment on them. (Which burned like hell.) The doctor told me to come back in 2 weeks when it's fully healed. The treatment was 98$. 2 weeks later the warts progressed and more came.( and I mean MORE.) I was so disgusted. I went for a 2nd treatment and paid another 98$. But only one little part of the mother wart on me fell off. I'm a broke college student who doesn't have The money to keep coming in for treatments and every other week getting treated is taking to longtime these warts. I'm so glad I'm came across this website. And I took everyone's advice on the ACV treatment, but I added my own mix with crushed ASPRIN and a little TEA TREE OIL inside. The first day of the ACV treatment I left it on for 3 hours. WARNING yes it does burn but after 15 minutes of it i got used to it. The next morning I could see the little warts had already turned real black. So The second day I did it for another 3 hours. And Later on that day before I went to bed I did it for a hour and 30 min. Today is my third day , and I woke up this morning and whiped down there and seen a bunch of my warts on the toilet paper. I took a mirror too see my progress down there , and I can already see where the warts are completely gone!! And let me tell you .. I have a bunch of them. And to see this treatment actually working, I'm so thankful. I've also been taking a lot of vitamins and also starting to workout every night again before I started school. I'm quiting drinking alcohol and smoking marryjane. I'm getting my immune system up and healthy again. So I hopefully won't have a outbreaks of warts again for awhile and I can feel comfortable again with my supporting Boyfriend. SO IF YOU WANT THOSE UGLY WARTS GONE.. TRY MY TREATMENT! It worked for me! :)


ACV for genital warts. Ok so I read all these raves and success stories about ACV so I had to try it. I had one wart barely on the inside of my vagina. Most of the post stated that the ACV burned a little but not too bad. Well I'm here to tell you that shit hurts like hell. I soaked a cotton ball and placed it over the wart and left it for a little over an hour. It basically burned everything. It was so uncomfortable I took off work.
I then got a q-tip and put tea tree oil over the affected area and it gave me so much relief.
While I was doing the ACV and tea tree oil mix treatment, I started taking a daily liquid vitamin, airborne twice a day and a probiotic twice a day to super boost my immune system.
Approximately 15 hours after my first treatment the wart was gone! I was shocked and in disbelief, but more importantly extremely happy!!!!
One other small wart did appear after the first one was gone but I'm am continuing alternating the ACV and tea tree oil until that one is gone too!
Everyone going through this should give ACV a shot, it definitely worked for me and I'll continue to use it!


Genial warts can be a devastating blow to your confidence, but believe that ACV method does work. I did that shouldn't be done and eventually stumbled upon this website and within 2 weeks im 90% clear of genital warts.

Okay firstly Im a male, so this is directed at any male who are experiencing the same distraught I went through.

About 6 months ago I notice a small pin sized bump on the base of my penis, and like most idiotic males I decided to pick it off, at first it bleed but it was gone...until three weeks later it reappeared as did two more.So seeing as picking it off went so well this time I removed them with a scalpel, again they bled but reappeared again with more also appearing.
This time I decided to use Duofilm......please never make this mistake,Duofilm is great for warts on hands but not for the genital area, I burnt my entire penis and all surrounding areas, it was painful and lost about a full weeks sleep and the warts didn't dissapear.
After all my efforts I went to the doctor,which he froze them and told me return in 2 weeks for the same treatment.
At the stage I had about 15-20 warts around the base of my penis.Feeling absolutely miserable, I began researching online and found this website.
So here's what I did, for the first night I soaked cotton buds in Acv and taped them to the affected areas, this is arkward to do,I kept them taped for 2 hours the first night and removed the tape and cotton. Believe me when you remove the tape and cotton everything looks worse and stinks, the warts should be white and you will also notice a lot of news one. The nexus morning I'd shower and start apply Acv using Q-tips, I'd do this every 2-3 hours and then at night tape cotton buds soaked in Acv to warts for 15-20mins and then remove.Do this for 2more nights and then take a break for the process for 2 days to leave your skin heal before starting the process again.Eventually the warts will turn black and scab and peel off.TRUST ME they will.

The key things that also works were taking Vitamins to boost immune system,drinking water,sleeping 8 hours and re reading the success stories on this website to get me thinking positively as Gential warts as soul dystroying.
This is a slow process but be patience and it will work. Good luck.

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