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I have got GW few months back. I had used many medicines but I nothing help me.
one of my friend ask me to try Dettol Hand Sanitizer.
Yes!! it work for me and my wife...
I use to apply Dettol Sanitizer two times in a day. Now GW completely gone...
Thanks Dettol):


it's my 2nd day of applying ACV on my gw and i'm kind of frustrated that i can't see nor feel any results. i don't know what to do now because i've been reading the other posts and they said that you can see the results as fast as day2. pls enlighten me guys. i'll still keep on applying though. is my situation normal? my warts are just the small ones under the head of my penis.


I have got gw. This is my first out break. I'm starting vitamins to help build my immune system up. I have done a lot of research on this. I'm starting out small and then go be to try and find out what really works. I'm going to try acv next. I will try and keep everyone one up dated on what is working for me. I wish all the best of luck with treatment.


I would like to let everyone know that i will be starting Acv treatment for genital warts today. I will be applying acv to the scattered bumps that are beneath the head of my penis. I wasn't formally diagnosed, but it is consistent with my symptoms and history. When i start seeing results, i will post updates. I encourage everyone who has a sti to seek counseling. This isn't an easy pill to swallow, and it helps to have someone to talk to.


I've had warts for about 6 months now. I've tried a lot of different remedies I found online and nothing seemed to work including the ACV. Sure it worked for a little bit but as soon as I'd give myself a break to let it all heal they'd come right back. I did find that the compound W gel wart remover worked pretty well as long as it's used consistently, two or three times a day. It stings a little but it's bearable, not nearly as bad as the ACV. If you don't keep on top of it and apply it regularly they come back though, atleast they did for me. It works but it's takes a while, it took about 6 weeks for them to shrink to where I could barely notice them. But of course they came back. I was about to lose all hope and just start saving up $1000 that I need for the cream prescribed by a doctor since my insurance doesn't cover it, but then I started indoor tanning like I always do around this time a year and I noticed they were disappearing. After 5 days of indoor tanning they're almost completely gone with no other treatment! I only tan for 15 min and I do it in a stand up bed, I heard if you tan in a lay down bed you can spread it to others so I highly recommend the stand up ones. Just make sure to keep your legs slightly spread! Now I just have to see if they stay away this time. Good luck guys! Try tanning or the compound w gel!

Wart removal - ACV

I first 'discovered' my genital warts in 2011 and got rid of them with ACV back then. I just had 1 pop up recently so this is my story of how I got rid of them back then, and how I'm getting rid of this one now. It's detailed, but its everything you need to know.

The current situation is just one larger wart between my vagina and anus. It kind of looks like a skin tag but I noticed it growing very slowly over the last couple weeks so decided I needed to hurry up and get rid of it. The test to make sure its a wart is if it turns white after a few hours with ACV, then its a wart. I went to the grocery store for the list of home remedy items that I was praying I would never have to buy again. This time I was a pro:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar. I bought the Organic (cloudy) kind and the Braggs distilled kind. I forgot which one I liked better and they're like $1 so whatever. Turns out I like the Braggs one for warts but like the organic one to take a shot of for general health.
2. Bandaids of all shapes and brands. This is key, because nothing makes you more frustrated and makes the process not work if you don't have the right bandaid for the right place with the right shape and stickiness to hold it on there and not spread. Just splurge and get different types.
3. Duct tape, just in case the bandaids don't work.
4. Vaseline
5. Ibuprofen or aspirin for pain
6. Cotton balls and cotton make up pads
Also optional:
*Baking soda to make a paste if straight ACV is too strong for you
*Tea tree oil (I didn't use it this time, but it helps soothe)
*Vitamin E capsules
*Vitamins and other things to boost immune system

Make sure you have good lighting to see everything down there. Get a lamp and mirror on the ground and shine it onto your privates to see everything perfectly. You don't want to miss something serious.

Alright, first: Get yourself clean and examine. Take an evaluation of everything down there. I was nervous I would have a bunch like last time and i did a REALLY thorough check. I was ready to go all out again. Thankfully, I just have the one.

Next: Get your cotton ball, tear off a size you deem appropriate, put your ACV on it, enough to where its soaked but not dripping, place it on your bandaid and stick it on the wart.

Your pain: It may hurt really bad at first, or it may not at all. Mine didn't at all. It was after day 1 that it really started burning and the burning means its working. ACV is a natural acid and dissolves skin naturally. It's also anti-viral so it will literally kill the HPV that lie in the skin's capillaries. Don't douse your genitals with ACV; I did half a cotton ball and taped it to the area between my vagina and anus. I wiped vasaline around the bandaid after i put it on so the acv wouldn't get on my other skin too much. If you put oil or vasaline on first the bandaid won't stick.

Changing the ACV cotton balls: I know some people leave it for only a couple hours or minutes, but I leave it on almost non stop til its gone. After 8 hours, the wart had turned bright white. I changed the bandage every few hours. After each change, it stung more and more, but remember, its working. Start to get more localized if its really bothering you, but you HAVE to get rid of those suckers so SUCK IT UP!

Day 2-5: It will be gone. Change the bandage, wash, repeat, sleep, take a break, whatever you need. Your skin will swell, turn black, slough off, etc but what will be left behind is new healthy skin. Only the wart will first turn white, then gray, then black then fall off or get wiped away. Also, other warts around the area might pop up too. The littler ones will go away really fast, don't get discouraged because you're thinking its making it worse. It's bringing up the virus so that it can actually be tackled.

When I first had warts in 2011 I had them everywhere. Not clusters but little ones that I would find around my urethra, vagina, labia, perineum. I was itching inside my vagina and they were in there too! I even did 3 nights of ACV on a tampon stuck up there. After 2-3 days, i scraped out all the dead skin and possibly warty skin from inside there and had the smoothest vagina ever! It stung but actually wasn't that bad. The whole ordeal in 2011 lasted about 3 weeks until I felt normal and wart free again. I did everything, ACV, garlic, tons of healthy eating, tagamet, vitamins, vitamin e, everything. It was consistent use of ACV that got rid of them and let me keep them away for 4 years. I just have this one now, but it's already white turning gray and its only been 20 hours since I've started the process. I estimate it will be gone in 2-4 more days. Let me know if you have questions.


I started seeing bumps on my pubic area at the end of last year. I thought it was razor bumps but it turned out to be genital warts. After a long few weeks of trying to figure out what treatment to use i came across lextrin wart cream. Ive been using it for 3 days and most of my genital warts are gone. Im looking forward to using it another few days and hopefully all of my genital warts will vanish. I will update y'all with the results. Hope that helped.

Brit with vinegar

Just wanted to add my two pence worth to the genital warts treatment discussion.

Firstly, I have no idea how I got them, but that is a different problem.

I found some apple cider vinegar here in Kazakhstan although it is labelled simply as apple vinegar, which I was told is the same.

I initially applied it by soaking a make up removal pad in the vinegar and holding in place for half an hour or so over three days, morning and night.

Yes, this is too much, and I have burned the skin, so be careful.

However I have noticed the warts have turned dark red and dried up, which for me is healing. and the burn is likely to clear up in a few day, it is very superficial.

I wanted to suggest a more localised treatment...

Dip a cotton bud in the vinegar and then hold it on the wart for about ten minutes. The vinegar is evidently an effective remedy but potent and strong.

This is a compromise between what I did and what seems to be what people are saying works.

The warts will are healing nicely, I just suggest people are not too indiscriminate and reckless in soaking the whole area, as the skin is sensitive.

But for what it's worth, apple cider vinegar has cured this problem, quite evidently.


Hey everyone, a week ago I noticed the first wart on my vagina, the next day two, day after that three... I was panicking because it was going too fast, so I decided to treat them with tea tree oil, but burned myself with it (stupid me used pure TTO). Any advice on how to treat the burn now? should I just leave it alone? I am worried that it doesn't get infected, the burn is pretty big.


female. 28 years old.
i noticed some irregular skin (very small skin tag looking things) on my labia minora about 5 months ago. before a doctors visit, i tried to see if i could get rid of them on my own. i tried all/combinations of acv, banana peel, castor oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, aloe gel, and oral intake of multivitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, green tea pills, garlic mushroom pills, wellness pills, echinacea…i've been eating lots of kale, spinach, berries and drinking tons of tea (mostly green).
the point is, over the past 5 months, i feel like i've tried everything with little to no change in their appearance.
i saw a doctor about 2 months ago and without any real confirmation that i had gw, was prescribed Aldara. been applying it as instructed (i skipped some days because a few days after treatment it made me painfully itchy) and am down to my last dosage. still, there's no change. in fact, i think more have popped up!
i have no clue what to do and feel my confidence slipping away.
i'll take any suggestions if anyone has them out there...

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