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I am confused. I've read so much about how acv turns warts white but mine are not. I leave on the acv good skin is irritated and turned red/brown but absolutely no change to the warts. Does anyone else experience what I am? The doc confirmed I have GW and gave me Aldara. I've tea tree oil and it inflammed the least some reaction there. But the two pimple size warts and more raised are in awkward areas near my anus entry that it may be that the cotton ball/acv I'd getting moved when I sleep and shift around. I know bandaid don't help keep things in place - seems medical tape is best for me but not perfect. Any input??


I just found out I had genital warts when I got pregnant. My doctor said being pregnant caused them to become visual and get bigger . I have not tried any treatment yet cause I don't know what would be safe for the baby . It's actually stressing me out so soon I will try the ACV treatment the only thing is I haven't found a way to tell my partner yet ...


I started seeing bumps on my pubic area at the end of last year. I thought it was razor bumps. Then I though it was a pimple but they didn't look like pimples... but it turned out to be genital warts. After a long few weeks of trying to figure out what treatment to use i came across lextrin wart cream. Ive been using it for 3 days and most of my genital warts are gone. Im looking forward to using it another few days and hopefully all of my genital warts will vanish. I will update y'all with the results. Hope that helped.


A couple weeks back i noticed a tiny bump but didn't think to much of it, a little bit later i noticed more and more appearing. Embarresed and so confused i finally plucked up the courage to ask a doctor after hoping and praying that they would be skin tags. Confirming my worst suspicions they were intact genital warts. The unhelpful doctor said basically i need buy a $400 cream which probably won't work or live with them i started searching for natural remedies.

The first one i came across was the apple cider vinegar (ACV)and i have to say it worked wonders. First off you should shower or take a bath i would recommend a bath just because it will calm you and its good to thoroughly clean the area. Next up i soaked cotton pads that are usually for removing nail polish in the ACV and placed them in the various regions where warts had appeared. To keep them from moving and keep the moisture, i got a pair of my tog bottoms and put them one while the soaked pads were in place.

It has a weird burning sensation but you really just have to cop it and its best to do it over night if you can. The next morning i showered and to sooth the area I rubbed in some coconut oil. Once i got home from work i did the same thing (bath and ACV) but it was to painful this time so i just left it on for an hour and did the coconut oil for the next few days.

The day after there were huge improvements, a few had gone away, some with a white head and some with a brown black head which shortly fell off. I kept doing the coconut oil daily and so far no return.

I feel really bad if your know having to deal with this situation but it can be solved don't worry so just hang in there :)


I recently discovered I have GW, however, my partner does not, how I know this is because I was exposed to it a year ago when my exbf contracted it by cheating on me, thus ending our relationship. My current bf of 4 months has nothing thus far and I'm really upset about this because my OBGYN told me I was fine and that I could go on about my life that she suspected my body fought the virus off now here I am a year later with a break out and I've been using tea tree oil which hasn't been doing much about keeping them gone. So I looked up a remedy dealing with alcohol, 17% salicylic acid, and ether.... being a female I know the pain of giving birth naturally and this is worse. But it instantly starts killing it... I just started this 2 days ago and I'm going to stop because after reading all of this I don't think it's going to work and I plan on going in to my OBGYN for the vaccine and treatment I was just wondering if there are any women out there that have completely cleared this out and it's stayed gone for at least a year?


I figured I would chime in when this page appeared as I searching to see if anyone else had tried the concoction I came up with to balance the whole wart treatment thing with a busy life and avoiding scorch skin with Apple Cider Vinegar. For those of you who are experiencing the burn thing, or just don't want cotton balls attached to you all the time, here's what you do. Get a bottle of pure aloe vera gel and a bottle of 100% pure tea tree oil. Take the ACV cap and pour in some of the vinegar in. Add to it one drop (you do not need more, I assure you, of tea tree oil. Then put the aloe vera gel on the tip of your finger, dip it in the vinegar and tea tree oil just a bit, and apply as you'd apply aloe to any other problem. An added bonus is that tea tree oil smells so strongly that it completely kills off the vinegar smell. My daughter has a wart on her thumb I've been trying to get rid of with conventional treatments for years, no luck. So, I found the ACV thing and it was working, but she hated being bandaged and hated the smell. So, I went ahead and took 3 natural remedies, mixed them together, created a pleasant smelling topical solution, and the wart is about to fall off. 2 days later... and I only apply it for 20-30 minutes twice a day.
I had an ex call me with a scare about genital warts on his way to the clinic once, believe me I know how freaked out you guys are. I got lucky and it was a false alarm, but I was beside myself and totally horrified at the idea of having to see my doctor about something like that and about all the other implications of it. Good luck y'all. I hope this helps


ACV and/or Organic Aloe Vera Gel!!!


Even if you always use a condom the vagina/vaginal fluids, penis shaft and scrotum come in contact! Even if you're selective of your partners! The more partners you have the more risk of getting one of these STDs so please limit your partners!

The good news is that getting GW is not the end of the world - even though it seems like it. After you notice your first breakout you're usually likely to get a lot more in the following weeks. Don't panic AND don't waste your money on expensive creams and doctor visits.

If you want to get rid of them ASAP then use apple cider vinegar. Yes it does burn and it will be painful, but if you can tolerate it and if you only have a few they can go away in just one treatment!

I'm impatient and wanted immediate results so I left the ACV on overnight. If you do not have a high pain level tolerance then I don't recommend you do this unless to take something for the pain like extra strength Tylenol. I soaked round cotton pads in ACV and used large band aids and medical tape to hold them in place. In the morning I took a shower and washed the area gently and was surprised at how well it worked. If you try this I also recommend doing it every other night because it is very uncomfortable. The ACV will cause some skin discoloration, don't be alarmed it's not permanent, it will go away in a day or two after treatment.

Organic Aloe Vera Gel works just as well, it just takes a lot longer. I recommend this as 'suppression' treatment, use it so that the warts don't come back if you've decided to use ACV first. The benefit of this is that you don't have to experience any pain, burning or too much discomfort if you decide on this as your first treatment. The gel needs to be refrigerated so placing the cold gel might be uncomfortable but if your warts are irritating and painful the cold gel could be soothing. Please make sure to buy the good stuff, you can't find this at your local pharmacy! Buy this at an organic market or apothecary. It should come in a brown plastic bottle/jug and the label should say to refridgerate after opening. Buying aloe juice is not the same, make sure it's gel from the center or the aloe vera plant. I also use this as an overnight treatment. Whenever I feel a bump I place a liner on my panties and apply the gel all over the area. In the morning I was off. I would suggest that men use cotton briefs or boxer briefs. The warts gradually minimize in size until they disappear.

I hope this is helpful! Good luck to all!


First off let me start with some information of my situation;
18 year old male
very active
good immune system, had one high fever in the past 7 years
no stds,stis, etc ever before

This was my first outbreak of genital warts. and it was bad. i had it on the shaft, the testicles, thighs, everywhere. this came as a shock as i do use protection so i was at a loss and felt very demoralized. i looked at them hoping it was not what i looked up online. After a long time of that, i sucked it up and accepted the fact it was genital warts. THAT MADE EVERYTHING EASIER BELIEVE IT OR NOT.

Because i accepted it, i started looking for home remedies and came across ACV treatment, asprin crushed up with water, and vitamin e. using all of these, i became gential wart free within a week, week and a half AT MOST.

Now I'll explain the process. I did all the 'heavy stuff' at night (ACV). i bought braggs organic apple cider vinegar and poured it in a cup. I'd peel off a piece of toilet paper and soak it in it. I'd take the TP and place it on the Genital Wart. this BURNS but you have to tough it out. just sit or lay down, whatever helps more. cover it with a band aid. use that for an hour then remove it all. you'll see all the white spots (Genital Warts) pop up. More will show than what you think you have. do not be discouraged. This is them being killed. Once everything is removed. crush up 3-5 asprin and make a paste with it using either the acv or water then spread it over the white spots. leave it over night and wash it off in the morning. when it's washed off, apply a topical vitamin e cream allllllll over. leave that on throughout the day. repeat this process as needed. the vitamin e can be applied anytime youre going out and don't have time for acv and asprin. This helps!! just stick through it. Having genital warts is demoralizing and this process will kill those suckers QUICK. Good luck to all!


Just want to explain my own experience and how after 2 years of aggrevation, embarrassment and depression i finally won the battle with genital warts. All started a few years ago i wasnt a relationship bouncer or a one night stand type of person by any means and my sexual relationships i can count on 2 hands just got unlucky you could say. Was showering noticed a few small raised bumps in my groin area always shaving with a razor never thought anything of it. As weeks went by more bumps arose and more bumps so getting bigger. My stomach dropped i had no idea what it was. Finally got the courage to see a specialist totally embarrassed i was told i had hpv. They prescribed me with aldara cream i attempted to use this for about 4 months no change besides erritated skin and flu like symptoms. For months and months i researched for hrs every chance i could searching for overseas doctors, remedies experiences you name it. Discovered several cures being worked on all over the world and vaccines but without trials and tests completely on hese i knew these wouldnt be at my access for years if the fda ever even approved of them. I spent a few hundred dollars on products from new zealand good online reviews but the product was a scam basically natural oils i soaked myself in them all day for weeks with no results. Then discovered information on podofilina its a prescription treatment used in mexico found a supplier on ebay selling it called condil. Followed directions after a few uses i had seen it removed a few of the larger warts i had but couldnt break down the smaller ones. Continued use on and off but didnt get results i wanted and some of the warts had came but but good news some were gone and never come back. So in a state of depression more research i began home remedies tea tree oil the smell was terrible and had no effect for me, baking soda mixed into a paste with castor oil seemed to dry up skin a bit over weeks of use but still hadnt really removed any warts. Ive always maintained a healthy diet of clean foods allergic to chocolates and i never smoked or drank alcohol. Now a year in with these damn things i then discovered they spread to my anal region not ever having any kind of anal sex i was stumped how this occured. So i began to try something alittle harsher on the skin the apple cider vinegar treatment to try and calm these things from spreading even more i also got on ahcc tablets for about 4 months knowing the nutrition value and natural health of the stuff while using acv but the price they cost didnt seem worth the benifit cause i wasnt seeing any noticeable results. The acv took some getting use to and some patience and not to over due it cause it over time burns the skin bad. Id dampen tissue and leave it in the areas overnight about every other day theyd turn white then brown to black eventually drying up and falling off. Week or two later coming right back. So more continued research i found another treatment called Phodophyllotoxin use for 3 days and it rids of all your warts no scarring and no pain but its an over seas prescription from uk called condyline. Searching online in different ways came across a overseas seller on ebay selling it cheap so i went with it. I will say after my first use i thought i was saved it eliminated every one of them in the first week. About a month later here we go again they started coming back not really knowing what to do next i took a break and just tried to forgot about them for a little while to get my head on straight. Continued research and wanting immediate results i was skeptical but then purchased some 50% tca its a clear acid also used as a wart treatment but if not used properly it can really damage the skin and burn hole in it. Being very cautious i used a pointed qtip just barely dip it into the solution and lightly dot the top of the wart with it and wait itll turn greyish white meaning that part of skin is burnt. I did this at first with one wart to see what happened a few days later the white spot turn black and scabbed over leaving it fall off at its own time helps from keeping scarring down. This treatment seemed to deeply penetrate the skin removing the wart deeper down. Using this treatment for several months along with the condyline in the anal region seemed to subside the warts for a good while. Still not luck in permanent removal. So i did some thinking every time you affect you body as in burning the skin or irritating it your immune system has to reheal it up im now 2 years into this battle still unsure what to do. I found a study down with that ahcc on mice and it erradicated tumors from them but didnt really seem to help the last time i had used it when taking a pill form. But most of these companies cut their products anyway so i began to search for a better source and try the ahcc again. Figured by using these harsh chemicals to burn up these warts maybe if i really blast my immune system with this ahcc again itll rid this virus. I discovered a company once again on ebay selling ahcc in a powder form purest form available for $54 for a month at a gram per gram serving i was paying over $100 for. I gave them a try taking one teaspoon of it everyday along with subsiding the warts with those treatments 4 months in i started noticing they were not coming back like they use to not as frequent and never the same ones. By 6 month mark they were gone for good. As of now ive been 10 months clear of any warts i have not had to use acv,tca or the condyline even after i didnt see them i still take a half of a teaspoon of the ahcc everyday just as a precaution but finally happy that my body has taken control of this virus! Sorry their may be some misspelling or bad grammer but this is what my experience has been and what seemed to finally work for me.


Found out I have GW about 2 days ago thinking the redness was just a yeast infection on the head of my penis. Could really use some advice on the topic of Apple cider vinegar. I'm using it pretty much all the time, the soaking method with cotton wool. It has changed the warts to a while and has brought up A LOT of small ones around my penis as well, some have gone a kind of brown/black colour also. My question is, should I give it a break for a day or two or keep going? Also the urethra of my penis seems to be swelling as if the acv is drawing one out from there as well. Any advice or a detailed description of the process and stages to watch would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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