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82 Home Remedies for Abscesses and Boils

Ron Benefield

Not sure on this one but strongly suspect boils are a way one of the elimination organs, the skin uses to get rid of toxins. Boils indicates a toxic body. Detox the body and eliminate the boils.


Put Dreft (baby laundry detergent) into a bath and soak up to an hour.

This brings it to a head to drain.


For an abscess (or extreme spider bites) Try a dry out salve! It does exist!

Just apply some to a gauze pad and place (DON'T PUSH) it over an abscess. Leave it for a few hours and you'll see the drainage.


This is one of the best tips Ive ever got. Use Campho-Phenique Gel only on them. You will be surprised at how fast it rupture. Then go to the doctor and get Bactrim medication. Since Ive done this I havent had not a one. Yay


Get TEA TREE oil soak a cotton ball with it cover the boil. Cover that with a gauze pad and tape it over the boil. It will give instant relief from pain and draw out the poison. It usually busts in a day then just squeeze out the rest of the poison. I use this on diabetics.


If you soak a wash cloth in hot water, then apply it to the boil for at least 5 minutes or until its cool it will bring the boil to a head, then squeeze it or puncture it to let it drain, if the wash cloth dosent make it come to a head right away, try it again! trust me it always works.


To make a boil pop get a vitamin E oil capsule, break it and apply it to the boil. Trust me, it works!


Take a slice of peeled potato(about 1 in. thick) and place it over the abcess or boil and secure it there with tape. Leave it on there for a couple hours and it will pull the poison out. You can see the poisons on the potato. It works, I swear.


Apply a cloth soaked in one part lobelia and three parts mullein in warm water to bring the affected area to a head. Puncture lightly with a sterilized needle, and wash gently. Garlic oil will help defend against infection. Apply vitamin E oil twice a day to speed the healing process.


Drink comfrey root tea to aid in healing.

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