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82 Home Remedies for Abscesses and Boils


I just want to tell everyone out there that suffers from boils does not have to any more . Recently I had two boils one on my side and another under my breast kind of embarrassing place for one well thee one on my side was doing well but the one under my breast was not I tried tea tree oil that wasn't helping I tried hydrocortisone that wasn't helping at this time it was very painful and I thought I even noticed a red line coming from the area I was to embarrassed to go to the doctors and I was desperate then I heard the turmeric cures (drinking one teaspoon turmeric withwater 3 times daily ,and making a paste of tumeric with water and puting it on the boil ) I tried doing both its not easy drinking it but I did and I put the paste on my boil then put some gauze on to cover it well if this didn't work I was going to go to my doctor and have it taken care of well the night after I put the paste on the boil I felt a stinging and I checked it out and it had burst thank god for that , so for anyone that suffers from boils please try the turmeric first nothing else worked for me tumeric really works great it really does


To every one out there that suffers from having boils I just want to say I found some very very interesting info , (Manuka honey) with as much info on this product that claims to help stop staph,MRSA it is worth looking up


Ok B0iLS :/ grrrrr... I HATE THEM and after reading every body's remedies and stories I decided to tell u somethng honestly there's not much u can do ethier way if u do a home remedie u still have to go thru the pain and the steps of a boil the best thiing to do is wait it out I kno it sux but if u DON'T mess with them or touch or mash push watever u do it WILL get better the more u push when its not ready the more infected it will become and the more harm u could do but once it starts to drain u can roll the infection out but once u see. Blood STOP then clean it put triple antibiotic ointment on a bandaid and just keep doing that untill its eventually done. Its really not that bad if u don't mess with it! Thouigh these remedies are very interesting and some do help but ethier way u still have to go thru the steps best luck to all trust me I kno it suxx!
God bless


Abreva, for cold sores and fever blisters worked wonderfully. Brought it out, dried it up. It just takes a little bit.


Over the years I have had these in the buttocks area a few times, but this year I had 3 -- it was a very stressful year for me and I also put on some weight. I do believe poor circulation is related to this problem. What always works for me is soaking the area for 20 minutes in hot water with epsom salts. While you are in the water, you often can squeeze it using a cloth so the infectious drainage does not get into the water when it bursts. If not, repeat the soaking 12-24 hours later and try again. Once it opens, repeat the soak again to help clean out any remaining material. Also rub castor oil on the boil and surrounding area before and after it drains. Castor oil will clear out the infection in the surrounding tissues if you keep applying it for several days after it bursts. I also suggest cleaning with peroxide and applying Neosporin on the first day or two after it bursts. I do not think you should bandage a drainage, it is better to leave this kind of wound open and clean.


I have had 2 lanced and many others. Doctors said first one was some kind of spider or insect bite. Anyways, my point is that I have tried so many different things. Hot compress does help, but I have found that drawing sav is the best. It has a name, but I don't know it. I always tell the pharmacy I need drawing sav. It looks like tar and stinks. But it WORKS!!! Put it over the area cover it with gauze and usually within a day it opens up. Of then you have to squeeze the junk out and then the hot compress then also cause it soothes the pain some. Once the yuck starts coming out though so much relief you don't mind the squeezing! People who don't get them often may judge, but it doesnt mean your not clean or full of toxics! I've tried the potato thing and it has never worked for me. I swear by the drawing sav!!!


I have had a boil growing for a least 3 weeks now. But it didn't have no head to it, so left it alone. Well Friday morning when I got home all I could do was cry. It hurt to move my whole right upper body.(boil under right armpit) I have always gotten small boils there. But anyway after a shower I applied a hot wash cloth for about 15 mins to maybe relieve some pain. It's the size of 2 golf balls and as deep as 1. Then I fell asleep, with the towel off. I woke up to find out it opened on its own and it was draining. I sat there for 20 mins pushing around the area and stuff was oozing out like crazy. Well after 24 hours its still draining and has barely went down in size. But I keep it bandage up with ointment. I change the pads every 2 hours cause its draining so much. but the pain relief this was awesome!!


For several days I used hot/warm compresses and carefully cleaned the abscess and surrounding area with hot water,under my armpit. I even once used a slice of potato, suggested as a home remedy (it didn't work). After about 10 days the abscess came to a head and it was very sore but had not popped. I went to Boots pharmacy (UK) and was advised to use Magnesium sulphate (paste form)to draw it out. I used it that evening and in the morning I noticed there was no longer any soreness. On going to the bathroom the whole area had changed into a white coloured sac. Wondering what I should then do, the abscess almost immediately started to drain itself.
I suggest having plenty of swabs/cotton pads at the ready to clean it up, it smells foul. However what an immediate relief after all of that pain and stinging. I then dabbed the area clean with hydrogen peroxide 6%/30 vol (not the hair strength form) to make sure the area is very clean and bacteria free, and have protected the area with a large plaster, although gauze might be better, so that the small wound, which is left can heal.

Magnesium sulphate is extremely quick, and cheap! I am so grateful to the Boots pharmacy advisor for recommending it and if I ever get another abscess or boil, and hopefully not, then I would use it far sooner.


I have found that every time I get an abscess or a boil applying a thin piece of fatback (available at most grocery stores) works wonders! I had a very very painful one a few days ago and after applying the fatback and leaving it overnight it had opened and started draining by morning. Just use a large bandage to keep it in place and catch the drainage.

J. Thomas

Mix dry mustard with a bit of water, just into a paste. Apply paste to affected area and cover. Abscess/boil will come to a head with in a day or two. Can use store bought prepared mustard, but dry mustard seems to work better and faster.

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