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I was looking on this cite to see if there was anything else I could do to hasten the healing of the three boils/abscesses that thought my abdomen ( resulting from insulin injection site feat hot tub party... FYI not a good combo hot tubs are pretty much staph soup ) and my groin area ( ingrown hair ) a great home. So after 2 rounds of antibiotics and introducing 'lance' to each of them they are finally getting a bit better . Dressing changes every day , yes packing was nessecary . There are 2 kinds of packing that I know of . One is a nasty 1/4 inch wick type from a brown bottle , ouch , especially when the nurse is slowly pulling it out like a damn tape worm . The other is a much friendlier cotton type that magically turns to a gel when saturated with the vile gunk that comes out of such traumatic sores. So.... I've decided to just take a capsule of tumeric suppliment and squeeze it onto a 2x2 gauze and tape it on ... Yes that stuff is pretty messy and powder , paste or whatever form a person uses ... Make sure you protect or don't give a care for whatever it is you are wearing or sitting on , mmmkay. Good . Well ... been about 1/2 hour and I've already achieved boil nervana. Thanks for the advice turmeric tutors , all well n' good. That's a big 'ahhhhh' from this gal . Turmeric gets a greatful 2 yellow thumbs up from me. ;)


Now it may sound a little silly but go ahead and get your every day toothpaste! Put that on the boil and it should come to a head in 5-10 minutes. If you want it to start draining and you already have a head on the boil, put a lot of toothpaste on it (cover it up with a bandage so you are prepared for drainage) and also make sure you do this before going to bed. In the morning you should see that it has drained. You may have to do this for a few days.😊


I came to work today, walking funny and in much pain on day 3 of my ingrown hair boil. After reading a portion of another remedy, looking for something to abate the pain, I remembered as a teen when we couldn't afford acne medicines my mom had me put toothpaste, PASTE not gels, on a pimple. Sure enough the next morning it was smaller and sometimes had even burst. Well let me testify that at 3 pm I put a dab of Colgate on it, nothing else so it could dry. I have to do a lot of walking on my job so at 3:45 I noticed the pain was less. When I checked, low and behold, it had burst. In another post someone stated not to push(squeeze)but pull on the skin and believe me it's less painful pulling.


I have suffered eith massive lumps under arm amd groin for years, and i was in too much pain and antibiotics where not working, so i wnet to a alternative docotor tyoe thing and alternative doctor suggested taking vitiams and fish oils 3 times a day, it has worked.

he also suggeted I have a possible gluten allergy so I when on a gluten free diet. It has appeared to work with my lumps and migraines.

For the odd lumps I try heat and tee tree, it doesnt really work. Any ideas?


I have gotten boils since i was about 14. Im 23 now. I am prone to them since i live in a warm climate. Always make sure underwear is cotton.

My current cure for my last boil was diaper rash cream. I knew it had aloe in it and helps with redness. It worked. It will slowly bring it to a head and soften the boil. Also applying heat does help. Beware for some people like myself too much heat can cause it to swell before it bursts so underwear or clothing rubs the boils. I also reccommend to start taking a fish oil supplement. As soon as i stop taking it the boils come back.

My boyfriend had a boil on his neck and he used toothpaste to dry his boil out. Everyone has a different method.

Tumeric paste will stain your clothes beware.

Tea tree oil is also good.

Heat and no stress :)) goodluck.


I don't what i did but this works!!!!!, I was suffering from a horrible boil located on the under part of my breast(below the nipple area)I couldn't do anything and was to the point of going to the E.R I couldn't move, sleep, anything The entire underneath part of my breast was swollen, red, hot to the touch, and very very painful with no indication of where the head of the boil would start from . I started the day with putting a turmeric paste on the area, and i did this and left it on for hours... no change in boil, i even drank a teaspoon of turmeric with a cup of coffee, and nothing.. I couldnt take it anymore and found this site, i was desperate.... I took a maxipad soaked it with water, rung out most of the water, then sprinkled turmeric powder on top, shook of excess, then applied baking powder, shook of excess, then put on baking soda, then toothpaste, then sprinkled with table salt...(don't wear clothes when doing this lol) and held the maxipad right on the area... and seriously within like 5 minutes, i feel something moving on my skin, there was no pain!!!!, just a moving feeling, since this was a last resort type of thing i wasn't expecting for it to make a different.. and assumed it was the baking soda fizzing and left it on, held it there for another 10 minutes and when i took it off the whole boil had burst completely!!!!! and i was in no pain!!!! all pain gone!!! SO i dont know what part of all those ingredients did the job, but it worked!!!! and super fast even though there was no determinable area where the head of the boil would be... If all else fails do this!!! I normaly dont post to things like this, but i was so amazed and relieved that i had to share and maybe help another person in as much pain as i was, this was instant results!!!! I've tried the heated bottle, turmeric paste alone, warm compresses on other boils and none worked like this combination!!


I have read alot of these remedies and some do work. I have Hydranitis Suppurtiva for short HS. Alot of people don't even know about this but it is when you have black heads usually under your arms or your breast or on your inner thigh and they turn into BIG boils or abscesse like things that drain yellow puss and they hurt like hell. I haven't been able to figure out why I developed this but I know my mother and 1 of my aunts have it. I have read online about this stuff called Emuaid. I haven't been able to afford it cause it's 52.00 a bottle but for a home remedy I always just sleep with hot compresses under my arm or breast where ever it seems to come up and it's very very painful it is worse than childbirth. I wish someone could tell me some home remedies for HS if any is known of. But if you suffer from continuos boils,abscesses and blackheads you more than likely have HS. Look it up. I had to diagnose myself after 17 years of boils and blackheads and severe pain. Hope this helps....


I actually started getting boils a few years ago and could never get rid of them. I went to the Doctor a few months ago and he prescribed me Minocycine HCL and it actually got rid of my boils. The only thing is, if you quit taking the medication the boils will come back. So talk to your Doctor. There are antibiotics that help you just have to take them as directed.


Okay my first abcess was the size of a baseball... Right on my behind most painful thing ever, went the the er had it lanced also very painful considering I could feel her cut it open...took about 2 months to recover... Then I went to Disneyland the scar ripped open! A small one arose again was then put on antibiotics... Few months later woke up and it was the size of a golf ball now I was desperate to fully get rid of it... Went back to my doctor he gave me some antibiotics and told me to come back if it got worse... Well it did but I refused to go back and get it lanced off before I tried everything from home I possibly could... Lucky me I had a teacher who was very into natural medicine and suggested I put a piece of comfrey leaf on it over night! So I got a whole leaf rinsed it off folded it and put it on set a bandage over it so it would not move... I had it on for a totally of about 20 hours no need to change it ... Next day I go to take it off and it's back to my regular scar nice and flat no redness or inflammation or anything!!! I am so relieved!!! Note though when on it does poke and feel like little needles but very bearable and well worth it!! Please try it!!! Wishing everyone the best !!!


i have had boils my entire life, my mom and dad get them aswell. the worse one i had was the size of half a potato. i had to have surgery because of its size. i was cut 3 in. wide and 3 in deep because of the boil. go to your local drugstore and find this ointment called ' boil ease' it works majic. i learned that dairy products gave me boils this may be your case also. go without milk for a week and then drink some and see what happens

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