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80 Home Remedies for Abscesses and Boils


The first time I suffered perianal abscesses was in my early 40s and only a month after having surgery to remove my hemorrhoids! I went to the emergency room to diagnose and treat these extremely painful anal boils, something much more painful than the hemoroids! To treat them, I went to the emergency room and the surgeon lanced them without anesthesia and wow did that HURT!

After a pretty painful month dealing with both issues, I haven't had anal 'issues' till just a few weeks ago.

Suddenly I started feeling the 'boils' develop just under my sphincter. Even after 20+ years, I knew exactly what would follow ... something I did not want to deal with again by going to the emergency room for surgical lancing of the abscesses.

Ergo, I searched the Web for a homeopathic solution, including this website. So I thought it only appropriate to share the resulting methods used to deal with very painful experience.

To say the least it was VERY effective, providing drainage and relief after only one treatment before going to bed. I didn't even require a sitz bath before :-) So without further ado, here's the treatment method that's getting me GREAT results.

1st, and most important, make your poultice.
Poultice Ingredients:
* 2 tsp turmeric
* 2 tsp baking soda
* 2 tsp coconut oil
* 1/4 tsp or 15 drops of tea tree oil

1. Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a small bowl, preferably glass, to a smooth paste consistency.

Next, start treating the abscesses.

Treatment Method:
1. Take warm shallow bath or sitz bath with epsom salt for 20-30 minutes. Re-filling with warm water as necessary.
2. When done with bath, pat and dry the area with a towel or cotton cloth. Never allow infected area to stay wet.
3. With a q-tip or other type of swab, apply poultice directly on abscess, spreading it over the entire area.
4. Cover or stuff gauze into area so it won't easy fall out.
5. Use powder or cotton in your inner wear to keep area dry.
Ideally, do this three times a day with the last before going to bed. If in the morning, the abscess hasn't begun to drain, repeat daily till it does.
Note: In my case I started before going to bed, not even taking a bath and the next morning the abscesses had already begun to drain :-) However, I did have to change my bed sheets ;-)

To help promote proper healing I'm finding what you do after the abscess begins to drain is very important.

After care treatment:
* After drainage begins, as necessary, gently wipe affected area with soft cotton cloth soaked in hot water and rubbed with hypoallergenic soap. The last thing you want now is a cleansing liquid or bar soap that causes irritation to your skin!
* Hot compresses can also help the healing process by enhancing blood circulation and diluting the infective toxins.
* As with the treatment, never allow infected area to stay wet.
* Daily nutrients and drinking lots of water and fluids can also help dilute the toxins that still remain while mitigating recurrences down the road. A daily multi-vitamin is a good place to start.
Here's a great PDF on after care, regardless of whether you decide on surgery or home remedy:

Ongoing Preventative Management
* Take plenty of water and fruit juices to avoid constipation
* Follow hygienic measures in your ongoing cleansing and caring for the area.
* Get in the habit of passing stool twice a day to avoid strain to rectum and anus
* Don’t strain while defecating. It is better to have semisolid stool for easy defecation
* Sitz bath – After passing stool, take a warm sitz bath with salted water for 10 minutes. In a pinch you can use a hot rinsed soft cotton cloth rubbed with hypoallergenic soap to keep the area hygienically clean.
* • Avoid nylon underwear and use cotton ones
* If you do get another attack treat abscess immediately. Don't wait!!

I hoped the above helps those in need of relief and thanks to everyone here who've shared their challenges and solutions :-)


Take olive oil and mix with black pepper and pure chilli powder (not curry powder) and apply. Stings a bit but works..


Thanks a lot guys for sharing dis. It helps me a lot. Im suffering from Perianal abscess even i applied turmeric and tea tree oil on boil. It bursts and feels good. Normally it takes 3-4 days to bursts but by applying turmeric and tea tree oil it bursts in second day. It's because of u all who shares ur problems and home remedies. Thanks once again.


I understand that sugar mixed will Vasoline works really well too. Make sure you clean the area really well first. I have one right now on my privete area that I won't got to the Dr for unless I try this first. It HAS worked in the past but wanted to see if there were any other remedies that were available! Thanks everyone. Hope I can help anyone with the idea that has helped me in the past. Good luck!!


I have a moderate sized zit on my face that I have been trying to bring to a head for days. I read a remedy about taking a water bottle filled half way with very hot water and letting that soften the zit/boil. Well I ended up giving myself a 2nd degree burn on my face and still have the horrible zit. I feel very foolish for doing this. I think it would have been a good idea without the very hot water. I'm going to try to see a Dr. tomorrow.


Been reading about boils and abcesses and noticed folks mention 'black salve' several times - did a web search and found a site with an 'Amish recipe' for making black salve the site is called -


I have suffered from boils and abcesses on multiple occasions. It is one of the most uncomfortable and painful experiences a person can go threw. I have tried so many of these remedies and I wish I could say they worked for me aswell but the truth is.. many did not;( I do have a remedy that does work a 100% of the time and there is videos on you tube showing this method works. Please give it a try. Its free so no need to run out and buy anything!
Step 1:: Get a glass bottle
2:: Warm the bottle in hot water on the stove. Bring to a boil and remove.
Remember its warm so use a towel to hold. Empty all water out.
3:: Place bottle open over head or soft spot making sure you got a good seal.
4. Tap it lightly until the boil bursts inside the bottle. Ahh;) Instant Relief!

Promise it works!! If it is in a hard to reach area you will need help. And when you go to pull off it will be slightly suckened on so don't panic that's a good sign you did it right! && Best part no mess the bottle causes it to be drawn inside of it..


Well..I have suffered from boils most of my life and some were gone ion a few days and some lasted WAY too long.. heres what happened 4 days ago.. I woke up with a small read, kinda painful, sore in the area between my vaj and my thigh, of course not being able to leave well enough alone i gave it a lil squeeze, it hurt like hell and by the end of the day it was so swollen and painful i could hardly walk! i was about in tears and figuring i was gonna have to go to the hospital for the embarrassment of getting it looked at but help off because lets face it, some dr's are horrible with boils and abscesses and having to show my lady parts to a stranger just didnt seem all that fun!! They think because im heavy that THATS the problem, when i had then when i was skinny..
heres what I did..
I got into a hot bath, washed the area very well with antibacterial soap, got out and apply a layer of triple antibiotic ointment, got a washcloth and get it damp and put it on my wound and covered it with a heating pad on low for 20 mins at a time every 2 hrs, took Advil and prayer for relief. by morning it had swelled to epic per-portions but nothing was coming out ..YET, fearing i was yet into the embarrassment of an ER visit, i continued with the damp washcloth and heating pad all day.. the pain was god awful.. I will be forever thankful for wearing some soft shorts to bed instead of a night gown as about 1 am i felt this stinging throbbing feeling coming from my wound! i jumped up and SPLAT..nasty bloody pus everywhere, the relief was so profound! i jumped into the shower and let it drain with a few squeezes to help it get going really good, after 30 mins the throbbing stopped and i thought it was about over, I went to bed, didnt think i needed the heating pad or hot washcloth anymore...YA..OK.. and woke up to more pain and swelling, i quickly figured out the boil had closed and all the built up pressure was causing the pain, I waddled off to get a clean wash cloth and the heating pad going again..10 mins later, BAM, it blew again, needless to say I kept up on the damp cloth and heating pad, day and night, WORST thing ever is to let it close back up..I got up this morning to a big whiteish gray and bloody core stuck to my sleep shorts.. I showered again and its well on the mend! so what worked for me was Antibacterial soap, triple antibiotic ointment,Advil, damp hot wash clothes and a heating pad brought out the core in 4 days.. the swelling is almost gone, I can walk without wanting to scream and pee my pants..I have tried many home remedies, some worked once but didnt the next time,so i just try everything and find the best one for each situation.. Stay strong!


I was reading articles for home remedies for boils or abcesses. And, I wanted to support someone else who submitted their information. There is an illness that is called Hydratinitis. In other words, Hydra (for water) and ITIS for inflammation. Meaning, you were born and it is passed genetically with swollen sweat glands. They swell shut and this causes them to back up and create boils. Mostly people have the boils in their groin area and under the arms. I had this diagnosed when I was about 9 - I am 52 now and have met only 1 other doctor in all those years who had heard of this. The doctor who diagnosed me years ago - told me then that if it gets bad enough - and it did - they slice open the armpit and scrape off the sweat glands then after it heals over you don't get the boils anymore as long as they got the sweat glands. This surgery can not be done in groin area because there is not enough flesh to slice open so they cauterize each individual boil and if it gets bad again over time you can have it re-done. I never have. And, as I said I have rarely met a doctor who had one clue what this is!


Sorry for my English

Toothpaste trick worked for me , apply some toothpaste on affected area over night

make sure you clean affected area with hot water and volla you are good to go

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