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82 Home Remedies for Abscesses and Boils


Ok people, successful healing that works! Trust and do it.

I said I will post here everytime this site helps me so I can even out carmic points.

I had perianal golf sized abscess 3 months ago and I just bursted abscess on my butt under waistline again golf sized. Needless to say how it hurts, especially becouse you cant sit, lay, walk or anything. When pressure raises, you think you will pass out and it lasted for days in my case.

Here we go:

1. Most important: apply tea tree oil on abscess, maybe mixed with curcuma and importantly coconut oil so it doesent dry out skin. This will pull out puss and shorten the process.

2. Apply garlic if you can for 10 minutes. It will hurt, so you will need to:

3. Take hot sitz baths maybe 5 times daily, It is biggest pain reliever. At the end gently wash with mild soap.

4. For quick relief pour very hot water in small bottle and apply

5. Eat: lots and lots of garlic, curcuma mixed with water.

6. Take pain killers at worst moments.

7. If it doesent burst but its fully swollen, heat desinfect very sharp needle and make small hole at the tip in bath tub under water. You can feel your way with fingers, slowly drain. You will love life after this.

Keep area clean. You are welcome.


Uninsured so the ER was a last resort for me as I still owe them from my last infection. I developed a baseball sized patch of cellulitis on my bum. The inflamed area is the size of the baseball but the infection is inside a pocket the size of a ping pong ball. It has been hard to sit, walk, drive, or function at all.

I've had cellulitis before and understand how deadly it and other skin infections can be so while I totally love and support these home remedies- I cannot stress still taking antibiotics. Don't wait until you NEED them, plan ahead, and keep a round in your medicine cabinet at all times to catch it early before it spreads. They are too easy to find online without Rx.

I've had cellulitis enough already so I have learned that preparation is half the battle. Bactrim DS is your best friend. If you can't get your hands on it, the ER is better than dying of complications.

Once you've had a case you are more likely for it to recur. Be prepared!

By Day 3 of onset I knew this one was going to be a doozy. I lucked out in my area and people bring antibiotics across the border from Mexico and they are easy to find. So I looked up my local pill slinger and asked for Bactrim.

I hadn't had time to reorder online as I literally just had cellulitis in chest and used the round I had on standby so I had to put on my big girl panties and drive to an apartment complex where grown men are cruising around on bikes watching the parking lot, park by a certain color vehicle, and wait. Antibiotics are such already low priority for DEA so I wasn't too concerned.

Finally, Pedro Penicillin came walking out and we did the deed. It wasn't quite an episode of Breaking Bad but it was close enough for me. He tries to offer me other cool tic tacs he stuffed in his poopshoot across the border (hopefully not on Taco Tuesday) I assume he meant ones that make you drool all over yourself or peek out your blinds every 6 minutes. I declined and said I just have a misunderstanding with cellulitis so I'm strictly antibiotics. I told him he and his gf should save my number and call when they have another round available. So there's that. I'm coolio with the Mexican Capsule Cartel. I'm going places.

I'm on Day 8 of this thing growing out of me (but only day 4 of Bactrim) I'm thinking at this point my life is over, my bum is rotting off with necrosis, or I am dying of sepsis.

The infection always gets WORSE before it gets BETTER even with antibiotics so don't panic. It stopped spreading and is retracting slightly so I stumbled on this site to help draw out the rest. I've never had one so big and severe. I used what ingredients I had that I've read here because I cannot possibly leave my house and hobble through Safeway with a baseball protruding through my yoga pants. My luck it would burst then and there. I already think this little love spot on my bum is punishment from God for not wanting to marry my ex fiance because the s*x was bad. I'm shallow. Cellulitis cesspool and shallow. I can't chance taking this growth in public.

I have done the usual every day, soaked in the bath as I could. I started with toothpaste in the bandage. You are right that for some of us it does literally damage/burn/take off a light layer of skin but this levels the playing field a bit- one less layer for the fluid to break through to drain. It did seem to draw the pocket of fluid more to surface.

Still no drain. But this is also not your average bout.

So then I spent the entire day alternating hot baths, sitting on a heating pad watching Netflix, and mixing a salve of baking soda, garlic, and vapor rub all mixed in equal parts. Again, put on and covered with an xl bandage.

Behold, by the end of the day my little bum baaeball formed a head and has begun leaking more and more. I laid a towel under me for sleep in case I give birth in the middle of the night to what I anticipate to be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen drain out of this thing. I lay here and type this as it drains....painless thanks to 1000mg of Tylenol.


Antibiotics & Street Cred


Heating pad

Lots of warm water/baths/compress


This is a very scary and painful experience but there's some great advice here so figure out which option your body responds to and good luck and good vibes.

I should have married him.

I'd have health insurance and my bum wouldn't be aesthetically ruined.


A doctor, once suggested to make a wet dry compress. Epsom salt super solution, (remember science class) I get those flat cotton things, one uses to remove makeup. I make the super solution, and dip that in there, then put gauze over the location, then tape it up. Hot compresses as much as I can stand it. After about 4 hours, remove gauze and rinse off in the shower, clean area, and then I do ichthammol (black salve) gauze it up, more heat. The more it comes to the surface the more painful it tends to get. Keep at it, and it will go. Everytime I remove the bandaging, I jump in the shower, and let the water hit the affected area as hot as I can stand. Goodluck everyone.


I've tried several of the suggestions listed here: toothpaste didn't work, campho phenique didn't work, potato slices didn't work. The only thing that worked, once, was applying aloe vera pulp, covering it overnight. That time, it opened in about 16 hours. Currently, I have one on my leg, going on almost a week. I've tried all of the things I already listed. I think it hasn't been ready to open, thus, it hasn't. So, I just did the aloe vera thing again, except this time, I sprinkled turmeric all over the aloe, then covered it with a non-absorbing gauze so the aloe will be absorbed by my skin and not the bandages. If anyone has any suggestions or advice as to what I may be doing wrong, I'd love to hear it. I'll try just about anything to avoid going to the ER. Thanks and if any progress, I'll post an update!


My husband is currently suffering from an extremely large staph related abscess on his head. We cannot afford to go to the doctor, so I have been searching this website for a remedy all night and now all morning. I have greatly appreciated all of the suggestions that the submitted posters have been giving, and will be attempting them all. Starting with the hot epsom salt bath, and various poultice's throughout the day, and detoxing teas as well as mutli-vitamins. I am in dire need to fix this problem for it is a very frightening experience, and he is not allowed to hold our 8 month old daughter until his infection is gone. It is causing him physical and emotional pain and it needs to end, soon! I hope to have the same luck as you all.

Last night, however, I tried one remedy that I found on another website. I sliced two thick, fresh onion slices and placed them over his CLEAN affected area (make sure that before you do anything to your body with binding over night that you clean it thoroughly) and bandaged him overnight (well, three hours, considering our child woke up early this morning...). He says today that the pain has increased and that the pressure has also increased. The onions acid is supposed to help pull and ripen the boil. So, I am assuming it did it's job.

I hope I have a success and should I, I will post the methods that I used for him!


I had a Boil on my right shoulder and talk about hurting, i could not even move my arm.I tried every home remedy from tea tree oil to castor oil everything i could find on the internet then one morning after a restless night from this thing i found a tube of Capzasin HP arthritis pain relief cream i knew it was hot so i said what the hell and put it on that boil which was huge and that did it! That little parasite wanted out of my body now! So to who ever has a boil that wont go away i recommend putting some of that cream on it.




For the past half year, I've had a history with abscesses and emergency rooms. I've had enough. Recently, I grew a cyst on my lady parts and I really did not want to end up in the ER again, so I began hot sitz baths as soon as I found the little bump. It helped to prevent it from growing large in size. I also dabbed a bit of antibiotic ointment after every bath.

When the pain began to worsen and the cyst/ abscess began to point, I started soaking the area with hot green tea bags and covered it with a warmed turmeric and aloe Vera paste in a gauze. After a few hours, it began to bleed and I squeezed a bit out.

I applied some hydrogen peroxide and another round of the turmeric paste. After a few hours, the boil softened and I did a hot sitz bath with Epsom salt. I applied more turmeric after the bath and will sleep on it. Hopefully this works for some people!


I was super sick , I saw like 40 doctors, 5 orals surgeon dentists, I had lump in my mouth they all kept saying it just a muscle I went to nautropathic doctor who put me on Mercurus Heel i took five to seven a day

which draws abscesses to the surface

within 15 days my right side my jaw had a big lump ....then she had me soak, is Epsom salt which draw poison out and the heat works together the salt I also used a pot of hot water on the stove and dumped salt into it and just steamed by entire face. WOW IT WAS AMAZING IT WORKED The doctor said, saunas, hot baths and steam especially with salt water is the answer or even clay .


I often get horrible skin boils on my chin, especially when I eat too much fast food. I used to to do everything I possibly could to get rid of them, which often meant damaging my skin, but through a long process of trial and error, I've learned how to get rid of them without causing a huge mess on my face. As soon as I notice one has shown its ugly lil face on my chin again, I immediately take 2 Tumeric capsules. Tumeric helps to detox the blood and in my own experience, heal my boils faster. I take it 3xs a day. Next I soak a cotton ball in warm salt water (Epsom Salt) and apply it to the area for at least 15min, if not longer, several times a day. (1/4C to 1C water). I re-soak the cotton ball as needed. This acts like a warm compress and also softens up the skin in order for me to be able to treat it more thoroughly. Next, I apply 1 drop of Tea Tree essential oil directly onto the boil followed by Aloe Vera Gel and a small amount of antibiotic ointment. I repeat this process 3xs a day. I also eat healthy, consuming large amounts of onion and garlic as well as drink as much water as possible. At night, I repeat the steps above and then cover the boil with a baking soda/water paste to help with any possible scarring. Right before bed, I cover it with a good clay mask and a small dab of calamine lotion to help dry it out while I sleep. My boils usually heal within a few days to 1 week. Of course if my boil is really bad and it refuses to heal with the remedies above, then I will make an appt. with my dermatologist to get a steroid shot and antibiotics. Sometimes this is necessary if the infection on my chin is too deep.

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