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Killing Flat Condyloma. 2 doctors and 8 years. Dark spot - not raised at all, about 2 mm across and 5mm long.Had it biopsied. Flat Condyloma. It came back. Not as dark but itchy and spreading much faster. Tried Condylox. That seemed to work. Then it returned again in a few months. Fresh Garlic. I have had some real visible progress in a short period of time.
1. Slice and peel, then shape the garlic to the width of your wart.
2. just dab a little on 2 or 3. Then let dry for 4-5 minutes before wearing anything.
3. I dabbed on for 4 days. Then let heal for 2. Then dabbed again for 2-3 days. Skin will burn and itch right after applying. Don't scratch- You'll take the garlic off. Garlic on this part of your body is strong. Area may scab if you are using too much. This will eat your skin if misused.

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