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Tried tea tree, vinegar, aristocort
eventually purple mum roll on deodorant.

It cleared it up, all gone, now I just put a little mum deodorant on each morning, and haven't had it reoccur in years.


Ground Cinnamon rubbed onto jock itch area seem to relieve the itching.


OK Guys - here's my Cure for Jock Itch - Guaranteed - I had Jock Itch for about 2 Years - at Times it would drive me absolutely Nuts - I would scratch the Living Crap out of Myself - I searched the Net for Months - I tried all the recommended Cures - Vinegar, Salt Bath, Fungal Creams, Alcohol - Bleach - and tons more - THEY DON'T WORK - I eventually came across a Guy that recommend Chlorine - IT WORKS - Mix 1 Part Chlorine with 4 Parts Water - I mixed it up in a Sports Bottle - the Pop-Up Lid type used by Athletes. I then sat on the Toilet or preferably in the Bath or the Shower. Make Sure you Wear Surgical Gloves or a Bag over your Hand. Make sure the area is well ventilated as the Fumes are quite rough - I then squeeze the Chlorine Mixture over the affected area - NOT EVERYWHERE - Just the affected area - make sure you rub it into the area - squeeze more - rub more. Keep the Chlorine Mixture on for 10 Minutes - I did experience a slight tingle. Then wash the Mixture off PROPERLY - you will find your skin in that area to now be extremely Dry - the Itching should also be gone. Then take a bath and properly wash the area. After bathing, add Talcum Powder to the area - preferably Elizabeth Anne Cornstarch Baby Powder. Make sure you re-apply the Powder when waking up the next Day. You should see immediate results - HOWEVER - A Fungus does not go Easily - His Motto is 'I will be back'!! Now you have to repeat the entire process 2 Days Later - Remember to keep using the Talcum Powder every Morning and Every Night. In all the process should be repeated 3 Times on alternate Days. After the 3rd Treatment you wait a Week and then repeat the Treatment Once - those Little Bastards should be running for the Hills by then - and I mean RUNNING. Guys this works - 100% Guaranteed. You might have people telling you the Chlorine is bad etc etc etc blah blah blah - but they aren't suffering - YOU ARE - IT WORKS!!! Try it. Remember to keep using the Talcum Powder regularly for at least 2 Weeks - The Chlorine Powder is the Type used in Swimming Pools. Give me some Feedback - - Cheers

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