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4 Home Remedies for Sneezing

Keith Alexander - Mansfield, TX

If you are in the middle of a sneezing fit, dampen a wash cloth with tap water and wring it out so it is wet but not dripping. Blow your nose to make sure it is clear. Lie down and drape the washcloth over your face. Press the washcloth gently to your nose and mouth so that you are breathing through the moisture of the washcloth. If done properly, this stops the sneezing 100% of the time. Note: if you can't breathe, loosen the pressure on the washcloth. If you are still sneezing, tighten the pressure to make sure all your breaths pass through the moisture.

Suki Lee

Hello Dr. WizeR Send his greeting to all, Good luck.

*For sneezing try meditation. and breathing excercise.

*Also try garlic pills ( 1000 mg)

* Vitaming C (1000mg) everday

*Drink alot of water.

Good Luck


Hold your breath. I've heard it's horrible for you, but it couldn't be that bad if you don't do it often.


To keep a sneeze from exploding at a bad time and you feel it coming on quickly, place your index and middle fingers directly beneath your nostrils and above the bow of your upper lip and press firmly until the urge to sneeze disappears (usually about 10-15 seconds) Easy and helpful (esp. in church, etc.)

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