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3 Home Remedies for Clogged Drain


If your drain backs up frequently, (we had a problem with our basement backing up) Boil water and mix in a lot of vinegar. Oily type buildups can be a problem, and vinegar is great for breaking up oily things, especially when mixed with boiling water.

We use about 1/2 gallon of vinegar and 5 gallons of boiling/extra hot water about twice a year and haven't had a backup since! After a few years, we've even become confident enough to replace our carpet!


For ordinary clogs that dont require tools or a plumber, pour one regular size box baking soda in drain. Follow with one cup white vinegar. Ley sit couple hours to overnight if possible. Then pour a pot of boiling water in. may require few plunges with a plunger. Run hot water till it drains properly. Should do the trick.


Bathroom sink was draining way too slowly, and this idea worked.

First check that drain pipe connections under sink are tight. (May want to clear area out and put pan under too in case pipes leak.)

I took an empty plastic shampoo bottle, measured the distance between the faucet nozzle and drain, and then cut the bottom off the bottle so that it would fit tightly between the two (faucet nozzle and drain), then blocked off overflow hole, and with cut bottle in place, turned on faucet full blast; which pushed clog sink could drain well again.

If cut is a tiny bit off, it's possible to add a rubber washer between bottle top and nozzle (like the one for garden hoses), or hold wet rag around.

And if the lower end doesn't fit very well, it can also be sealed up somewhat with a wet rag wrapped all the way around. (If it seems too dificult to hold everything tightly, maybe have another set of hands help.)

Another method used on kitchen sink or tub, is to bring garden hose inside, stick in drain hole wrap around tightly with wet rag, plus block off any other drain hole, and have some one turn water on full, while you hold end of hose down. (Also should check pipe joints underneath first).

For tubs, also use garden hose and wet rag, and also have to block any oveflow hole, (usually located by stopper lever)

If this doesn't work, try using something which is poured down drain to loosen things up first...then try again after a while.

Like vinegar, boiling water, hydrogen peroxide, etc.

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