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My dog has an eye infection. Ya with yellowish/white drainage and opaque film over cornea. Got home from working nights, he was fine. Went to bed in afternoon. When i woke up, noticed his eye. Used warm compresses & did an eye wash with natural tears solution in case its a foreign body. He winced when i gently applied the compress. Did help tremendously though. Had to work again but was going to bring him to the vet after. I have read so many homeopathic remedies on the net since. Here's one.. found an article written by a pediatrician saying that OTC neosporin can be used in place of opthalmic triple antibiotic ointment(also called neospirin opthalmic ointment). Site is Primarily used for bacterial conjunctivitis (pinkeye). Also, terramycin ophthalmic ointment..its OTC but out of stock on Amazon right now.
Warm tea bag soak of chamomile or generic black tea..dipping cotton ball in saline solution & wiping eye gently (i think a very diluted saline solution would be just as effective). Many people criticized anyone that didnt bring their pet to the veterinarian right away. Who are you to judge? Been a nurse for over 20 years. Homeopathic remedies are used more than you can imagine. Hope this helps someone out there who wants to get their pet better. No judgements here. If needed..ill bring him to the vet. But, ill try a home remedy to ease his discomfort until then.

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