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3 Home Remedies for Exposed Root


I have a split molar with an exsposed root and good god the pain was excruciating!!!! I couldn't handle it and I have an extremely high pain tolerance, rinse your mouth with extremely salty water immediately. immediately!


I took whole cloves broke the tip off and easily pushed it on top of exposed nerve.
This worked wonders. In between i gargled witn a lil ' food grade peroxide' keep in mind i said lil cause the difference in food grade peroxide and walmart peroxide is like night & day. U can get food grade at a health food store. It says do not injest that's why a lil dad a do ya. If need be dilute it a lil bit. It's potent stuff compared to reg 5% store bought stuff. But wrks wonders.

The Rock

Well I have a broken tooth with root exposed I'm guessing n pain was seriously killing me! Ohhhh that stupid throbbing pain! Anyways after reading some things on here I finally tried this... Swishing around a nice shot of Johhny Walker, then i have sum natural honey with the honey comb in it so decided to chew some up till it's still sticky n chewed it on side of mouth with the hole to stuff the hole n guess what! pains been gone for over 24 hrs now! Man all we needed is bee wax! Awesum! Now i can actually do stuff again!

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