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2 Home Remedies for Wounds


What's worked really well is to clean wound, usually with water, then hydrogen peroxide (3%), then apply a liberal amount of goldenseal root powder, gently patting down, and staying still so it can mix with/absorb blood / fluid and form a 'scab' or 'seal' of sorts over wound.

If wound starts bleeding again, add more powder, and avoid brushing or washing scab off; it will slowly fall/crumble off when wound underneath is closing up with new skin growth.

I've used this when some would say 'stiches were necessary'; and wounds have healed with nary a scar.

Yet, I also apply natural Vit. E oil after wound is well past bleeding phase.

Because the dryness of the powder helps to 'pull' the gap from cut or wound back together. So no oil until largely healed and 'sealed back over' by powder and God given ability to heal.

I recommend everyone have goldenseal root powder on hand...but if it is unavailable some other powdered herbs can be used, such as cinnamon, and tumeric.

Additionally, I've found for wounds that show signs of infection, repeatedly spraying lightly with 3% hydrogen peroxide (the peroxide only stays active for a short time) and then 'puffing' food grade diatomaceous earth directly onto wound site so that it sticks and covers it - does tend to readily help eliminate the infection.

Both tend to dry the skin however, so after infection is effectually countered, some vitamin E oil, or other natural moisturizer should be applied.

Another way to apply the hydrogen peroxide is to soak tissue paper and gently plaster it over infected site, leaving it in place for a while, say 15-20 minutes. If paper dries out too soon, it can be soaked again while still in place...but if it falls off prematurely, best to start over with a fresh/clean piece.

Usually purchase herbs from San Francisco Herbs or Mountain Rose Herbs, both online.

I like to search on web, write down what to get, and then call order over landline phone...seems a bit 'safer' that way.

Happy Healing!


put cream of tartar (which is potassium tartrate) in very warm water, soak for 10 minutes, then put a bit of honey on the infection for 30 minutes, then rinse off. This was used by soldiers in some wars when they couldn't get antibiotics. leave the

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