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1 Home Remedy for Dysuria


Hi to readers
From past 7 years i was suffering from Dysuria(Lower urinary tract infection (cystitis),Upper urinary tract infection (pyelonephritis),UrethritisVaginitis)

So people who are suffering from 'DYSURIA' can get relief by having following home remedy

Remedy:Indian Spinach(leaves or stem),Barley,cumin.
Botanical Name: Basella Alba

Some other names: Ceylon Spinach, Indian Spinach, climbing spinach, Basella

Take same quantity of barley and cumin; soak into Indian spinach leaves juice. After some times, dry and powder it. Then boil with water and drink it.


You can eat Spinach(leaves/stem) as a raw without barley and cumin.

I took this for exactly 1 weeks and got cured from this problem.

This really gives you wonders and get relief from dysuria.

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