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3 Home Remedies for Wisdom Tooth


I have had terrible tooth pain for three days now. I have tried everything on the net. Nothing worked so then i decided i would try my joint gel i have for my knee injury and it worked wonders!!!!! I may have a breakout in thw morning but at least I will finally be able to sleep. Take the joint cream and rub it on the outside of tne cheek over the affected tooth. Lay back and relax. It will give off a cooling sensation. No pain so far.

De'shanti Vaughn

I've Been Having Serious Pain On My down right side wisdom thooth & I'm only 15 I can't sleep at night wake up every night crying. I Come on here like everyday And read like it's a book!. & ive tried salt water cold and it worked to get the left over food out & I tried a ice cold cloth helped a little But just For couple seconds. ONLY USE IT FOR SWELING. Now Im trying the uncooked rice in a sock HOT! & It's Working.


I have been on here before when i first had problems with toothaches. I tried garlic, which burnt like no other and eventually dissolved the pain. However now the pain is back months later and it is the worst pain EVER! I tried eating garlic again DIDNT WORK! I tried Clove Oil DIDNT WORK. I tried Teething gel DIDNT WORK. I took some nurofen Codeine and Ibruprofen it WORKED for a few days then my body became immune to it. I have been up for 48hours with no sleep. After visiting the dentist, they told me my wisdom tooth cant be taken out yet due to the way its growing so the pain continued. The only thing that has worked is COLD WATER that numbs the pain for 5mins which then returns. I have never drank so much water in my life, which leads to spending the night on the loo. FINALLY, I bought ORAJEL Dental Gel. My days it was like a miracle. It numbed the pain immediately AND allowed me to be pain free till my next dentist appointement next week LOL best of luck guys

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