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17 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Ache


I have been struggling with severe tooth pain and toothaches for the last month or so. I lost a filling some time ago but only recently have the aches and pains manifested themselves. this site has been a great help for me ( and my irrational fear, or rational distaste for going to the dentist )

remedies i have tried:

IBUPROFEN & TYLENOL - (separately and together) basically no effect at all. I've had luck using the two for various aches and pains throughout my entire life but they just do not cut it for the tooth pain I've been experiencing. the times I've tried it in hopes of dulling the pain i just end up with stomach aches from taking as much as i do in hopes it will have some effect.

WHOLE CLOVES - i didn't have access to ground clove or clove extract so i took some whole cloves and set them near the affected area. after being softened by my saliva i was able to bite down on them and noticed a small reduction in pain. on a scale of 1 - 10 my pain went from a 8 to 5

SWISHING WITH HEAVILY SALTED WATER - actually used this before reading some of the remedies listed on this website (used as a child for canker sores and mouth wounds). seems mildly effective from my experience. probably brought the pain down from and 8 to a 6. i believe it is mostly good for clearing food debris and etc from mouth before moving on to stronger remedies.

SWISHING WITH PEPPERMINT EXTRACT - first off, WOW this stuff BURNS. if you think liquor is rough this stuff will shock you. it brought me to tears the first time i tried it (used more than i needed) but it works fantastic - immediate pain relief that lasts for up to a couple hours for me. brought my pain from an 8 to no more than a dull ache.

CLOVES SOAKED IN PEPPERMINT EXTRACT - one day i was having it particularly rough and even straight peppermint extract (swished and placed on tooth with soaked cotton ball) was not cutting it for more than an hour. put some cloves in a bit of peppermint extract and microwaved them to expedite the process. placed them onto the effected area and let them sit for an hour. dulled the pain relatively quick and in the end reduced my pain from a 9 to about a 3. seems equally effective as regular peppermint extract but longer lasting, especially if you deal with having soggy cloves sitting in your mouth

SALT WATER & PEPPERMINT EXTRACT - this is my go-to first line of defense. when i start feeling the dull ache coming on i go mix up some salt, hot water and a teaspoon of extract. this will often take care of my pain right away if it hasn't gotten too serious yet. even if the pain is severe i do this first to clear things out and. brings the pain from a 8 down to 4.

basically what I'm getting at is; peppermint extract. it works, try it.


I had a very severe pain due to a broken teeth with cavity..
I tried a lot of home remedies ,from cloves to salt water but nothing worked so good..
Atlast I put Some piece of Paracip 500 Tablet in the tooth..
At first it increased the pain,but after dome sometime it just reduced my pain from 10 to 2 ..!! :-D


I have had problems with my teeth for as long as I can remember. I happened to have gotten my front tooth knocked out and a couple months later, it's giving me the most excruciating pain. For the past couple nights I have not been able to sleep and when I do I just wake back up. It's causing pain in the whole right side of my face. Well, out of desperation I found something that finally worked for me. I took Tylenol and then runner vapor Vicks rub on my cheek where the pain was. Almost instant relief! A dull throbbing was still there so I decided to try something I had heard of. Rub your temples and the pain should subside.
Currently laying on a heating pad(if you have an infection, avoid this. It could make it worse.) and I'm gonna try to get some sleep.


Swish mouth with pickle juice


I started having tooth ache pain not four hours ago and now I am writhing in pain, I came to this page and saw many reviews about using clove oil, so in my desperation I went and I bought some cost about $17 and believe it or not it worked, the pain is not completely gone but at least I am much more relaxed


Had a HORRIBLE TOOTHACHE that got worss as I was reading the remedies for toothached. Garlic kept coming up, so I had a jar of minced garlic. I just took a little spoonfull of Pure Garlic Juice, Swished it around the infected area...and BAM!!!! Instant Relief!!! Now it did not burn like some of the other garlic remedy people say theirs did, but everybody is different....Hope this helps...:)


I bought clove extract, you shake it well, put 20 drops in 2 oz of water and drink it. I believe this boosts my immune system to help fight off any possible up coming infection. Then I put a couple drops directly on the problem tooth. I also have an ice pack on the outside of my face. This seems to be helping. Extra strength Tylenol didn't phase it!! The clove drops seemed to have numbed it, thank goodness!!

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