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17 Home Remedies for Severe Tooth Ache


i would get some pain relievers, preferably chewabke ones, so they would dissolve quickly therefore work quickly.

if you get tooth pain and you know its cavities, then go to the doctor right away. severely damaged teeth can lead to death. you could get ice packs and put them on where it hurts.

dont eat too hot or too cold or it will hurt more.

jade xx

I have been up constantly with the worst tooth ache i have ever imagined! no tablets were working, even the ones i got from the dentist only worked for two days and then i was constantly in pain having sleepless nights, the only thing the worked for a second was ice cold water, then i came on the site and found clove oil and i tried it and it worker instantly and no more tooth ache! got to sleep straight away, no more sleepless nights.

John R. S.

Try using a whole clove. It will act as an anesthetic after 20 minutes.

low threshhold

I have a chipped molar, and once in a while, that area or other areas will hurt. I would usually brush the area with Sonicare toothbrush for 10-15 minutes, concentrating on the painful area. Today, I used the Sonicare several times, but it only helped for a few minutes at a time. I took two Ibuprofen, only helped for a bit. I took two more Ibuprofen, and it only helped for just a bit more. I then took two aspirins, and the pain subsided for almost an hour. Since I didn't want to take any more pain relieving pills, I remembered that drinking coffee helped my migraine headaches. I then drank two cups of coffee, and the pain went away. I'm sure the coffee worked on the pain in addition to the Ibuprofen and aspirin pills.

Never give UP

I tried them all. Swish and gargle with apple cider vinegar, warm salt water, salt and pepper paste, floss and gentle brush...AND garlic clove. Finally got some relief. So not sure which did the trick but would suggest all do work and pretty sure it was the cider vinegar. I heard that clove and olive oil paste is best but used everything I had at the time. This should definitely help :)

Human Tree92

I have a Major Toothache. I have tried Jack Daniels/Vodka half and half. I have also tried 2 Naproxen 500MG, 4-5 Advil every 6 hours. I went to the store around 3am and bought some DenTek Temparin Max to fill it in until i could make it to the doctors. Just to let you all know don't use Dentek or any cavity fillings as it will make the pain worse. Usually Strong burning alcohol works the best. My teeth are bad from smoking and chewing. I finally quit smoking and trying to quit chewing. Wish i could change my life badly. Right now mixing Jack, Vodka, Crest, and a lot of tooth paste caked over the tooth solved my problem. I just apply it 2-3x a day.


I've been having the same problem. My wisdom teeth are all growing in right now so for the last 3-4 months I've been taking ibuprofen and eating soft foods. Which had been working fine for me and usually takes up to 15-20 minutes before kicking in. But last night...I may have gone over board with my sweet foods and today I am suffering the consequences. I came on this site hoping to find a way to numb or ease the pain and I seen a post about sucking on a cough drop. I have to say this has helped immensely! I pray that everyone who's going through this pain doesn't have to suffer too long. (Cus I know that tooth aches can be HELL) God Bless! :)


CHEWING FRESH GARLIC CLOVES burns but then toothache disappears immediately!! i have been in agony for 3 weeks with severe toothache, i had 4 fillings on friday and need another 4 on tuesday and i have to wait another 2 weeks before i can get my broken wisdom tooth pulled :( ill definately be stocking up on fresh garlic!!!


I had been in excruciating, agonizing pain for over 2 hrs tonight to the point that I wanted to pull my hair out or literally chop my head off and the Anbesol liquid that I usually put on my tooth when it hurts wasn't working. I googled home remedies and found this site. After reading, I tried what I had at home ( being that it was 4am when I got up after reading the remedies, I wasn't going to town at this time) I tried every one of them I could. I made a paste from salt, pepper, & garlic powder with a drop or 2 of water and put it on my tooth for a few mins. Then I rinsed with hot salt water & repeated it. Then, I cut an onion and chewed a piece of it on my good side of my mouth then held the onion on the affected tooth for a few mins, then, I took minced garlic and spread around my tooth and gum for a few mins. Then, I sprayed my tooth and gum with Cloraseptic spray & put a cough drop in my mouth on the hurting side. I also took two 600mg Ibuprofen. I'm still hurting some but my pain level definitely went from a 10 to abt a 2 in abt 15 mins. I usually don't really believe in this home remedy stuff and never try it but I HAD to. I was hurting too bad. I'm glad I did! I hope this helps someone!!


I have been awake for hours trying to deal with this pain that keeps getting worse. Finally I found this page and tried out some of these. I have a chipped upper molar with an exposed nerve. What worked for me was rinsing with mouthwash, then salt water, then swishing a tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide around the tooth. Now I have taken some Dental Wax and used it to fill in the gap for now to help avoid anything getting stuck in there. Has given me relief for the last 30 minutes. Just wanted to share before I go back to bed.

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