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1 Home Remedy for Speck in Eye


Several ways of helping with a speck of dirt or dust in one's eye.

Look straight up and try not to blink for ten seconds or so...usually causes eyes to water - which can help 'wash out' speck.
(Don't look directly at sun.)

Rinse with clean water if available, use a small clean glass jar with an opening that fits snugly around eye (or an eye cup), if available.

Squirting a tiny bit of lemon or lime juice in affected eye will cause it to water up profusely, and may wash out speck. (Will sting a little.)

If the speck is located under eyelid, gently lift eyelid with clean fingers and hold, then look far away as possible from lid (up or down depending on which lid), then release lid. Repeat if necessary. Can move speck out from under lid for easier removal.

Especially if there's a mirror, or a trusted friend, and the speck can be seen - a small, clean strip of cardboard, or twisted paper with a torn off end, can be used to 'pick out' the speck...but if after a few attempts at physical removal, it's still sore, usually best to cease touching or rubbing it...and it will likely work it's way out while sleeping, and be found in a corner of the eye in the morning - if it's not actually 'stuck in place'.

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