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6 Home Remedies for Breast Care

Stephanie G Salazar

If you are a new mother, be sure to nurse your newborn for 12-24 months. No less, because you are at a higher risk of breast cancer.
Eat healthy organic / natural foods.
Take organic herbal supplements, get sunlight daily.
Avoid sunblock!
Drink green tea with honey and lemon. ( decaf tea)
Do not drink carbonated drinks ( soda...)
Avoid stress.

Be positive
& happy :)

One more thing
Take herbal fenugreek it causes breast enlargement
Never wear to tight of a bra, it cause breast cancer.


For any breast problems soreness, FBD, cancer, ANY PROBLEMS can be helped or cured by taking Lugols iodine in liquid form or there is a pill form. All my breast cyst and pain has totally disapeared. do a google search to learn more!


When breasts are overfilled and painful from pregnancy, lay leaves from a head of cabbage flat inside the bra over nite.


EAT Wheat, bran and cabbage.
Helps to maintain estrogen at healthy levels & prevent breast cancer.


Red raspberry tea will keep the breasts healthy.


Apply cod liver oil, garlic oil, vitamin E oil, or white oak bark tea in sore or inflamed nipples.

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