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Bladder Infections and UTIs Home Remedies

5 Home Remedies for Bladder Infections and UTIs


Hi I recently had s very bad bladder infection where antibiotics didn't work and it was the worst feeling ever, I need to urinate constantly with a pressure in my urethra. I did some research as I had it for over a month and I couldn't cope with it. I started taking a heaped tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda (standard one from the supermarket) 3 times a day along with taking cranberry tablets and herbal cystitis relief tablets from a health shop. And within a few days I could notice a big difference. Now it is nearly gone. The best thing I did was start taking the bicarbonate of soda as within 20mins of taking it I could feel some relief. I have also started drinking herbal tea twice a day, one in the morning and once at night.


I have frequent UTIs due to a genetic health issue. Years ago, I would have 2-5 each year & as I've aged, I get 1 every 1-2 years.

I do not feel comfortable pumping my body full of antibiotics every time I feel ill & often times resort to herbal or natural remedies first before taking antibiotics.

My best remedy for UTIs is about 2-4 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with raw mother, mixed with about a half cup of water & about a half cup of natural, no sugar added cranberry juice (not the 'juice cocktail' kind, but 100% juice). I drink this mixture 2-3 times a day at the first sign of an infection & usually chase it with a cup of water.

In my experience, the frequency & pain of urinating drop immensely just after the first day. I continue drinking the mixture for about a week, since even when the symptoms stop, the infection is still there.

I'm not a doctor, but I know this remedy has worked for me & family & friends I have suggested it to.


This is a help in preventing frequent UTI's: watch the type of detergent you use. Some of them are so strong that they irritate a woman's delicate system. Some of them come with perfumes that can also be irritating. Use a little vinegar in the final rinse to get rid of extra soap.


Drinking alka-seltzer clears out bladder infections. Drinking tons of water helps too, but add the alka seltzer with every few glasses and you will feel better!


My grandmother used to have serious bladder infections all her life as she had cancer there. (Spread from breast). Her home remedy before that was to take a bunch of parsley, steep it until a deep yellow color, strain and drink it. I have gone to an all night Denny's before at 3 a.m. and bought all they had left. It works and within a half an hour too, but not the best tasting. No need to drink anything else either except water of course. One other extremely helpful tip I can give is that I always got Uti's after oral sex so had my husband gargle with Listerine beforehand and never got one that way again!

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