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38 Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infection


I've fought this monster for years I am a 24 year old woman and have never had a healthy relationship or sex life because of this. And here's my short and to the point story.

I started with the standard Gyno visits and was given flagyl and then would go into endless cycles of bv, yeast and utis. Sometimes the pain was absolutely unbeatable. My bf and friends and I even think the Gyno started to think I was nuts. I was steeped in deep depression once my bf broke up with me and I had a series of bad relationships. And really I couldn't have good sex if I wanted to.

Fast forward I started making lifestyle changes, going to the gym, boosting my immunity, eating and using all natural products. Started feeling like me again, a better me but the infection was still there. I tried many things and FINALLY one day my bv godsend came!

Goldenseal root. My local health food store savior mentioned I try this herb. She was far more understanding than my Gyno and really wanted to help me. She recommended this and a probiotic. Goldenseal is a strong natural antibiotic. I took 2 caps the moment I bought it. I kid you not within hours my infection GONE! I recently started seeing this amazing man and had held off sex because of my problem. Well lets say that night was quite amazing. I felt strong and happy and sexy again!

This bv fight has made me change for the better these are the things I take and do to live my happy and healthy bv life.

2 Goldenseals a day for a week then take a week off

2 Primodiphilus Reuteri caps before bed every night

A Folic acid, vitamin c and vitamin d in the am

2 cranberry pills when I don't get to the bathroom or have sex

I eat almost entirely all natural and go to the gym 3 times a week.

Eat lots of garlic! Ps is does wonders for yeast never again will I use Monistat!

I hope this helps everyone on their journey to cure bv. Be happy and healthy :]


Forgot to add to my first post! I also drink lemon water, a lot of it. I insert a fem dophilus vaginally after sex and after my period to help keep things happy, just like to be proactive. I may insert it every other day, twice a day for 2 days etc, just depend on how I’m feeling!

(Long post, Sorry! Please read though) Hi Ladies, I started having problems with infections starting in October 2013. I went to the doctor then and found I had a yeast infection. I was given a prescription and thought all was fine. In November, I was taking a shower one day and noticed an sour smell coming from me. I am very clean and this disturbed me. I went back to the doctor and found out I had yeast again plus BV. Once again I was given antibiotics, etc to treat both. Lo and behold I was right back at the doctor in December for yeast and BV again!! Ladies I feel your pain! I was recently divorced and thinking what man is going to want me with these issues. Even though my doctors were telling me I could have sex, I didn't wanna have sex until I knew the issue was gone. In January, I was on my 4th doctor, yes 4th! She prescribed metro gel for 6 mths twice a week! To me this was an issue, we were treating the infection, but not getting to the root of it. In December, I had started taking Ultimate Flora probiotic (15 Billion. Although, it didn't seem to be helping, I continued to take it. I cut out sugars, breads, ate more healthy, etc, but still had the infection. When the doctor prescribed metro gel, which I hated because I felt like I couldn't have sex with a vagina full of medicine, I decided to do some research online to see what else I could do! I tried bathing in ACV, sea salt, and tree oil, none of these worked. I douched, which is very bad, but hey I was desperate at this point, with hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, that didn't help either! Mind you I only had the discharge and burning every month. I only had the odor that one month, probably because everytime I noticed the discharge, I ran back to the dr. In February, after breaking down in the shower, I made a last ditch effort and went to a 5th doctor. He tested me, but everything looked clear. I think that was because I had used metro gel the night before. He scheduled me for another appt for March of this year and said when I came back, he would do DNA testing on the bacteria. This gave me hope, because this was something different that the other drs. hadn't tried. Yet again, after I left him, the discharge was back within a few days. I went to the store and bought ALOT of vitamins. At this point, I didn't care if i overdosed on vitamins! lol I wanted and needed to get rid of this BV for my sanity. At this point the yeast was long gone, only the BV remained. I was already taking a prenatal vitamin, 15 billion ultimate flora probiotic and a fish oil. I added Vitamin c and D and odorless garlic but that didn't really help, but I continued taking it. Only when I added straight acidophilus, Fem Dophilus, and folic acid to my vitamin regimen did things get better! Now I will say, I had to experiment with how many of these vitamins I took to get the right dosage for me before things cleared up. I'm telling you after I added the additional supplements, I was cleared up in 3 days. I had another break down, this time thanking God and just being plain freaking happy!!!!! :-) Ladies, I'm here to tell you, don't give up! You can beat this! When I went back to the doctor in March, I got great news! I was all clear, no clue cells, no issues! First good report I had received since October!! I am not a doctor, but this is what worked for me. Here is how I started my vitamin regimen, morning, I took 2 acidophilus, 1 womens ultimate flora 15 billion probiotic, 1-2 fem dophilus, 2 vitamin D. Lunch I took 2 - 400mg folic acid, 1 prenatal, and 2 odorless garlic. Dinner, I took 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin c, and 1-2 fem dophilus. I was taking alot! I have been clear for over a month and have not had to use any meds at all! In the past two weeks, I have lowered the dosages of these. I am now taking for maintenance, morning, one 50 billion ultimate flora vaginal support, 1 acidophilus, 1 femdophilus, 1 vitamin d. Lunch 1 prenatal, 1 garlic, 2 folic acid. Dinner 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin C and one femdophilus. I still check myself regularly and because I'm paranoid lol, if anything looks funny or if I get any funny tingling down there, I open up a fem dophilus capsule and use a tampon or the metro gel applicator that i rewash, and insert the fem dophilus powder directly to my vagina. I instantly feel better!! I'm not sure if it a combo of the vitamins that helped, but sometimes I feel like its just the femdophilus by itself, but I don't know! Either way, I am cured!


I had reaccuring BV and YEAST for about a year after I tried a vaginal product from some company. I could never get my balance right. I did the 21 day cleanse and used the yoni oil. Within two weeks all symptons had cleared up. I know this is not what anyone wants to hear but the cheese , salt , dairy , fat , sugars etc that you all are eating will keep you having BV. I am now eating on her meal plan and I take Probiotics for mult reasons and my vagina is happy!


Thank God for you ladies!!!! First off, I don't write on blogs but I just had to share my experience and give thanks to you ladies who also shared this embarrassing experience.

I have suffered from what doctors claimed was YI and Vaginitis for 2 years after having my baby. However that was not the case. I did my own research and found out I had BV. My searching lead me to this site. I decided to try some of these remedies since nothing the doctors gave worked.

I started off by taking 1 Women's One a Day Vitamin, 1 D3 2,00iu, 1 folic acid, and 1 vitamin C. At night I inserted 1 Folic acid vitamin up my vagina and the next day the smell was completely gone.However, the next day I started smelling the foul smell again so I decided to use the douche method with equal parts of peroxide and water. I was smell free for about 2 weeks then my period came on. 2 days after my period the smell came back which is today. So I inserted the folic acid, vitamin C and E up my gf again. But if this doesn't work I will just have to douche which I know will help until my period comes on. It's a start until I find a long lasting cure.

Once again, thank you. God Bless you and I hope this helps someone

Concerned for ALL women

Firstly ladies, I feel your pain. (Or rather have FELT it.) Question: what are all of you using for menstruation products??? I suffered for nearly 20 years (started menses at age 9) with regular bouts of yeast infections coupled later in my tampon years with bv. I had always used a combo of disposable pads/pantiliners and tampons. I would end up with one infection or the other after nearly every damn period! No one could tell me why. Then I did some online research and was completely disgusted to learn that our disposable pads and tampons ARE NOT STERILE. I just about died when I learned this. What I also learned is that it is absolutely not normal to wrap your vajayjay in plastic wrap for a week, so what makes disposable pads better? (Nothing. In fact they're worse than that.) The lack of breathability coupled with all of the 'who knows what?' chemicals they put in there and don't have to tell us about make our nether parts very vulnerable to becoming a yeast-producing machine! As for tampons...they're internal in a place that is very absorbent and sensitive. The cotton is not organic (pesticides), they are treated with chlorine bleach that when combined with the other chemicals create a chemical reaction that makes dioxins (known carcinogens). They are also laden with rayon (plastic) that helps bacteria flourish in there and scratches your insides and little pieces can become embedded in your vaginal walls! Do the research, I'm not kidding. Go google moldy tampon and see what comes up. Read THAT horrifying story. Then get yourself some natural products (reusable if you can). Before you go getting all grossed out, fyi your period does not stink, your pads and tampons do! (I also had no idea 'til I started using them myself!) I love using my sea sponge for a tampon because I can treat it with vadge-friendly things like ACV and tea tree. If you're still not convinced after doing your research, by all means, continue to use your commercial disposables (to which in your lifetime each woman will contribute approximately 16,800 used pads and tampons to our landfills) and get yourself some stock in Prevagyne (internal vitamin C tablet for vagina) because you're gonna need it, I'm sorry to say.
I know I come off a little harsh on this one but I don't have time to sugarcoat things. I respect people who tell me the way it is, whether I like it or not.
Btw...I haven't had an infection of any kind in almost a year...which is a huge deal for me. I also love that I can go into a public washroom stall and there is no tell-tale rustling plastic being heard, just a snap button. And that's me snapping the wings together on my reusable pad!


Hi all,

First, let me extend my empathy to any one dealing with this issue, as it is painful, embarrassing, and at times makes you feel hopeless.

I've dealt with recurrence 3 separate times within a 6 month span. Not to mention, the second two times I also had a yeast infection combined with the BV infection.

I've done some reading on recent studies done to determine initial causes, and cause for recurrence, and all point to the fact that doctors are still not sure. It can be caused by a change in your body's hormones, stress, sweat, sex partner's hygiene, anything really. All they can do is treat the symptoms as they occur.

I was prescribed Metronidazle the first time. I took only that and it came back two months later. The second time, i was prescribed the two-day dosage treatment of Tinidazole along with Diflucan for the yeast infection (fun times). The two-day knock out was not enough.

The THIRD time that both infections came back at once, I was determined to figure out a way to end the madness. I again was prescribed Metronidazle and was SURE to cut out all sugar, starch, yeast and alcohol from my diet. Some things that you would not suspect to have yeast ingredients do so read the package. I then followed up with the diflucan for yeast infection. The thing that has made the most difference is taking a different pro-biotic that the GYNO gave me samples of: Provella. I am telling you now, to make this your pro-biotic. It has 6 different strains of lactobacillus that promote healthy vaginal conditions. I was taking Pro-B probiotic before when all three infections occurred.

Also, garlic supplements (a natural antibiotic), Virgin Coconut Oil cold pressed supplements, Echinacea, and Women's One food-based multivitamin for women (contains all the essential vitamins for women's health, plus Lactobacillus Sporogenes, a women's nourishing blend of Don Quai, Red Clover, Organic Spirulina as well as a organic vegetable juice complex with kale, spinage Dandelion greens and beet.)

Separately, I have been taking vH Essentials homeopathic BV capsules that help reduce and prevent BV symptoms. It can be found in the pharmacy isles and is 100% homeopathic, so does not require a prescription but should still be checked if you have an allergy to any of the ingredients.

Also, I'd like to mention that I felt I needed to shower constantly, use feminine wipes and such, but doing so too frequently can at times make matters even worse.

The prescribed antibiotics act to kill of the bad bacteria which is absolutely needed and needed quickly. Provella words to promote healthy bacteria that your Vagina needs to thrive. Diet plays a huge part in combating whatever craziness your vagina is planning against you, and the supplements to wonders to maintain a healthy balance.

I know how insecure BV can make you feel about your body, but don't let yourself get to that kind of thinking! Having this (or these) infections can make you feel depressed, insecure, in a bad mood, uncomfortable and all around miserable. But remember, a woman's body is complex, and each one is different! Turn that distress into motivation towards finding out what works for you, and hang in there, its not forever!

Fighting the Beast to the End

I have struggled with BV for over a year now. From my experience, the physicians have no idea what to do. There are medications to take, but they take a great toll on your liver. And there is no guarantee. I am not interested in that route. I took it one time and it scared me. FIgured I'd rather be alive and healthy with an itchy crotch than wasting away with liver failure, feeling fresh. Needless to say, I remain confident someone will come up with the natural cure. I sure wish they'd hurry up though.

I can tell you this about my version. It is completely related to sugar intake. I can practically eradicate the stuff from my body. (though I can almost feel it patrolling....) And as soon as I eat my coveted chocolate chip cookie, things go awry. Mostly because I cannot eat just one. My sugar intake peaks. Next day...there comes tiny waft of...the dreaded smell.

I also get small sores either in my nose, mouth, or tiny little pimples on the outside of my nostrils. (when they're inside they are quite painful.)

This is all quite irritating to me, because I eat so incredibly healthy. I juice, I'm a veg, practically vegan, I eat lots of grains, veggies, seeds/nuts. I practice yoga regularly. The ONLY junk I eat is chocolate chip cookies. And when I eat them, I eat alot of them.

One thing I do (and this really helps) is to take 2 Jarrow probiotics EVERY SINGLE day. If a flare up (likely because I ran out), take throughout the day for at least 2 days and drink GoodBelly (yum!) as often as you can afford, at least once a day for 4 days.

Here are two cleansing/douching recipes I have tried successfully in the past (and continue to use). One I doctored from a previous post. I can't say either cures it but it certainly quells the tide and takes out the itch and the smell.

50/50 hydrogen peroxide/distilled h2o
1-2 drops tea tree oil (the less there is, the more powerful, really). TTO is antibacterial and antifungal. TTO is the safest and gentlest essential oil for the entire body and is one of the few eo's that can be put 'neat' on the skin, meaning doesn't need a carrier oil. No brainer.


distilled h20
1 tablespoon-1/4 cup-ish of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Either recipe really feels like you cleaned house. You can get a good night's rest without that ridiculous discomfort. There is a concern about douching too much. I agree. However, for me, sometimes the only other option is a potato scrubber.
And I really don't want to do that.
In a pinch, Braggs on a cotton square tucked inside the labia. It's like a fire was lit, but for me I withstand it for a minute or so. Once removing the pad, and the sting subsides, the itch is gone. That may seem sadistic to some. But I much prefer pain over itch. especially if it is brief and works.

The first whiff I get, I get a sea sponge and douse with hydrogen peroxide. Squeeze out with a towel (trust me on this, your first sneeze will confirm this need). Add 1 drop TeaTree Oil. Insert for the day. It fights the beast, and keeps the discharge and smell at bay. At the end of your work day, remove. Rinse well with water .soak in white vinegar to disinfect. (you can get sponges on look for HolySponge)

What I am about to do now. Because I have grown tired of this and I am ready to fight the beast full on now.

I am going on a 5 day cleanse. All sugar will be removed from my diet (give me strength).

In addition, I recently read a post here about using Redmond Clay. Making a concoction and drinking it. I looked it up. It's very interesting, and ceratinly can't hurt. So while I cleanse, I will clay.

Wish me luck. Hope these recipes and suggestions help you with your beast.

Whole Foods Remedies

So this is my 3rd time having Bv followed by a yeast infection. The Metrozonicle didn't work.. my skin was so irritated-I was dry and itchy and it was starting to sting!! I did my research and read forums of home remedies. I didn't want to douche bc I feel like that is more disruptive. I tried washing with vinegar-my skin was so irritated and dry it burned!! and didn't do anything for me. so I went to whole foods and this is what I got:
Ultimate vaginal Flora 90 billion probiotic
vitamin d3
vitamin c 1000
Folic acid
womens complete whole food vitamin.
tea tree oil

I took two probiotic and inserted one in my vajay with a tampon.took all the other vitamins by mouth. drank a whole bottle of water- treated my poor dry irritated skin with a wipe of tea tree oil-it burnssssss like hell for about 10/15 minutes then starts to tingle then cools so beware.

I felt alittle better that evening...

this morning I took 1 of each of the vitamins and inserted the probiotic to clear out the bv and inserted the vitamin c 1000 along with it to keep my PH acidity levels up to fight the yeast infection. also did a tea tree wipe.

right now I feel no irritation from the inside-just my skin which is irritated from a whole week of scratching-I feel much better down there-there is discharge but no smell. Im hopeful, I will continue this procedure for the next 3 to 5 days to ensure I am 100% fresh.

Thanks to everyone before me writing in their experiences-hope this helps!

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