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38 Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infection


Hi. Im just asking a question please leave a comment if you know what am i experiencing now, bcoz idont know where i am going to ask this thing.
Im 15 yrs old when i first experienced the itching, and im sixteen now . I dont know if I have Yeast Infection or BV. It is very itchy sometimes especially if i dont change my panty. my vagina gets abrasion easily when im washing it, so when i used soap or peeing it is hurt, It is smelly, and my discharge is color yellow sometimes white. I consult a OBYGN before but shes recommending me a antibiotics that i cant afford and suppository. Im still a virgin. Maybe it is not a STD or gorronea.. i just want a home remedy. please answer me thanks.


I never thought I would be cured of this evil issue until I decided to try something that I had seen but never really heard anything about. I purchased the capsules online from a wonderful seller at a great price. I know that I don't have to do a lot of convincing to a real BV sufferer so but just know that these capsules saved my confidence and my relationship


Suffer from bv for a very long time. I have found using a probotic that is specificaly use for female parts ie; pro B but I use a gerneric brand thats similar and less expensive from CVS. I insert every other day. I rinse with peroxide as needed doing the week and after intercourse keeps it at bay. I insert the probotice in the vaginal area instead of orally. I use to do this but it seems not to work for me very well so I decided to insert it. I also, take vitimin C, prenatal vitimin and MSM vitimin daily. I have seen quick results in a matter of a hour. This is something that works for my body and it keeps it simple. This is something I know I will have to keep as a regular routine for me. I dont think there is a cure for BV, but I do know its something that has to be maintain on a daily basis.

Erins mum

Ladies, i too suffer from bouts of BV and usually get antibiotics from the docs. However I have recently found out some interesting info about a possible cause for this if you have re-occurring symptoms. I'm interested in this new craze of quitting sugar and how it can poisen us if we eat too much. Sugar as we know it now is not a natural product that our bodies can naturally process. In researching this I found an article about candida overgrowth. This can happen when one eats too many sugars and unrefined carbs. Our tummies flora goes off balance and it causes all sorts of problems. One being vaginal infections.(amongst others..all which i ticked the boxes as having) Interesting. It may be worth googling it and seeing what you think. I def think the two are linked.It seems that to treat this too the methods are similar to posts on here. Probiotics etc.. I'm now in the process of cutting out carbs for a few weeks whilst my body gets used to no sugar, as well as taking all the recommended supplements and probiotics... heres hoping it works


It all started with a UTI. I went to the Dr and he prescribed me antibiotics and this cured my UTI but left me with a yeast infection then I went back and forth with UTI and Yeast infection or I thought it was yeast infection then discovered I also had BV and I just could not stop this very disturbing cycle.
I started researching natural remedies on the internet and tried tea tree oil inserting yogurt, tea tree oil and all the pills with the active live cultures etc. At first it does remedy the symptoms but would always come back after a couple of days. I went back to my doctor and explained to him all the natural things I had been trying and he said that this could actually be making things worse!! He said never put anything into your vag.. other than lubricant!!! (He meant as a medicine) He also explained how I should be cleaning. So I listened to him and stopped all that I was doing. This is my cure:

My UTI cure:
At my first sign of a UTI I start to drink RiƱosan TADIN brand Tea 3 to 4 times a day for two days then 2 times a day for another 2 days then once daily for as long as you feel you need to. You can find this tea on Amazon. Believe me this gets rid of my UTI and I have not taken any antibiotics for over a year. It does not taste bad at all and helps detoxify the Urinary Tract.

My BV/Yeast cure:
Very simple I bought baby wipes the unscented ones. I first shower in the morning and I do use soap to wash the outside of my Vag... I don't open it. I only use water on the inside when I open it. Before getting dressed I take one baby wipe and rinse it with water and wring out the water try to get most of the water out of the baby wipe as you can, then from front to back swipe each side of the inside (I hope you do not miss understand I don't insert it all the way inside just the labia and clitoris area). I do this in the morning and at night daily and after sex. If I get a little irritation from time to time I use a little lubricant to alleviate the irritation and it always helps.
I am so thankful I have found my natural cure and wont be using anything else. Hope this helps someone out there. Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients in the tea or lubricant before you try it.


Hello loves! I have been suffering with BV for about 2-3 months off and on. I have gone to the doctor but all they do is give you more antibiotics and not only did my BV come back, I got a nasty sinus infection on top of it which means more antibiotics. Now I have tried every home remedy you can possibly imagine: apple cider vinegar, peroxide, coconut oil, yogurt. Now these things might work for other women but not for me and I'm not a big fan of douching or sticking things into my vagina. BUT I have found something that cost $7 at your local grocery store called GOLDENSEAL. Goldenseal is a very powerful herbal antibiotic that was used by the Natives and it targets only bad bacteria and your genitourinary tract, which is a PLUS! You are not going to find Goldenseal by itself, it is usually packaged with Echinacea which is also an herb that boost your immune system giving your white blood cells more 'oomph' to fight off the infection. I took 1 pill in the morning and 1 at night for 3-5 days. By the 2nd night, my infection was gone but I took it for 3 days just to make sure all the bad bacteria was gone. I would also advise you to pick up some Lactobacillus acidophollus as well and take that for about a week AFTER you are done with the Goldenseal. ALSO do not take Goldenseal for long periods of time 5-7 days should be your max. It is good for your body in small doses but not in large ones. This product is also good for colds, flus, urinary tract infections, etc. When you feel a bug coming on, take 2-3 pills a day until the symptoms are relieved. GOOD LUCK! OH! And make sure you take Goldenseal with meals! It will burn your stomach, drink plenty of water to push the toxins out of your body!


Okay so i have had bv AND yeast infections for like 3 years now they happen once a month and there is NOTHING that fixes it I have seen my Dr every time i get them the put me on antibiotics then done. the past 3 times i have been on antibiotic they haven't worked. I have bv right now and have had it for a whole MONTH. my bf and I are 21 so sex is a really good thing to us but we can't 'Do it' cause it hurt and it looks horrible. Please please please help me some one...

What was inside me?

So I came to this website for help with the smell that would not go away from my vagina. It would get really bad during my period and a day after sex with no condom. I had originally used a antibiotic gel from the doctor that called to be injected with a full syringe before bedtime for 5 days. It gave me a yeast infection, and the smell came back in a couple weeks. I cut back on alcohol and sugar, started eating better and taking a multivitamin. I rotated between probiotic capsules (oral and inserted), garlic cloves one night, yogurt the next night. Coconut oil pieces from the freezer with tampons soaked in apple cider vinegar & H20 to go out. These all helped control the smell. However it would always return. This went on for 4-5 months. So as a last ditch effort I loaded up on eating yogurt during the day and I injected a little more than half the syringe of antibiotic gel, that I had left over, before bed one night. The next morning I douched(I know you are not suppose to, but I was kinda worried about leaving the gel in all day- I was scared of getting another yeast infection.) To my surprise a few small pieces of white material surrounded with a little dark blood appeared on the tub floor! I was no where near having a period. That day a little more came out when I wiped. It was white, soft and didn't have an odor with a tiny bit of dark blood. I waited a day, ate more yogurt always taking my probiotic orally. Repeated the antibiotic gel one more night. Nothing appeared this time the next a.m. when I douched. LADIES, THE SMELL HAS NOT RETURNED ONE BIT AND ITS BEEN 2.5 WEEKS! I've even had sex with no condom, few days later, still no smell. I just finished my period, no smell the whole time. Take what you will from this, but I figure when the doc originally looked inside to see if I had left a tampon, she may have missed something else. I don't know what it was, but it was something foreign that was just festering away. Once I hit it with a little of the anitbiotic gel and douched it out, ALL SMELL HAS STOPPED. I felt responsible to recount my story because I know how terrible it is to smell. All the home remedies were effective for a day but I would have to constantly be putting things in my vagina to keep some control over it. I hope this helps give you some hope that there may be a solution for your problem. The gel is called MetroGel-Vaginal (metronidazole vaginal gel) .75% Vaginal Gel. It says to put 5 grams in for 5 nights. I put aproximatly 3.5 one night, waited a night, and them put in about 2.5. I had a little bit of white discharge and thought I was going to get a yeast infection but that was it. I feel back to normal. Fingers crossed!! Good Luck, don't give up hope, and don't forget that you are beautiful.


I been suffering from reoccurring bv for13 yrs now and didn't realize there are alot of women suffering and looking for a cure as well, im glad I came across this sites and other sites as well, I also like other women get yeast infection to I hate them both. My dude stay tryna clown like Whats that smell and calling me sour patch to, sometimes it hurt my feeling but im a song women it's all good no love loss!! Anyways I was on amazon and came across something called pearl yb and I ordered it alot of women where saying how it worked for them I hope it work for me.


My story starts out much like everyone else's on here. I get chronic bacterial infections and yeast infections and was going to the doctor once or twice a month for almost 2 years. My doctor had me convinced that this is such a common problem and there was nothing he could do for me except treat it each time. (And eat healthy and exercise, which I already do!!!)My body has a hard time fighting off infections and making enough good bacteria to fight the bad. So every time I would get my prescription it would clear everything up only to come back again. I was missing work for doctor appointments (try explaining that one when you work with all men). A week ago I felt my usual infection starting up and all I could think about was great, no more sex and I have to explain to my boss I have to leave work for another doctor appointment. On my lunch break I looked up this website never having done anything like this before. My doctor always told me the only cute for a bacterial infection was the medicine he was giving me and there was nothing I could do on my own!! Well being desperate, I read the stories on this site and thought holy crap this is the exact thing I am going through! So I went to the store and bought every single supplement and vitamin that was mentioned. What could it hurt? I bought probiotic acidophilus, accuflora probiotic, acidophilus pearls, ultimate flora, odorless garlic, vitamin d3, vitamin c, folic acid, cranberry supplement, tea tree oil, womens one a day multi vitamins. I was taking multiples of each vitamin 2 times a day and inserting one of the pearls at night in to my v. Slowly but surely both infections started clearing up. First the yeast, then the bacterial. It was like a miracle I couldn't believe something off the internet worked!! But believe me, it does!!!!I also forgot to mention I get clusters of boils in that area and on my legs, this reduced those down and they are almost gone as well!! I plan on making a doctor appointment just to have him check for infections, I want to make sure this handled it completely, but I feel normal again!!! I also plan on continuing all the pills as a precaution but in a lower dosage.

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