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Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infection Home Remedies

38 Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis and Yeast Infection

Jodi Barker

I had bv on and off for 10 years after my son was born. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. Like others here have said, antibiotics made it worse. I've been bv free for 8 years every since I decided to stop feeding it and eliminate sugars from my diet. Finding the correct probiotics (only 2 strains are clinically proven) and a prebiotic diet helped get my body back in balance. Since there is no one place to get all the home treatment info you need, I created a small blog with free info on exactly how I did it. Go to bvtreatment dot com

Peace of mind

I take Oil of Oregano it kills EVERYTHING, good and bad, for three days as well as Blackseed Oil and probiotics this combination worked until I started to eat a lot of sugar. Now I have to start over. I was able to get rid of the itch and discharge, never had much of a smell but so HAPPY that the itch was gone. Black seed oil also kills yeast. I take the oil and cook with the seeds(use like black pepper) . Don't take if you have high blood pressure.


BV can be so annoying. It causes an irritating discharge with fishy odor. I know how frustrating it is trying almost everything but still having recurrent BV, It's can be so annoying.

I cured my BV with Coconut oil, black seed oil, garlic, fenugreek oil with aloe vera. Try soaking a tampon with coconutoil and insert inside your Vagina when going to bed (do this 7days or 14days)injest two tablespoons of cold pressed coconutoil first thing in the morning and before bed time. One tea spoon of black seed oil once a day,I take mine first thing in the morning with coconutoil and fenugreek oil. (for fenugreek oil, one teaspoon of it in a little warm water and drink in the morning. 2 cloves of fresh garlic... chew or smash and swallow with water (for me I don't chew, I peel and slice the garlic cloves into tiny pieces and swallow with warm water) I do it last in the night with my pressed coconut oil with aloevera.

As a matter of fact, the first few days you start this remedy, you will notice your BV clearing up. Do this for a period of time to make sure your BV is completely gone. It's 100\\% natural and safe.

Thank me later.


Avid reader first time poster. So i just realised this morning the dreaded BV is back after months of pristine vjj condition. Worst timing ever as I've just started seeing someone new! Last time I had BV I was so desperate I had a course of cleocin despite all the dreadful side effects. It worked but it wasn't a pleasant week. But from my experience this is what I would recommend:
Cleocin did work but it totally destroys your stomach so if you decide to go down this path also get some kefir AND aloe vera juice AND slippery elm powder, these will help with the excruciating stomach pains. You also get bad reflux so chewable antacids help.
I am of the firm belief that coffee, an excessive amount of coffee set my BV off as well as sex with a new partner. Pee and shower after sex!!!( Rinse her with cold water and nooo soap) I think apple cider vinegar and the vit c things are only a temporary solution, you may get a few days to a weeks relief but that's it. I just did the tampon in ACV trick (it burned like crrrazy) to tie me over until I see the doctor tomorrow but I really think cleocin will be the go for me again. They say 30% of women who are treated successfully for bv have a recurrence within a few months so I guess there's just no rhyme or reason. I've been slack with the kefir and over doing the coffee so that's what I'm putting it down to! Also, the early symptoms can be confused with thrush. Taking diflucan seems to aggravate it more! Hang in there girls! Maybe there is someone out there with the miracle cure


Hi.I'm 28 years old. I have had bacterial vaginosis (BV) for almost 2 years. When I first had symptoms, I thought it was a yeast infection. I never really get any discharge with the bacterial infection as you would in a yeast infection but my symptoms are burning and itching, bad! I started going to my OBGYN for this and he put me on treatment with Cervugid Ovules ( vaginal suppository). After two months of treatment with Cervugid Ovules ,I had medical tests again and BV went away. I was cured of the disease. I am very happy that i got rid of those awful itching and that horrible smell. Now I can start my life again.


Ultra Probiotic Complex 30 Billion Women's (3 AT NIGHT) and Ultimate Flora WOMEN’S COMPLETE 90 Billion (1 AT Lunch)
CURED my reoccurring BV and Yeast Infection. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!
This was life changing and I am forever grateful for the person who orrigianlly advised this on the Home Remedy Site.
It's expensive but sooooo worth it.
Thank you again God for leading me to this product. TRUST ME...your vagina with be Happy


I've been suffering from bv for about two yrs now and I've tried almost everything prescribed and over the counter including Boric acid tea tree oil which burned like hell and the yogurt trick which worked for about a wk den it was back with a vengeance.i did some searching and someone told me to try all natural vitamin c capuals and insert one into my vag every night for about 3-7 days. So I went on a hunt for them because at this point I was fed up with the embarrassing odor. I went to my local vitamin shoppe looked for a straight vitamin c capuals with nothing else in it I looked for a lower dosage no more than 500mg because I didn't want to over do it being that vitamin c is a acid. I couldn't find any capuals that didn't have a coating on it or that was straight vitamin c so I purchased liquid vitamin c 300 mg per table spoon.i later went home and soaked a tampon in 300mg of vitamin c it was hell getting the tampon bk into the plastic but I managed I did that while taking a probiotic and and takin a hot bath with baking soda to maintain a healthy ph level once all the bad bacteria had died. I did that for about 4 days and continued the baths for about another 2 days just to be safe..ok let me say this the very first time I put one of the soiled tampon in nd left it for a complete night,agpfter I removed it the smell was gone I was elated but I thought maybe this is temporary so I continued for a couple more nights to assure it was gone.. And it worked its gone I have no smell now and I even had sex with my boyfriend and their was no smell at all wat so ever finally relief I can now be more confident during sex and everyday life knowing I've found a cure if u have been struggling to find what right for you try my remedy it may be the one for you IM BV FREE🙌🏼🙌🏼


I'm 19 years old and I first got the BV symptoms a few months ago but they would only last a day and go away and come back a week or two later. A month ago I noticed it wasn't going away and tried the Vitamin C method. At night I took a shower and then inserted a 500 mg pill into my vagina as far as it could go. A few minutes later I felt it leaking out and it burned! Like Satan himself was coming out of my vagina! A few minutes later the burning went away and the smell was GONE! I was so surprised on how fast the smell went away. I didn't do it the next day because I didn't feel like having my vagina on fire but I did do it the next day because I still had the white cloudy discharge. I will say the burning was worth it because the smell goes away along with the pill. You don't have to worry about getting the pill out of your vagina because dissolves. I will for sure do this after my period and after sex just to make sure no BV bacteria is alive in there. So I would recommend this method to every girl who has BV but vaginas are like snowflakes. Every one is different.


Will someone please help. I've been having issues with bv for about 2 years now. Antibiotics help for a few days AT most. I bathe regularly, I use a tiny amount of ph balancing feminine wash. Ive tried a few home remidies, but they ended up making things much worse. There's so many instructions and things to do on here, and I have a limited budget. I can not continue to have this fish smell issue... My boyfriend and I avoid sex like the plague now. It's unpleasant for him, he tells me when it smells bad, and he doesn't use much cooth when doing so, so I am MORTIFIED of sex. And when I don't get it, if you will, I get so cranky. I need the simplest, most permanent solution to help me. I drink a lot of beer, I don't exercise much but I'm still kind of in shape. I eat a lot of meat.. I just quit smoking. I'm 25. If anyone can help me please let me know. I can't take the embarassment..


After dealing with recurrent bv and yeast infections for over a year after having the IUD, I was getting really frustrated when I always had to make an appointment to go see the doctor. The bills were really addding up and it seemed like as soon as I got rid of one, the other would show up. It was a constant battle. I was embarassed and really emotional that I had to keep dealing with it. I researched the internet and decided to try the Vit C remedy. I thought, what the hell, I really have nothing to lose and it's a natural method. At bedtime I used one 500mg tablet and by the next morning the odor and discomfort was gone. Just for good measure I did that 3 nights in a row. I didn't have a recurrence for almost 5 months and when I did I just used the Vit C again and it cleared up right away. It's the only method I will use now. I feel like all the antibiotics and diflucan really didn't work after a period of time so I'm glad I have a cheap, quick alternative that takes care of it! Try it, it sounds odd but it really does work.

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