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Ladies, ladies, ladies...Oh women unite


You'd think our academics/med practitioners would have come up with conclusive evidence to find a "alternative"(organic) solution(s). We, the many, have provided various causes, ailments, conditions and an array of FixIT remedies and the like. For some, Congratulation. For others to no avail..

I have BV. I consider my condition, cronic however, my GP thinks otherwise (I'm being paranoid). My Dietition on the other hand recognises my condition! I have had the condition on and off over the years but can't determine exactly. This time (late 2016/2017) it has returned with a vengence. I am at my wits end with ittle social contact and self confidence down the tube. I can still laugh and its encouraging to read there IS hope on this site.

I am and have been free of medications of 10yrs due to a serious thyroid condition yet continue to take those for a heart condition & Cholesterol I am Gluten free (2016)as diagnosed by my dietition in early 2016. While I have lost a considerable amount of weight...BV is still and issue.

To date: I make my own Yoghurt (natural greek) & Apple Cider vinegar are taken daily. Processed sugar & Wheat has dropped considerably. Currently I am trying homemade pessaries using coconut oil with essential oils. So far....ok. I am really relunctant to go down the Boric acid method or the insertion of tampons. As for the BV, Candidisis, Thrush Supplements on the market...way too expensive for someone who could least afford it. Conclusively a dietry change is a MUST at least for me. Identifying the cause I'm still trying to find. A healthy understanding Probiotics and Prebiotics is certainly and insight. And last but not least introducing Kombucha, Kefir, Kimichi and Saukraut etc or the fermentation route has certainly enhanced my taste buds and cooking skills!

So far I am still trying (something). Should I find it. I'll contribute like everyone else.


Put tea tree oil on a tampon and change it every four hours....the next two days you'll notice its gone.


Just to clarify a few things since I studied Medical Microbiology and lots of research on remedies and my own experience. BV (bacterial vaginosis) is not candida, candida is a fungal infection that can occur in different parts of the body. Candida causes yeast infections and BV can increase your chances of getting one but they are different. Candida's home remedy is extremely high doses of odorless garlic/kyolic supplements. BV is an imbalance of a woman's natural flora, science has not confirmed whether it is the high pH (low acidity) or bacteria (gardnerella vaginalis) overgrowth which prolongs the imbalance, but they go hand in hand. Mine was triggered by antibiotics for a sinus infection leaving me depleted of my natural good flora. Also it is not an STD and a man cannot carry it. A mans semen though can upset a woman's pH and often the smell is more prevalent after sex. My advice as well is to get a confirmation from your doctor before you seek treatment, a less known STD Trichomonas is also a cause of imbalance so you won't cure BV without treating that first or eliminating Candida. I also advice women to stop putting weird things in their vagina in hopes of a miracle cure, the vagina is self cleaning and balancing so you want to do as little as possible to restore balance. Like using tea tree oil as an antibiotic, which is fine if you don't want antibiotic cream but you still need to restore your flora and pH after or it will return. I seemed to have rid my body after 6 months. I changed my diet, since that never hurts, limiting bad sugars and consuming wheat grass powder in addition to supplements (fish oil, multi, vitamin D, general probiotic, and the amazing fem-dophilus). Then I went full blast Doctor prescribed vaginal antibiotic for 5 days. Once completed I tripled my fem-dophilus intake as well as alternating inserting one capsule vaginally at night with using repHresh every few nights, slowing tapering off over a month. While using lubricant free condoms to avoid disruption. If I feel I may become imbalanced I do some fem-dophilus vaginally and use a repHresh (amazing product meant for balancing a woman's pH, it's OTC and I feel a better choice than boric acid). Good luck! every woman is different but I found making a plan of attack for a few months to eliminate overgrowth then restore pH and healthy flora is the way to go while keeping your general health and diet good.


500mg vitamin C pill insert - only one dose before bed worked like a charm BUT I had burning, watery pinkish discharge for several days after that.

Another thing i have noticed that drinking Kefir helps to restore balance and the smell goes away. Usually takes 3-4 days. 1 -2 cups per day.

In case of an unexpected sex and if you know you smell like fish i would suggest to use vaginal deodorant suppositores (sold in Wallgreens, CVS and gocery stores). They do kill that smell by maybe like 90% if not more.


I've done a ton of natural research. I don't share what I know because it's so embarrassing a topic. But since this is anonymous, here goes! Vaginosis is candida (a natural bacteria found in our bodies) overgrowth. Bread, sugar, antibiotics, meat and dairy products and much more all cause this imbalance to happen. Modern diet and lifestyle have turned this overgrowth issue in our bodies into an epidemic. 250 million americans suffer candida overgrowth. It's a whole lifestyle change to beat it and even then, who is going to be perfect and never eat the 'bad stuff'? Not me, and I do most of the 'good' stuff most of the time - and still struggle with bv, or candida overgrowth. So I figure, some of us are just unlucky that we get bv as the symptom of candida/overgrowth of 'bad' bacteria in our gut. Others get symptoms of other kinds, like bad skin, allergies, headaches, bad breath, digestive issues, gas bloating, nail fungus, and tons of other symptoms. This is just our bodies' way of dealing with the imbalance. So WHAT TO DO? There is no perfect solution, but I insert a pure capsule of probiotics vaginally. I read it in a book by Doctor k shahani whose book i found on amazon. Then I found a reputable company that has his strain of dds-1 probiotic. I like that the company is a person like me, not a major corporation. B4B Probiotics are sold on amazon. I insert one anytime I feel that discomfort coming on. I took a ton of them for a few months and the daily symptoms are gone. It takes a long time to stop candida overgrowth - it's not a quick fix problem. Then, for maintenance, probiotics are just a necessary supplement to counteract the effect of food and lifestyle today. But few people know that the dds-1 inserted vaginally was actually developed and clinically tested for bv. so thats why i only use the B4B brand. Other brands have dds-1 strain too. And by the way, if I insert one that morning, i have sex that night no problem. I do make an extra (inserted) effort to wash any remnants of the dissolved capsule out but it's usually gone after a full day (and so are the symptoms) so sex feels and smells normal.


First, I feel your pain. I suffered for one and a half years. I got BV every other month. The first prescription was the suppository. It didn't work for me. I got put on Flagyl which is oral. Yes, this worked. So, every other month I went to the doctor, dropped my pants:( and they gave me more. I have been with my bf for 2 years and thought it could be him. I tried condoms, making him wash, pro-biotics, PH pills, PH wash, PH wipes and pills feminine health. No luck....Chronic BV sucks. I started taking Thrive, a premium supplement, 6 months ago. I have not had ONE CASE!!! The lifestyle mix is loaded with more pro-biotics than yogurt or any other over the counter pill. I drink a whole packet a day. I wanted to see if it was the reason so I cut back to 1/2 a mix and started to get symptoms...I won't try that again! I am dead serious this stuff has saved my sex life, my pride and my girly parts!!! I can't post a link but if you want to know more shoot me an email.
I seriously am thinking about traveling to tell people about this!!!
100% all natural too:)


I don't have a remedy except the gynacologist and I don't want to go. So I came here to find out what I can do. It seems that the best remedies are folic acid and boric acid caps. Is there any danger with using pharmaceutical grade boric acid just putting it into a capsule and inserting? Additionally, I'm past menopause and very dry inside so I need a gel. Any suggestions? By the way, the only odor is on a light days pad that I wear for leaking's yellow and smells but not fishy. Do I have yeast or vaginosis? Please email me with responses.


I've tried MANY things..
Some background story: I got it because I believe I have let the guy I was dating with bad hygiene or when we used lube and didn't properly washed out after a day.
When this occurred, I began producing more discharge than I normally did with a weird smell..
1)Vinegar and water douching bottles from Walmart
2)Vaginally inserting Spring Valley acidophilus Probiotic from Walmart Didn't work.
3)I finally told my mom and we made a appt for a gyn. He prescribed me flagyl a week's prescription worth.. Which did indeed work, but while I was on it, I produced a cottage cheese discharge.. (Might've been a yeast infection) But before I treated that, I got the same bv infection and this time I know it was from letting the guy I was messing around with finger me.. I realized his lack of washing his hands... (Gross, I know..)
4)Tea tree tampons.
5)Inserting non-flavored greek yogurt with active cultures with tampons, nope..
Desperate, 6)I bought Pro B Rephresh pills(Walmart), it's expensive.. $32.. It did NOT help me.. I believe it's to MAINTAIN healthy vagina flora, NOT cure BV. It may help, but personally I wouldn't recommend for the price unless you really want to try for yourself when you've tried cheaper options like I have.
7)I've tried Azo's cranberry pills(Walmart)from my sister. It was expired. It worked. I used the pills every day for a week and half, but it came back. I bought the newest version of it and it didn't work like the expired ones...
8)I bought VH essentials Probiotic PLUS & Cranberry for feminine health(you guessed it, Walmart..), since it was $8 to use in combination with RepHresh Pro-B, but that didn't work either..

FINALLY, I've read about boric acid.. I've read it many times before, but I read many reviews and decided, hey why not... It's $15 all together from Amazon. BORIC ACID CURED MY BV. Well, maybe it's too early to say(for some), but it's been nearly a week, NO SMELL! Normal discharge!

I bought a 6oz HUMCO boric acid powder and Solaray GEL 00, 100 capsules to pack the powder inside of the pill.
I recommend being very careful with this powder as it IS POISONOUS, taken orally, it will harm you! Make the pills in bulk, so you wouldn't have to make a pill everyday, store it where no one will find it!
What I did: I poured some boric acid powder onto a paper towel. I opened the caps with both hands, and scooped the powder into the caps together until I packed enough powder to close.. The longer side should carry most of the powder and the smaller side would help close.
I inserted 2 at night and wore a pad. I woke up discharging a lot. The discharge continued for that whole day. It was watery.. I believe the boric acid was acidifying the inside of my walls.. I thought of it as flushing out the bad bacteria. Amazing, I thought.. This worked SO well. If I was flushing out the bad bacteria, I've read before it's best to also INSERT GOOD bacteria, so in conjuction of boric acid pills vaginally, orally I took the VH essentials Probiotic Plus& Cranberry with RepHresh Pro-B. (Both from Walmart) The next night, I only inserted one and took the same pills. 3 days on this regime, it hasn't come back for almost a week. 1 more day until a week.. Now, it may not be long enough for me to say I'm BV free, but I believe I am. I do recommend taking it for a week, but I believe I knocked it out of my system, so do as you wish!! I will keep this updated in the comments if I can.

I'm a person who no longer has health insurance. I was 20 when I got the infection from a new partner. Later on in our relationship, I believed I got it from either him or lube I didn't properly clean myself that night.. I went to a gyn and got Flagyl.. It worked, but I got BV again from the same guy fingering me and I believed his hands were dirty!! and 6 months later, still had it, being 21.. I still had sex for awhile.. when things got too intense, I hoped they didn't smell it.. I even declined having sex being too scared..It ruined my sex life at this point.
Boric acid worked! I tried 8 different methods I've read myself!! BORIC acid as my 9th method has been proven to me that it works! I wrote where to buy it, how to used and how long I used it above. ^^^
To keep yourself from having BV:
* Always wash your hands!
* Wash your toys
* Make sure you clean yourself after sex and masturbation.
* Make sure your partner's hands are clean
*or any object going into your vagina.. really..
* Always use a condom (unless pregnancy of course, if so use, probiotic pills and do research..


Please help I've been having this horrible itching and burning that don't want to go away,I try alot of different things and nothing seems to work,went to the doctor twice and they said I had bv and a little bit of yeast so I think the stupid bv came back again I don't want to go back with the doctor because I feel that he's going to tell me the something again!


Forgot to add to my first post! I also drink lemon water, a lot of it. I insert a fem dophilus vaginally after sex and after my period to help keep things happy, just like to be proactive. I may insert it every other day, twice a day for 2 days etc, just depend on how I’m feeling!

(Long post, Sorry! Please read though) Hi Ladies, I started having problems with infections starting in October 2013. I went to the doctor then and found I had a yeast infection. I was given a prescription and thought all was fine. In November, I was taking a shower one day and noticed an sour smell coming from me. I am very clean and this disturbed me. I went back to the doctor and found out I had yeast again plus BV. Once again I was given antibiotics, etc to treat both. Lo and behold I was right back at the doctor in December for yeast and BV again!! Ladies I feel your pain! I was recently divorced and thinking what man is going to want me with these issues. Even though my doctors were telling me I could have sex, I didn't wanna have sex until I knew the issue was gone. In January, I was on my 4th doctor, yes 4th! She prescribed metro gel for 6 mths twice a week! To me this was an issue, we were treating the infection, but not getting to the root of it. In December, I had started taking Ultimate Flora probiotic (15 Billion. Although, it didn't seem to be helping, I continued to take it. I cut out sugars, breads, ate more healthy, etc, but still had the infection. When the doctor prescribed metro gel, which I hated because I felt like I couldn't have sex with a vagina full of medicine, I decided to do some research online to see what else I could do! I tried bathing in ACV, sea salt, and tree oil, none of these worked. I douched, which is very bad, but hey I was desperate at this point, with hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, that didn't help either! Mind you I only had the discharge and burning every month. I only had the odor that one month, probably because everytime I noticed the discharge, I ran back to the dr. In February, after breaking down in the shower, I made a last ditch effort and went to a 5th doctor. He tested me, but everything looked clear. I think that was because I had used metro gel the night before. He scheduled me for another appt for March of this year and said when I came back, he would do DNA testing on the bacteria. This gave me hope, because this was something different that the other drs. hadn't tried. Yet again, after I left him, the discharge was back within a few days. I went to the store and bought ALOT of vitamins. At this point, I didn't care if i overdosed on vitamins! lol I wanted and needed to get rid of this BV for my sanity. At this point the yeast was long gone, only the BV remained. I was already taking a prenatal vitamin, 15 billion ultimate flora probiotic and a fish oil. I added Vitamin c and D and odorless garlic but that didn't really help, but I continued taking it. Only when I added straight acidophilus, Fem Dophilus, and folic acid to my vitamin regimen did things get better! Now I will say, I had to experiment with how many of these vitamins I took to get the right dosage for me before things cleared up. I'm telling you after I added the additional supplements, I was cleared up in 3 days. I had another break down, this time thanking God and just being plain freaking happy!!!!! :-) Ladies, I'm here to tell you, don't give up! You can beat this! When I went back to the doctor in March, I got great news! I was all clear, no clue cells, no issues! First good report I had received since October!! I am not a doctor, but this is what worked for me. Here is how I started my vitamin regimen, morning, I took 2 acidophilus, 1 womens ultimate flora 15 billion probiotic, 1-2 fem dophilus, 2 vitamin D. Lunch I took 2 - 400mg folic acid, 1 prenatal, and 2 odorless garlic. Dinner, I took 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin c, and 1-2 fem dophilus. I was taking alot! I have been clear for over a month and have not had to use any meds at all! In the past two weeks, I have lowered the dosages of these. I am now taking for maintenance, morning, one 50 billion ultimate flora vaginal support, 1 acidophilus, 1 femdophilus, 1 vitamin d. Lunch 1 prenatal, 1 garlic, 2 folic acid. Dinner 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin C and one femdophilus. I still check myself regularly and because I'm paranoid lol, if anything looks funny or if I get any funny tingling down there, I open up a fem dophilus capsule and use a tampon or the metro gel applicator that i rewash, and insert the fem dophilus powder directly to my vagina. I instantly feel better!! I'm not sure if it a combo of the vitamins that helped, but sometimes I feel like its just the femdophilus by itself, but I don't know! Either way, I am cured!

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