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24 Home Remedies for Anger


I get bad aner issues occasionally, andcwhen ever i do, i go into a quiet place whith no one around me. I lay down and try to nap or simply calm myself down. If that does not work, i get a peic of paper and a pen. Then i draw what im mad about. Next, i take the pen and stab the drawing! Its fun and it helps me a lot!


I have a guaranteed used by my self remedy. If possible start reading jokes. Or watch kids program cartoon movie, videos etc. Everything will be fine in seconds.


When feeling angry or stressed go to the sink and run cold water over your wrists.

Stan the Man

Hi People :D

For the Christians (similar as Jews):
Why don't you crack open the Bible and read a bit about your messiah, and the stuff he had to go through so you could live? You can pray, visit your church, call up your priest, and even turn on the old PC and look for something that might make you laugh.

For the Jews (similar advice) (NOT FOR A KVETCH):
Kick open the old Torah and read about Abraham, and how he had it 30x worse then you and that he rarely ever got angry, despite all the crud that got thrown at him. Call up your Rabbi, or visit your local Chabad. We can always throw a mazel tov, or w.e. Sometimes just having around a few of your Jewish friends can make you happy, vs. being around a bunch of Gentiles. Count to 10?

For ALL (also applies to the religious)(similar to the above):
Kick back with a book, or the remote and 'take 5' from your day. Stressed? Adults may prefer a little alcohol to the side to get away from annoying kids. Teens, and children, can go over to a friend's to get away from annoying parents. There are wonder medications such as the Valium and Vicodin, though, only take it if you have a prescription. Why don't you take the pet out and give them a little lvoe? My cat won't stop jumping on my keyboard right now; so thank her for that tip. And likewise you always have the PC, so why not find something funny or interesting? Try and find the real thing that's making you angry, parents? friends? The work boss? Unwanted relatives? Addiction? Grief? Once you find whats making you angry, just try and wager with yourself that everybody eventually gets angry at one time or another and it'll pass, though, it may take time, depending on what you're mad at.

I can also help ya with your problems ^^

Gidius2 at is an older e-mail given to me by my friend for private reasons, so feel free to contact me there if you need advice or a little counseling. Perhaps the best cure for anger is being able to express yourself :)



Read the bible or a inspirational book. While relaxing with a glass of warm tea, light a candle and enjoy your alone time. Great while bubble bathing. Then take a light nap, you'll wake up feeling brand new.


Start doing a difficult, but doable math problem, it will significantly lower your anger quickly. With children, have then start with a number (where they will have to think about it, but not become frustrated) and begin counting backwards. With older teens, I play a math game where they have to work it out. I just start thinking through a math problem myself and it works.


Lavender oil on my temples and wrists morning and at night with a good positive affirmation book helped me to relax and see that life is for living and loving and yeah forgiving!


Scream in a pillow or have a tantrum in your bed. This must be done for at least 10 minutes or longer if you are really angry. Write a letter to that peron who wronged you and burn it.


Just say to yourself, 'in acceptance is peace'. If you're angry about something you can't do anything about, then to accept it will bring you inner peace and help you move on. No sense in battling something over and over in your mind when in reality you have no control over it.


I used to wake up angry and was angry a lot in the day for no apparent reason.
Then I found out I had diabetes and cut my sugar intake down to almost nothing.
What a difference getting off sugar made in my life. No more anti-social behavior and I feel great.
Too much sugar is really, really bad.

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