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24 Home Remedies for Anger


If you are facing severe anger stages or moods wings try talking to a reliable friend to help find a solution to your problem or problems. If you feel your anger is serious try seeing a therapist.


5HTP is an amazing cure for anger, screaming and violent outbursts. 100 mg 3x a day with some crackers. You will start being able to keep your calm within 1-2 days. Keep taking it for at least six months. It helps heal the brain and gives you time to work on your issues. It does, however, make you a little sleepy. I've seen it work miracles for people with anger management issues and am surprised it hasn't been marketed for this.


Depending on the type of anger... hasty or excessive anger appears to be a reactive defense mechanism triggered by deep seated fear and/or a strong sense of failure or disappointment.

If caused by fear finding a way to alleviate one's fears is key to gaining composure.

1st John 4:18 states that - 'perfect love casts out fear'.

And Proverbs 10:12 tells us that - 'love covers all sins'.

And Romans 13:10 says - 'Love works no ill to his neighbour'

Taken together, one may find inspiration which deactivates the triggers which prompt us to react angrily towards our self, or others.

While also promoting 'peace and good will on earth'.

Maawa Evan

According to Islamic teachings following are helpful to eliminate your anger.
1. Seek refuge of Allah against Satan, coz anger is from the whispering of Satan.
2. Change your posture. For example sit if standing, lie down if sitting.
3. Do ablution, i.e. washing your open parts of body.

The follwoing is from my own experience.
1. Change the topic.
2. Start thinking at something else and leave the source of anger to be settled when calm.
3. Don't expect perfection in this world, perfection will be in Jannah alone.
4. Don't expect perfection from human beings, as they are combinatin of good and evil both.
5. Think that even I am not free from defects and shortcomings.
6. Think that this unpleasant situation is due to my own violatoin of some Divine Law. So ask forgiveness from Allah.
7. Discover your limitations and learn modesty and humbleness at such times.


eat ice cream or punch pillows for ten mins


Remember TIPB!
Temperature- put a cold cloth or ice pack to your forehead or wrists

Intensity- exercise or do a simple wall sit for awhile

Pressure- clench your fists or jaw, stress balls are very helpful

Breathe- breathe slowly. Think of the breath going into your nose, through you lungs, into your diaphragm, and back out your mouth.
- you can also do square breathing. Which is in for 4 seconds - hold 4 seconds - out 4 seconds - hold for seconds

These are simple tasks that do wonders. If they don't work for you, don't stress! There are many other ways to solve anger occurances (: good luck!


i love to excersize when im angry!! For me it totally helps me blow off steam! :)


I have anger problems quite a bit. The thing that works best for me is to just go in a quiet area with a writing untensil and a peice of paper (or notebook) and write down everything that is making you angry. Eventually this hightens your anger to the climax then keep writing to get it all out then you will feel yourself start to calm down and sometimes crying after the climax works well too. I don't care what anyone says but crying is ok. I will usually leave the notebook open next to my bed for when I wake up in the morning and read it to see how rediculous I was and just laugh about it. Laughing does a body good. I'm not saying this will work with everyone but maybe someone will be like me and it will help them out. Good luck!


If you are feeling that you are so angry due to powers beyond your own control, then you have to talk to a doctor. Acute Psycosis is a developmental form of mental illness. If you ignore it, the chemical imbalance in your system can get worse, and you will suffer more. Don't wait until the police put a 72 hour hold on you to see a doctor, unless your insurance won't cover it. Look, in the mirror, at home. Decide if you want to be less hostile looking physically and emotionally. Go to your hospital and request a drug to prevent your acquiring Acute Psychosis. Take this drug for only 3 days (as long as the dosage does not leave you over drugged). Then stop. The most important thing is that you stop. And, you will find, that with the correct chemical balance, you can not be made angry. The psychological medicine practice is the most suspect during our 'medical crisis' thing. So take care and don't let them exploit you or ignor you. I pray to God, in Jesus name that you overcome this problem, soon.


Just keep quite for sometime.Take a long breathe and exhale.Repeat this for 3 to 4 times.Then find the difference

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