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I cured my sour discharge problem with liquid CALCIUM /vitamin d (liquid form helps it absorb faster) from a small health food store. My story starts 2 years ago when I had an abortion. It threw off my bodies PH (hydrogen) ... I got a yeast infection that I was given pills and topical cream for. I thought it was cured... Occasional itch, I bought all the creams at the store. Nothing worked... And during sex my partner said I tasted unusual. I tasted myself. I tasted sour, not like a healthy metallic taste. SO the things I have tried have been insane> >> no sugar for a month, eating garlic cloves, garlic pills, inserting a garlic cloves, douching with baking soda (baking soda is wonderful for temporary taste fixing) , douching with pee, fasting for a week and drinking my own pee, douching with vinegar, soaking my underwear and towels in vinegar, EVERYTHING) I have been suffering and I didn't apriciate how much a love healthy sex and my healthy body until I lost it. I couldn't stay wet during sex, I couldn't have oral sex. Somewhere i read something about calcium helping. eRight now I'm smelling normal and the taste of my pussy is neutral. (Did I mention this has only taken ONE DAY) . I can't wait to get into a healthy new relationship with great sex.

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