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After a wonderful evening on a boat house in the swamps of Florida I woke up with a familiar itch. Chiggers! Of course never saw the little the good wine and conversation was flowing...
I made a semi watery paste of baking soda and tap water, spread generously over all the bites, let dry. Then I showered with cool water and regular bar soap to rinse the dried baking soda. We have this Japanese nylon scrubby wash cloth for bathing/exfoliation,.... well, I scrubbed a few layers of skin off....not till I bled....I think just a few layers is fine for adequate penetration....and I happen to have a natural dog shampoo which contains eucalyptus, applied this generously for about 3 minutes. After the cool shower, towel of and I applied eucalyptus lotion directly to the bites...AHHHHHHH
Slept like a baby..
Our first post here and we wanted to share and hope it helps someone out there get some relief...
Daisy and the Duck Hunter


We use clear fingernail polish. It has worked every time I've used it


OK after trying a ridiculous amount of remedies and combinations this works the best and I haven't seen anyone suggest this on the net but it works amazing.
I am a north east girl who moved down to Texas and after working on my yard discovered the bites in some very intimate places. the best part was because the dogs, and fiance also had them, and yard work wasn't over I kept getting more bites.
I called the doc, she said there's nothing they could do on their end...great.
worst itching and burning everywhere armpits bra line, panty line and knees.
So after a lot of trial and error this combination will cure them in a day or two!
take a bath with 1/2 cup of bleach mixed in then cover the bites in hhemorrhoid ointment as much as needed and often and take benadryl repeat whole process as necessary but don't do the bleach bath more than once a day


Just found out what to use that helps with the insane itching of chigger bites. I'm in terrible pain and itching like no other! I have tried all of the remedies plus store bought items then I remembered I have a clay mask that I make to draw impurities out from my skin. It's Indian healing aztec clay mixed with Apple cider vinegar. Works wonders. You can pick it up on amazon for pretty cheap and can even mix with water if you don't want to use the vinegar! Use ice packs as well when it gets too rough.

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