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14 Home Remedies for Chiggers


Limited edition red bull yellow
With grape fruit will work the fastest
Take my word for it
Rub it on forget about


I prefer a natural method for the bites and repellant. I've used Peppermint essential oil on the bites, applying as needed. Usually takes care of the itch in about 24 hours. To prevent the bites, I use Lemongrass and Clove essential oils. Chiggers and Mosquitoes hate the smell of both of them. Be sure to shower and scrub your body well when coming in from the outdoors. Put the clothes you wore in the laundry immediately because the chiggers can stay on the clothing for about 48 hours. Good Luck!


If you are one of those people
chiggars love and still get bites after using repellent [I get them just walking near grass...on a sidewalk!] try using a strip of that stretch fabric bandage that they use in the lab after blood test. I use it around my cuffs and sleeves of my shirt. It is flexible and you don't have to go looking for the right size rubber band. I cut it lengthwise so it is thin, goes further, and does not show so much. Usually it stays in place by itself, but if needed I tie it on. It comes in colors so it doesn't show that much, but is worth it when you are going out to the garden or doing yard work. It is reuseable. Definitely use your repellent too. I like herbal ones. You can spray a SMALL amount on the dog so he soesn't bring chiggers in on his fur. When home again, throw your clothes DIRECTLY into the washer and immedaitely wash them and take a shower using a washcloth to gently scrub everywhere. There is a product called Afterbite that helps. It is an ammonia gel.


Living in the deep south all of my life I highly recommend using pure lavender oil on all bites. Within a few minutes itch is gone and swelling is greatly improved too. Dog fennel, Melissa (or Lemon Balm) and lavender extracts, made with the leaves/flowers are all deterrents and can be rubbed onto the skin. To make, harvest, dunk for 3 minutes to remove critters and rinse, shake off and let dry the leaves of any or all 3 herbs. Place in a dark jar and cover with 100 proof vodka or rubbing alcohol and keep cool and from light for a couple of weeks. Strain and use fresh leaves again for 2 more weeks. Bathe in soaps made with Lemon Balm or Lavender and use some of the herb tincture on skin before going out. Bathe promptly after exposure and wash clothes and don't forget to clean shoes well!


Hi all,
I am not a doctor so expect no explaining for it.
This is the end of the agony inflicted by CHIGGARS.No more suffering for 5 days.

And it is one of the few free things in life.Meet your old friend the SUGAR CUBE.

You lick the cube once and rub it on the emerging spot for about 30 seconds.
And that is it. Forget about it.

Too simple to be true?

I tell you exactly what I do.
I have sugar cubes in my car (for when I walk the with the dog and/or my wife)
I have sugar cubes near my bed, in the lounge, practically everywhere.
I do consider it very important to apply the sugar as soon as possible.
Do not put too much saliva on the cube. One lick.
No need to rub (literally) for more than 30 seconds.I use to turn the cube slightly left and right.
Wipe away the remaining sugar granules with your dry fingers. I do not want them in my bed.

Yes I have been tormented by the invisible biters. I only recently found out that it is not a bite.
I read about that on Wikipedia.

Cost you nothing and is harmless.
Basically the compressed sugar granules act like sponge(osmose) as soon you moisten it a little bit.

One last thing.
The SUGAR CUBE application I use for the Chiggars has the same result for
(and I apply it since at least 50 years)
mosquito bites
ant bites including the jack jumper(I am living in Australia)
bee and wasp stings
spider bites

I have not been bitten by a snake (yet)so I cannot give you an opinion there.

I do repeat time is of importance. I have been doing it more than 30 minutes after the swelling and it is still of some effect .

Last thing.Prevention of course is key. Do no roll in the hay!!



If you have chugged bites already that are itching get a wash cloth and the hottest water you can stand get antibacterial soap and scrub when your done get some Listerine mouthwash it will burn if you have scratched or rub hard with really hard with washcloth let mouthwash sit on skin for about 1 min then turn water till it is again as hot as you can stand it next depending on the amount and severity of the bites use anywhere from 3-10 aspirin crush in a bowl something you can easily get paste out of add a couple of drops of water until it is like toothpaste and dab on it amazing mine stopped itching and I was almost scratching blood.


Try a hot bath with powdered Tide. Soak for awhile. Drain the tub and you will see the little specs with a magnifying glass. Rinse well. My husband recently tried it and the itching stopped.


Wash area with soap and water as hot as you can stand it. Scrub well and rinse with ice cold water. This worked every time and the itching never came back.


Anybody here (over 50) remember Stanley products' 'Germ-trol'? It's a household cleaner with a disinfectant and deodorizer. My mama would use it for everything from chiggers to rusty nails we kids stepped on. I don't think she ever used it for cleaning around the house! LOL! Stanley still makes it, but it's called Germ-Clean now, and it's more concentrated than the old Germ-trol. Just a capful or two in bathwater, and it cured everything! Even Chiggers! =) You have to get it through a Stanley representative, and they aren't allowed to tell you it can be used in bathwater or for human use at all, for that matter. Don't get it anywhere on your face, eyes or head--just neck and under. It works! Every home in Arkansas in the 1960's kept Germ-trol, and it lasted forever. My hubby's been itching for 2 weeks now, and I finally found a Stanley Rep. today to get the Germ Clean. He bathed in fairly hot water with one capful of Germ Clean. (Don't fill the bathtub to the top, only about a third or half-way.) Soak in it for about 30 minutes (and use a cloth to get on your neck, shoulders, back, etc.) He's FINALLY sleeping and not itching!!


I was in the woods looking for are family pet and woke up the next morning covered in chiggers all over my legs butt I think I had over 100 bites so I got in the shower washed with hot water then put baking soda all over me and it stopped the ich then I went to the Dollar store and got a cream called Ivarest thank god for it it clears poison ivy too so far it has stopped the ich and the bites are going away.

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