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I had a terribly painful canker sore under my tongue for the last week. I tried just about everything. The only thing that has helped both in pain and healing is Melaleuca oil. I added about 15-20 drops into a cup of water and have been swishing that around every hour or so. I can speak, eat and drink WAY more comfortably now. Also, no need for OTC pain meds!


Take a tablet of L-Lysine and scratch off the coating to make sure you get enough powder, dab with water and apply to sore. I apply it in the area if I can feel one coming on..
the sore is a combo of citric acid/amino deficiency


I get cankers A LOT. They are usually the size of your little finger's nail, so theyre sorta large. One remedy is to put a small slice of thinly cut potato directly on the sore. It will hurt for about 15 seconds, then it will make it numb. I hope this helps anyone who understands how bad these hurt!


Just got over a bad round...I had at least 7 different spots on lower right side. My wife who is a nurse practioner suggested making 'magic mouthwash'. It's 2 parts liquid Milk of Magnesia and 1 part liquid Benedryl (I just used the generic kids version). You can additionally add liquid lidocaine if you have it for pain relief but it's not necessary if you don't have it. I just measured it out with the dosing cups that come with liquid medicines. Put the mixture in your mouth and swish the sores with it (I did it for about 30 seconds) and then spit out the solution. You can do this several times throughout the day since you aren't swallowing it. Be sure not to touch the sores with your tongue when you are done so that the coating stays there. The benedryl blocks the histamines of the sores and the milk of magnesia works to coat the mouth. I had recovered completely of these sores that I had on Friday by Monday am. I also took Vitamin B12 and Zinc each day. The solution will having a numbing effect to it. Hope this helps! I'm putting this post on here because it was a very quick cure.


I've been getting canker sores ever since I can remember, usually about one a month, and they get worse in the winter or when I'm sick. My mother and sister both have them as well, though not as bad as mine. For them dabbing a bit of hydrogen peroxide directly onto the sore with a q-tip works, but I've never had much success with that, if anything it makes them worse for me. After doing some research, I switched my toothpaste out to one that doesn't contain sodium laurel sulfate, which does seem to be helping a bit. I've also begun treating them with very highly concentrated salt water (I usually mix up about 1 cup of it, and swish each mouthful around until it stops stinging, spit, and repeat until the mix is gone). It's been working wonders, the majority of the pain is gone almost immediately, and the canker sore disappears within a few days.


I get canker sores all the time lately i have been in pain not being able to eat or talk to the point where i want to cry. my remedy is rinse with warm water and salt , then rinse with peroxide it will numb thee sore for a little while it didnt take away the discomfort of eating for me but it does help with the pain do it at least 2 or 3 times a day. Also brush and floss your teeth every morning and bedtime try to use natural toothpaste because it doesn't have anything in it that will harm the sore anymore than it already is .


take clariton quick dissolve as needed on the sore or something similar, don't exceed 3 in 24 hours, that always stops my cankers right in there tracks and the are always feeling immensely better the next day.


Powdered Alum people...that's all you need

Analy Layla

I get cranker sores at leat 5 times a year and ive always just waited them out and got through the horrible pain because i was nervouse to try home remedies. It came to a point where i just couldnt take the pain anymore. Couldnt eat, couldnt talk and could barely sleep through the night. I came to my senses and Started to put trust into these remedies thinking i might as well try something since its better than not doing anything at all. This one post i came across was very straight forward. And that was to put salt directly onto the sore for about 10 minutes. Now i knew that was going to hurt like H***! It seemed like the most crazy, intense thing to do! Because obviously its going to hurt but its only for a short time. 10-20 sec. Throughout those 10-20 sec of pain it is killing bacteria in the sore and sucking all the liquid out making it heal at that very second. I did it, and I saw a difference in my sore rite away. It works!! Yes its painful but would you rather sit around being in constant pain just letting the sore slowly heal on its own? Or take action, Go to war and put a 10-20 sec fight!! After the pain from the salt goes away. Your sore will numb and feel better. As the sore heals, putting salt on it as needed will decrease the pain. Its great and well worth it. Hope it helps!!:)


I don't get canker sores very often but when I do they're always huge. I went to Walgreen's to get some Orajel for the pain and came across something called Canker-x. It forms a barrier around the sore, relieve ALL pain for quite a long time, and it promotes healing. I used it two or three times in a day and the next day my huge canker sore was half the size. AMAZING product, for around 7 bucks.

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