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Doug Skapyak

My best cure is powdered alum put directly on the canker. It dries it out quickly and prevents pain while curing the sore. A couple of days and its gone.


i used to get canker sores all the time, so 6 months ago i switched to biotene toothpaste, which doesnt have SLS, which can cause cankers. i finally stopped getting canker sores. well, i got a few on my tounge, but when i felt them coming, i just used listerene and they were gone the next day. however, the other day, i got my first bad canker sore because i kept forgetting to use biotene for a few days and ended up using regular toothpaste. i found this method on a different website:

i tried it before, but it didnt do much. i decided to try a different method, and this time, it's working.

1) gargle with warm, salt water. this might hurt.
2) make a paste of baking soda and water. use a little more baking soda than water.

3) put it on the canker sore and leave it for a minute. it tastes bad. it also may sting, but not as bad as the putting salt directly on it remedy does. my opinion.

4) rinse your mouth with warm water to get the baking soda out. but don't make the water too hot... i did the first time and it hurt the canker sore.

5) if you want, take some OTC pain medicine after that.

i did this about 2 hours ago, and it lessened the pain from a 10 to a 5. then i just did again about it 10 minutes ago and the pain is down to a a 3 maybe!

it's a pleasant suprise that this worked! hope i helped!


I read 17 pages of home cures for these bastard sores and the only thing i had on hand was salt or baking soda AND WATER. Wasn't going to like the pain, as i was already raw from lancing the bubbles and scraping away the uneven skin. But i plowed forward and dabbed on the salt-water paste to my lip sores. As warned, it stung like chemical burn, and heated crushed glass being rubbed into the wounds. Then, I got an idea! Calamine lotion! Had an opened bottle in the frig. The coldness was immediate relief, and it just got better as the layers of soothing pink adhered. I've been dealing with the discomfort for three weeks and haven't had thirty minutes of relief. As long as I keep layering the Calimine on I'm pain free! Later, I'll do another cleansing with the salt paste, rinse with witchhazel, and apply more calimine which is drying to the little boils in the sores. At least now I'm pain free enogh to wash my hair and go out to a store for Maalanta, or Kaopectate, to coat it. Over the counter creams and gel pastes don't work, unless you can apply them every two minutes twenty-for seven, for pain. They do nothing for swelling and 'weeping' and bubbling.


I have had canker sores all my life, now 52. Average size for me is about the size of your little finger nail. The pain goes through my jaw and makes my teeth feel like they are too big for my mouth. I have learned that when a sore is on the bottom of my mouth it hurts worse than one the top. My dentist told me there are more nerves on the bottom due to the extra muscles, connective tissue, and tongue. Normal life of the sore for me is about two weeks. I get temporary relief from Campho-Phenique. Put it right on the sore. It burns at first then offers numbing effects. I reduce the healing time buy rinsing with Listerine, the blue works best. This cuts about 4 days off the healing time. I used to take 4 Lysine tablets a day, 500mg each, but that caused irregular heart beats for me. I have a sore right now that started when I bit my lip three days ago. I am currently drinking hot coffee to numb it before I hit it with the salt. Sometimes the best you can do is suffer through it and let it run its course. Just keep reminding yourself there are a lot of worse things you could get.


I get canker sores from just cutting lip or biting tongue. They can be so small but they end up getting big and painful. I don't know why immune system waits for it to get big till it finally kicks in. Usually just leave them alone and they just go away (just tough it out). Last week i got twp on the tip of my tongue and it was just misery. I consider myself a pro as far as mouth sores are concerned and any sore on your tongue are by far the worse atleast twofold as painful and also because it is harder to taste food because the sore is not the only affected area. I went to walmart and got a tiny bottle of this stuff called RELEEF. It was $17 and it claimed to take pain away right away and take pain symptoms within one day. I bought it and used it and to my surprise (i have tried many of these ), IT WORKED. THIS STUFF IS MIRACULOUS.


Hot sauce. The hotter the better, think habanero. Stings like crazy when you first put it on but goes numb after a few seconds. Usually one time gets rid of a canker sore.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% Oral Rinse- This saved my life. I was a chronic mouth sores/canker sores/cold sores person. I tried everything: salt, baking powder, oils, ointments, magic mouthwash, etc you name it. I took steroid base prescribed drugs by my doctor at no vail. Took blood tests for vitamin B defficiency and would constantly supplement vitamin B complex. Sores would come out and last 2-3 weeks and give me a break of 1 week and would start all over.

This mouth wash saved my life. Its instantaneous, as soon as I feel that burning sensation be it on my tounge, my lips, cheeks, I just rinse with it, and its all fixed. If you currently have extreme case of sores as I used to, get this rinse and it would heal it in a couple of days. If it is beginning, then it would get rid of it right away!!!! I stand by this rinse, I stopped using listerine, crest I use this, thank God for this solution!!!!


Baking soda! It stings for a few seconds but it takes the pain away and it will disappear within a few days!


I'm 16 and about 4 days ago I started getting all sorts of canker sores allover my tongue, inside my bottom lip, and my inner cheeks. They are so painful I can't eat or even talk right. I tried the salt with water remedy and it worstened the soreness.


I have a canker sore right now, it hurt, I was pained, it was terrible... i went to walgreens and found mouth wash, you should get the generic brand because it is sooo much cheaper. I put in the mouthwash, swished, rinsed and PRESTO. no more pain!!!! yippie,LOL hope i helped.

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