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I've had canker sores ever since I can remember (I am 21 now) Here is what I do to help the problem:
1) Keep up on taking your multivitamins and vitamin C because I asked my doctor why I kept getting them so often and she suggested that be consistent on vitamins. (Since I have been taking vitamins regularly, I have had them less often)

When you get a canker:
1)Wash your mouth out with Listerine when ever you feel like its irritating you. It numbs the irritation/pain for a good amount of time. (I use the tan kind because it doesnt leave your mouth minty in case you want to eat something)

2)Do this twice a day until pain goes away. Apply salt directly to the sore and hold it there with your finger or a cotton swab for 30 seconds. It will burn pretty badly but not as bad as one might think. The stinging will continue for another few minutes or so.

3)while your mouth is still a little stingy from the salt, use a cotton swap and dip it into some peroxide and lightly dab the area. You wont feel any pain from the peroxide.

4)Your sore will most likely swell up after all this so do another rinse with listerine to get rid of the pain, and then take some advil/aleve.

After doing all these things and the swelling goes down, you will feel no more pain and already start noticing the healing.


This works super fast. With in half a hour i was pain free and cankersores were gone next day!! Take a swig of pickle juice. Swish it around in your mouth. Then I took a slice of dill pickle and put it between my lip and gum right on the cankersores i had in my mouth and instant relief. No more pain. Don't waste your time with pain full salt in the wounds or expensive overthecounter stuff that doesn't work.


I have found that the more stressed I am, the more likely I will get a canker sore.
Also, there is a mouth wash I use. Ulcer Ease. Numbs the pain, but doesnt kill the canker.


I have suffered from canker sore and tried everything nothing seemed to work was on my 2nd week,well went with my moms cider vinegar.rinsed twice bamm cured...crazy and sufferd for so many worked for good enjoying my pizza.


I am 60yrs. old and have had canker sores for most of my life. Usually several at a time, can hardly talk or eat when they are there. Well with age you have to start dealing with other issues and i started taking 50 MG of zinc a day with pumpkin seed extract. Now i never get canker any more. I did stop taking zinc for a while because it wasn't helping my other problem but i started getting sores again. That is when i realized what was keeping them away. The brand probably doesn't matter but i take Solaray brand. Hope this helps.

Grace S.

I used to get canker sores often, one every 6 weeks or so, and always on my tongue about the size of a pencil eraser, so painful eating and drinking was dreadful until it healed and went away. I never paid enough attention to narrow down a 'culprit' but I read somewhere that toothpastes containing the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate, a foaming agent, can cause dryness and canker sores in the mouth so I switched to Sensodyne toothpaste which is one of the only toothpastes that does not contain this ingredient and I noticed WAY less canker sores. I switched 4 years ago and I've probably only had 2 canker sores since. Pro-namel is another toothpaste that does not contain SLS and I currently use that one. ALSO when I do get a canker sore the NUMBER ONE thing that helped heal them FAST, faster than salt water, anything, was Colgate Peroxyl mouth rinse. If you feel a canker sore coming on buy this and use it!!! It has healed them in one day for me.


I noticed that my mouth - which is essentially the 'eating organ' of the body - reacts to foods. I've had canker sores since I was a small child. For decades, I have picked up patterns of foods that 'trigger' my mouth to form canker sores. I can directly link my canker sores to exposure to molasses, sorghum molasses, artificial sweeteners (aspartame, splenda), 'natural' artificial sweeteners (stevia, agave). I can also link it to 'pure' sugar that is derived from beets - which are, by the way, genetically modified these days. I use a product called 'canker covers' when they get really bad. They are expensive though ($2 per patch), so I save these just for special circumstances when I need 8 hour relief.


Zinc supplements. Wheat is the cause for me. As soon as I feel one starting I take 50 Mg twice a day. Taking zinc supplements daily as a preventative and eliminate wheat in diet.


Placing a tea bag on the canker sore for five minutes helps take some of the pain away and helps neatralize the acids which cause the pain. I used plain iced tea and it took the pain level down.

Maria Coronado! :)

Warm salt water and Baking soda is the way im telling you this because im doing it right now..yes it burns a hole lot but it goes away and it works hope it helps every one i know how you all feel sorry and good luck! :)

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