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There is no actual way to get rid of a canker sore one it starts to form that I have found, but here is how I prevent them and make them heal a lot faster and have way less pain. I have tried various things and nothing works except for what I'm about to tell you. To prevent them: Avoid things with high amounts of Citric Acid in them best as you can. You can tell if there is a lot by reading ingredients. If Citric Acid is one of the first few things listed, it has a lot of it in it. If you do drink something like soda, try to also have water to drink to dilute it (take a drink of soda and immediately a drink of water and swish the water around in your mouth). Most of the time that will work, as ridiculous as it sounds. If you do get a canker sore (yes, you probably still will), take a vitamin B complex supplement daily and avoid anything with citric acid in it (this includes Milk-- milk has Citric Acid in it even though it is not listed on the ingredients, and it breaks down as the milk ages-- the fresher the milk the higher the content). Taking vitamin B complex will reduce the pain of the canker sore and speed the healing process. You can also take 3-4 200mg Ibuprofen tablets every 6 hours daily to help relieve the pain.


Yes, we all know. Canker sores suck!! Suck, suck, suck! I have suffered with canker sores for about 4 years now, chronically. I have braces as well, which makes them, like... 99.999% worse. I have one right now and I have a remedy that works wonders!
# First, brush your teeth with a soft bristled tooth brush to clean your mouth.
#Next, rinse your mouth out with hydrogen peroxide, careful! Do not swallow!
#Now, take a Q-tip, or your finger, whichever works best for you; and dab it directly on the sore. Keeping it there for 1-2 minutes. Do this 2-3 times. This may sting a little bit, but don't worry, not as bad as you might think, and trust me! It's so worth it!!
#The last thing you want to do is apply a little Orajel to the sore using a Q-tip preferably because you don't want to numb the rest of your mouth! This may sound stupid, because Orajel is not really a high quality product, but does numb temporarily well and helps tremendously in the healing process!!

To prevent those nasty suckers from forming, you can rinse your mouth out with salt water or hydrogen peroxide (totally your choice!) once to twice a day.

You can also switch to an all natural toothpaste, which does not have the substance that causes your toothpaste to foam up, which can however cause your canker sores.

Good luck!! And I hope this helps for you!

If this works for you, or you think you can do better, go ahead, let me know! I'd be glad to hear your comments and suggestions at

Bill K.

I used to get large painful canker sores wekkely until i changed my brushing habbits as follows:
1. I only brush and floss my teeth in the morning using cold water (not hot). I used to brush right before bed and used to get them all the time.
2. Brushing with cold water seems to help, while brushing with hot water seem to cause more occurances.

I hope this helps, it has made a huge difference for me!


I find live foods in general to help a lot: sauerkraut, yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk, cottage cheese, kombucha, etc. In addition, make a cup of regular black tea (with or without honey) to sip and rinse the sore with, and then periodically hold the tea bag in your mouth, against the sore.


I'm a 58 year old woman, and have been getting these for years. Sometimes it's often, sometimes a year will go by with no problems. They seem to appear out of nowhere, and once I get one, I can almost watch others appear.

Right now I have two on the inside of my lower lip. Anything I put on it makes my lip swell up, and I look pretty stupid.

I've tried a lot of remedies, but found the only thing that works for me is Rincinol. You can get it a Walgreen's, etc. and it's a 'sore mouth rinse.'

Fortunately, it doesn't sting, and instead of rinsing my mouth, (unless they're all over) with it. I'll take a Q-tip, dipped in Rincinol, and just drip it over the sores. It's not magic, doesn't work overnight, but it does help.


eat a cup of plain natural yogurt 2 or 3 times a day. I suffered from constant sores for years this is the only thing I have tried that works. My daughter takes the capsules with the bacteria that is in yogurt and it worked for her. If you already have some sores the yogurt will speed up the healing. Hope this works for you, I know how much suffering you are going through.


Well turns out I had a sore throat and about 3 canker sores. Sore Throat and Canker Sores NOT A GOOD COMBO!! Well I went to go buy halls and started sucking on them turns out it helped my sore throat and also Numbed my sores!! So if u happen to be in a situation like mine go out and buy Halls!! IT HELPS!!
Well it at least helped me No Promises


I've gotten bad canker sores since I was three and now I'm 23. They're terrible and I get them at least once a month, if not more. There's never been an obvious cause - maybe I have a weak immune system. But I've recently found a quick solution that works for me. I've tried the pickles/baking soda/salt water/salt paste/etc. nothing worked. They relieve the pain for a bit but never made the canker sore itself disappear. So I wanted to find/experiment with something that would make the sore disappear. I looked in the fridge and saw the perfect solution: wasabi! Wasabi is specifically used to kill bacteria. I tried to do a little research before I experimented with my mouth (in case it would get worse) and I found that one dentist brushes his teeth with toothpaste and wasabi everyday and hasn't had any canker sores in 10 years. That was good enough for me.
When I applied it, it did burn but after the 10 second pain, I felt immediately better. I applied it three more times that day and then the next morning it was gone. It basically kills sore off, which is amazing.


I get these awful canker sores on my tongue. its hurts so bad. I've been getting them since I was really little. I've tried everything (salt/baking soda water, peroxide, alum, extra b-vitamins, acidophilus, zinc, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, yogurt, oral gel, Advil, tooth paste with no SLS, various mouth washes, Benadryl, that lemon/sugar thing someone posted on here, extra sleep, pickles, etc.) but NOTHING takes down the pain or makes it better. If anything, all those things make it WORSE.:( Any other tips or remedies??


I've had awful canker sores on my tongue since I was little. I've tried so much(baking soda, salt, peroxide, lemon+sugar, mouth washes, tooth paste with no SLS, yogurt, avocados, vitamin b-12, etc.)but nothing I've tried works. any tips?

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