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This will not cure your cancer sores but may help to prevent them. I have had cancer sores since I was a child and have used pretty much everything that is out there. A few years ago I finally had a dentist tell me to try using a toothpaste that did not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. I promise this will help tremendously. Check the labels on any product you use in your mouth. It may not cure them but it will cut them down. Now I just use a mouth rinse and kanka and they are gone in a few days.


Try Zycam rapid melts. I noticed a coincidental elimination of an up and coming canker sore while fighting a cold. Ever since when I feel an area begining like a canker sore I take Zycam and it ceases. I have read that a possible link to canker sores is low zync and immune system deficiencies. I'll settle for temporary metal aftertaste any day than suffering through a canker sore. One more note, you have to take it before the sore ruptures or turns into an ulcer.

Doctor Phil

So, this is for the people that can handle momentary pain for instant satisfaction. I have tried KANKA which does numb the pain, but does not instantly heal the canker. I've tried rinsing with warm water and salt, no real expedition in healing. What I have done, and is not doctor recommended is use CLEAN nail clippers to clip off the canker. Using the sharpness of the clippers you can loosen the cankeraway from the tongue, after 5 minutes of operation in the mirrow one swift clip and the canker sore is removed leaving little to no mark on your tongue. Once or twice there has been minimal bleeding ( less than 1 ML) but no soreness in the area where the canker once stood. This is for the brave BUT i guarentee the its the fastest solution.


I ate some overly ripe kiwis, and my canker sores immediately started healing. I don't know what's in them that works--maybe the vitamin b12 in the seeds, so make sure you chew those a bit--but it was amazing. I've been getting canker sores my whole life, and the best thing I found before this was Tanac. It helped temporarily, and seemed to speed up healing. But the kiwis worked a lot better and faster for me. I don't know if it matters how ripe they are, but the ones that worked for me were overly ripe. I haven't tried less ripe kiwis yet, so I don't know if they would work as well.

. everyone says salt, or pickles, or pickle juice, or battery acid is the best... and baking soda... BUT when i researched all this... I found the common ingredient/element... it's called ALUM... and not only is it a kind of salt... BUT it's INSIDE of baking soda, and pickle juice. the battery acid is just sulphuric acid, and sulphuric acid is used to make some Acid SALTS... it's all a giant puzzle... But i think I'm finding the right pieces to see the full picture... i went and got some ALUM from grocery store today...It's in my mouth now. My Ulcers are HUGE quarter/half dollar sized ones. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING. they are deep and and have ruined my health for 3 years now. they come every month on my menstral and AND if I am stressed out it just makes MORE comes. I've had about 15 total when this first started. docotors don't know SHIT. DO NOT TRUST THEM. WE KNOW MORE ABOUT THIS THAN THEY DO and the crap they give you MAKES IT WORSE. prednisone doses, lidocaine, mouthwashes, antibiotics, pain pills, mouth creams, orbase, rinses, zinc, stuff for gout, stuff that experimental.. I'd get out my paperwork for yall but I've begun to just throw it all way since it's useless anyways. if i do find any of it it will burn. I am 27 years old and have been going through this for 3 years every since my OBGYN took me Off of a birth control called Sronyx. when i stopped taking it i started getting these MAJOR ULCERS in my mouth and throat and gums and tongue. I've been swishing pickle juice and applying ALUM... I'm being very careful since I know too much ALUM can screw your stomach up... We shall see in the morning if there is any improvement after day one. .I hope so because I it's almost impossible to live like this. I was 100% healthy all my life. I'd get maybe one cankor sore, tiny tiny with my period since i was 12 yrs old (when my menstal started) and it would go away within 2 days of peroxide and salt water rinse. BUT these WERE not my normal 2 day on my period cankor sores at all! Right now I have 4. 1 that's half dollar size on inside of upper lip, one that's quarter size lower left lining of my inner gum on the crease. and one on the right corner of my mouth near the smile crease tip of a screw sized, and one on my upper left gum right above my tooth. DEAR LORD PLEASE LET THIS WORK!!! if it does I will let you all know in the morning! feel free to email me too. I've been documenting this journey for 3 years.. and I hope I found an answer, BECAUSE THE DOCTORS ARE NOT THE ANSWER. and i mean I have 4 specialist and a primary care. NONE of them have even mentioned ANY OF THIS to me.. and i found this shit on Google. I HATE DOCTORS. we're better off on Faith in God and our own research to get us through. I only wish i would have thought to seek others out sooner.... BUT the dumb ass doctors said they'd never heard of this and I was their MYSTERY child. Liars. More like I was guinea pig. but NO MORE. i think this will work :)


I currently have one inside my cheek, and one on my lower lip. Very painful to eat and drink. However, a good cure is to use a natural toothpaste. I used to use Colgate Total. But I switched to 'Biotene'its a dry mouth toothpaste. Even if you don't suffer from dry mouth it offers a relief when brushing your teeth with sores. And helps prevent them. Good Luck. I feel your pain. Your not alone =]

Marvin C.

I know this may sound like a mountain medicine method, but rinsing the affected area with the canker sore with strong liquor (whiskey, rum, vodka, etc) works wonders for numbing the pain (after the initial burn from it ofcourse). No need to swallow the alcohol either, so no need to feel the intoxicating effects from it. Soaking the head of a cotton swab with the liquor and applying it directly to the sore works as well.


salt and warm water into a paste then apply that up there thickely will hurt like all get out but its not that bad after a few seconds let the salt sit for maybe a minute swish with warm water and apply orajel thickely. works like a charm just did it


Some causes of canker sores include eating pineapple and fresh tomatoes, acidic fruits. Taking one lysine tablet daily will keep the sores away or take a tablet or two at first sign of a sore and the pain will not be as severe.


The best OTC product I have found is called KANKA (Mouth Pain Liquid), active ingredient is Benzocaine20%. I have found the brown liquid dabbed right on the sore will numb it for several hours. It works way better than the opaque suave type products. I also take some ET tylenol, and hope it heals quickly. If I knew what I was doing to cause them I would stop doing it. I am also curious of ways to prevent them

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