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To keep those cold sores from reoccuring, dip your toothbrush in peroxide after each use. You will notice a difference. Outbreaks will be few if not non existent.


stop drinking milk. i had had at least 4 sores at any given time during every day of my life after the age of three. when i was 14 i realized i was slighty lactose intolerant (i just cant drink milk, but i can have anything else dairy) and the sores went away (as well as bad breath).


for canker sores treatment may I suggest you try to drink planty of water.. for me I been having kanker sores when I was very young and every time I had one.. the canker sore got very big and last very long... mostly I would bit on my bottom lips every time I stay up late or eating spicy foods...and the canker would start forming (like a half a pies size) .. I had try many home remedy even the one that my family doctor provided it didn't seem to work for me.. but recently I realized maybe because I didn't drink enough water... so I decide to try and see.. wow amazingly! it did work.. my canker it heal a lot faster and now it didn't seem I get that too often..

I hope this would help who's ever out there that are suffering from these nasty canker sores..


Wrights teething gel, it sounds ridiculus but it works, kills off a mouth ulcer after 2-3 swabs so in a day and a half its almost dead. I believe it does this because it specialises in gum problems to do with teething.

Jeff Haley

The best treatment is Cankermelts - All natural adherent discs with natural anti-inflammatory licorice root extract. Go to

Orahealth is now testing a new product to prevent canker sores. If you want to try it (free) go to


I eat Beer Salt to heal my ulcers. Same remedy as the salt, but more pleasant way to do it. It tastes much better than straight salt. I just eat a little throughout the day and my ulcers heal alot faster. I'm currently trying the allum theory. We'll see how that works.


Get any regular salt, like iodized table salt, and mix it with water. Rinse your mouth a few times. It will sooth the pain on the gums. Do this everytime it starts to hurt or feel funky. Just rinse often and the stress spot that caused the canker sore will subside.


Take 3 acidophilus pills in the morning and 3 in the evening and they start healing right away.


For canker sores in the mouth, I have found that Ceprachol mouth wash (yellow) works very fast at reducing healing time and the pain of the sores. This remedy also works for thrush in a babies mouth. If you apply it to a q-tip and swab the babies mouth 3 times a day, the thrush will disappear. (worse case scenario, you get fresh breath!)


Gargle with Peroxide!

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